MANILA FAME: Design talks – 2015 (Part 1)


rise of d maker
Rise of the maker theme..

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So giddy and excited and tired and sick, and excited again! ❤

Our President, an Art appreciator himself (mom used to paint) declared the months of March & October as Art months in the Philippines. Since 1983, tandem of CITEM and DTI-organizes an exhibition of a collection of Arts created by Filipino artists. It is a clement support and nurturing move from the government to uplift and inspire the Philippine craftsmanship. In exchange it inspires seasoned Artisans and those that are just starting to build their names in this specific industry. Said event has been well attended every year. It’s on its’ 61st edition now. Much as I want to see it, there would be instances that I got sick or my schedule wont permit me. I attempted to see it last year though it’s on the same date with another Art event held in SMX too but the one I opted to attend was in in Aura. SMX has two locations-Aura and Moa which are both owned by SM. This year I had to take advantage for my jobs benefit and as a personal passion too. I was able to see it. So happy!

mnila fame
SMX has great architecture..

At the main lobby, after the registration areas, you will be welcomed by these stunning booths:

Talahib… (grass in English)…
Mirror junkie..
mirror 2
I wish I took a shot with more lighting..
paper fividers
Those lamps and dividers? are made of papers…
Focal point: eclectic purse…=)
red chair
Relaxed vibe..
red painting
Nice abstract…

Some booths were dedicated to lamps and lighting – a special element and a must since designing an area is not complete without it. Besides UN declared 2015 as the “International year of the Light.”

Great work of art!

Manila fame is the only trade event in the Philippines approved by the UFI (Union Des Faires Internationales), UFI is the Global association of the exhibition industry.

A special portion of the exhibit was dedicated to OTOP:

One Town, One Product

The government enjoined all towns from all regions (we have a total of 17 regions) showcasing locally made products which utilizes Indigenous materials from their native place.

They also feature this year an Asean partner country: Indonesia. This made me appreciate their Arts and culture and promised one booth owner that I will visit Bali one day soon. He said that it is going to be one of the most beautiful places that I’ll ever see. It also reminded me of “Ketut”. =)

Budji Layug, Josie Natori and Kenneth Cobonpue are the Creative team. These three created their own niche in the design industry, theirs is an unparalleled and paramount innovation making them well known not only in Asia but in the world.

The exhibit were divided into these categories:

– Arts n crafts
– Fashion
– Manila wear
– Gifts n holidays
– Home decor


– Furniture =)

Best booth was “Schema”. It was greatly, intricately done.

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It was designed by Plus 63 Design Co. Courtesy of:

Though secretly, I have my own personal favorite:

Casa Mercedes:

casa 4
casa 1
Huge fan! Intricate and very exquisite…
casa 2
Casa Mercedes…
casa 3
Reminded me to buy the violet ghost chair soooon!

I am ending this blog by saying that the show showed me the soul of my country’s inclination with Arts. And witnessing its’ individual beauty – has inspired my own soul too.

Manila fame itself described the event as soulful and witnessing them i didnt just agree. I experience each soul. Which left me breathless and proud of my fellow Filipinos.


Part 2 for posting soon.