Chalk-Written Menu Boards…

Chalk-written Menu boards

“I have loved the stars too fondly, to be fearful of the night.” ~Sarah Williams~

Ordinary things may sometimes be extra-ordinary to some people. Like how I am so awed with those chalk-written menu boards you would often look up to when it is your time to choose the menu that you’re ordering (and probably ignore its’ beauty because it is already ordinary to you, I’m sure, you’ve seen them everywhere). I strongly believe, In a way, it helps to entice the customers. Or the type placed on a wooden tripod.

Isn’t it so lovely?

Though with me, I find it fixating. I found so many wonderful things from it. Like a special fondness. It was fun that even with ordinary chalks, we could artfully play around. I often imagine who wrote it, whether he/ she was writing it simultaneously, obediently following the strokes of an artist’s hand.  How long it took him/ her to finish it? I wonder if it was re-written the second or third around or the first strokes are are done perfectly.

cb2 en rocket news 24 com

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I would never let it pass without a souvenir photo. Be it by my phone, my camera, or my tab. There are menus that are written in plain white only, there are those in multi-colored writings of menus and specialties which became more appetizing due to the fact that it was creatively presented.

Some board I’ve witnessed have different figures on it, like a flower, paisleys, a beer mug, or a coffee mug, or a very cute tea cup taken from those actual photos of vintage cups. Or perhaps, some were drawn out of memory.

Several times, they have been utilized as part of a wedding theme. In which case, if God will allow me to remarry? This will definitely be a part of my theme.

Like weddings..

And I’d like it best if I’d be the one to write on it putting emphasis into writing my fiance’s name on it. Which happens to be the sweetest word that I’ve ever heard of. I imagine the first having a bigger and bolder font than the rest. In my wild imaginings, they’re almost emblematic.

Before starting on this, I researched on the fonts used as to what era they originated from. They’re like personalities, each has a special trait remembered. I must be transparent, that even after I finished this blog, I haven’t known it’s origins yet. Still, I am giving it a chance.

Chalk-written menu boards is a kind of Art that is really flexible. You can come-up with a lot and can erase them easily the moment you think you still can improve on it. The board being like your own huge playground.

Le’ts see some of the actual boards I personally witnessed through the years. They gave me a personal sense of wonder during my wanders.


Sorry blurd..chalk board menu
Sorry, blurd. Chimes in Singapore..


marios kitchen
Mario’s – Ortigas



Southwoods, Laguna


Glorietta, Makati

Aeropostale Glorietta..
uncle cheffy
Uncle Cheffy in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa..

Scarsdale, Shaw

3 scarsdale
Scarsdale, Shaw..

Juan Carlos, Tacloban

courtesy of baffledchichi blogs pot com Juan carlos
Juan Carlos, Tacloban

Courtesy of baffledchichi blogspot

Paul Boulangerie – BGC

Paul Boulangerie – BGC

Mati’s – Filinvest Alabang


Guiseppe’s, Tacloban (Had been my favorite restaurant when I used to be in Tacloban, it’s a few blocks away from my hotel).

Guiseppes, Tacloban

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Libro Cafe, Tacloban

LIbro, Cafe Tacloban
Libro Cafe, Tacloban

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ala 17
Le petit cherie.. In Molito, Alabang
In our village...
In our village…
cbtl chalkboard
Coffee bean and tea leaf..

And maybe soon, I wanna see these too:

Lombardi’s..An Italian resto in Quezon city..kinda far from me..
farm organics
This is just in Alabang..=) Farm Organics..
menu chalk board contis
Conti’s Shaw blvd.

Aren’t they so stirring and lovely?