Philippine Literary Festival 2015

Philippine Literary Fair 2015

“I don’t want to stay in the bad place where no one believes in silver linings or love or happy endings.” ~Matthew Quick~

This has stayed in my memory after I watched “Silver linings playbook” twice after my soul buddy convinced me that this is a good movie. I had to see it because if she’s the one who said it’s a good movie. Expect it to be.

This quote somehow stayed with me. It was so natural. And it made me feel that I am not the only person in this world who believes in “happy endings” or if I may use the term: “Fairy tale”

So when I learned about the Philippine Literary Festival for this year and a familiar name flashes on that billboard in EDSA as I was trying to make it out. I looked twice and confirmed that it is the author of Silver Linings who will guest the event along with another, Meg Wolitzer.

philliteraryfestival (1)

Last year, I missed Amy Tan, I intended to go as well though due to some pre-planned activities, I missed it. I have a book of Ms. Tan too. The title of which at first I had a hard time remembering because it sounds weird if you say it fast like how my friends said it when they recommended that “Its’ a must read” book and a good film to watch too. “The Joy luck club”. You know when they say it fast – choylaklab is how it sounds to me. Sounded funny right? Until I found it from an old cafe in the Visayas (of all places huh), watched it and loved it.

It actually became my habit to choose books to read that were translated into films. I have collected those by John Grisham, Sydney Sheldon and Robert Ludlum which became films after a century. I also have some of Nicolas Sparks, Little Women from Louisa May Alcott, the 1994 adaptation which starred Winona Ryder, it was adapted thrice before this one: 1933, 1949 and 1978. I was barely 6 years old. Twilight Saga was my recent favorite. I read all four sequels. And I am patiently waiting for another from Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic Series, I have the first from fifth series and about to acquire the Mini and Shopaholic to the Stars.

This time, it’s “Silver linings Playbook”. Much as I loved the artists who portrayed the characters, I have to mention Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence (whom my soul buddy and I loved so much – we call her J.Law!) and Robert De Niro. No hesitancy of doubting the plot of its’ story (at that time I haven’t heard of Matthew Quick yet), I watched it right away.


If I must say, I think I was able to relate with this movie, because to be transparent, I have been sometimes crazy in my entire life. To define “crazy”, I have to leave it all to you guys. =)

Well, just so to give my two cents worth on this. “Crazy” for me is those times I refused to see the truth and believed in the wrong version of some people’s truth. Until it killed me. So it happened a lot of times and I guess my craziness will remain much as my equally-crazy friends will remind me that my craziness is way beyond its’ usual limit. Ahaha!

Note: I just get crazy with Mr. Wrong(s). Oh well. I guess, finding Mr. Right, I had to be Ms. Right first and foremost, right?! =)

So enough of this craziness, I instantly asked my ever faithful foodie travel buddy to register for the two of us since Raffles hotel is just a stone’s throw away from her office.

Voila! She got two passes right away with free bookmarks, ID with lanyard, and we’re just waiting for some days to become a”Sunday”. This is the day (it’s a 3 day event) and this is the day where Matthew Quick will do his talk real quick. =)

Some works of Art!
I so agree!
Several activities were happening in 3 ballrooms!

Literally, the talk was like less than an hour. Really quick. They encouraged questions from the audience, and I was so relaxed while I have tons of questions in mind, and while listening to this smart girl who asked Matthew about depression, they announced that it’s the last question from the audience.

Anyway, one of my questions is how did his wife took it since they both decided not to have a child. He was a very transparent guy. He was so honest, he’s like talking to his friends, very humble, well-informed and full of wisdom. I could not forget when he said: “I can’t be a good writer while being a bad father.” Something that sounds like it, I was not able to take it verbatim. Made sense right?! And it made me admired him more. I instantly thought of unplanned pregnancies. Bringing into this world, human beings when they can’t be taken cared of. Matthew is a very cautious man. He was also concern to his effect to humanity but low-profile enough that he never expected his book to be at “The Oscars!”

He was very spontaneous..
I wish I recorded his talk..
He gleefully said: “I need water!” =)
He was requested to read a few lines from one of his books… And he did it thoughtfully…

It made me admire his audience too. Those who raised some questions, were very intellectual and they speak the English language fluently. Throw relevant questions and none throw ones for the heck of asking. It was a good audience.

Selfie! =) or Groupie! whatever! =)
From an enthusiast’s view..=)

I didn’t fall in line to have my book signed by him. Getting to see him pointblank, that
close enough is already enough for me. I was just happy watching them, I mean those with books to be signed by him. We even tried to have a selfie with him and with a crowd as big as it, I doubt if all were captured. =) I also tried convincing my bff-Jen to have one signed as part of her collection, as she got 2 books personally signed by the authors. Though she wants it to be me and I do not want to fall in line, besides I already have the book, ahaha.

His books..
The only one I saw and read from his works. I’ll check the others soon, the with the peacock on the title. =)
They also put up a Coffee station and pastries from Cafe Macaron.

So instead of bumping heads over it, we opted to have some pastries and coffee from
Cafe Macaron. It is just a floor away from the ballroom where I personally saw Matthew Quick. =)

While enjoying our carbos and sweets, we’re already looking forward to next year’s guests. Who knows? It might be one of our favorites again.