Fringe Benefits… Loving Tassels! <3

Fringe Benefits

“Why Oh why I love tassels?”

They say if you find something that’s very fascinating and you don’t know why, they say that you’re an “Old soul”. In a lot of ways. I guess I am.

I found myself hooked with tassels without being able to express why. I just find them very beautiful. And it brought me to old times when it is seen almost everywhere.

Among other things, I am also fascinated are those of which existence were way back I guess hundreds of years ago. Some of which are Lighthouses, spiral staircases, peacock feathers, paisley patterns, damasks too, dream catchers, colored lanterns, quilts to mention a few. Looking at them from outside the box, they are all actually vintage.

Recently, I had this fascination with tassels. In all kinds. I saw a myriad of tassels in one exhibit, there’s this stall selling tassels captured my attention. I initially bought one that comes in all the colors that I wanted. As far as I can remember, the old lady (she’s the owner I later found out), told me to bring it with me all the time. So I asked her: “Can I use it as a charm for my bag?” She said: “Yes of course you can, I’ll give you this key ring for free so you can use it now.” I thanked her with all gratefulness, she is such a nice person, exuding an aura I will always recall with a smile.

tassel 1
As a charm for my bag..

I wondered if I was a Moroccan in my past life? I am so enticed with their Art. Or a gypsy perhaps.

I kept my lucky money here..(–,)

I could not really tell it’s just that those stuff that I get so inclined with are correlated with one another.

tassel 2
As a bookmark… =)

Until one day, something pushed me to research on Tassels and its history. And I cringed with what I have discovered:

“In the Bible, The Lord spoke to Moses to tell Israelites to make tassels (modern Hebrew tzitzit) on the corners of their garments in remembering all the commandments of the Lord and keep them. (Numbers 15:37-40) The religious Hebrew tassel, however, bears little resemblance to the decorative one which eventually became popular in Europe, especially France.”

Courtesy of:

In the middle east, they are being worn in belief that tassels ward off evil spirits.

The series of events that transpired in the last months or years, God has shown me ways how to please him.

I can only be grateful to be able to interpret everything. I am a work in progress, and nothing divine can ever be too late.

I actually have one in violet in our main door…=)

I’d be continuing my collection of tassels to literally remind me all the time to do what pleases not the human eye but our Creator. It will be tough I know, no one said it would be easy anyway.

As a bracelet…
Came in black!
tasel 2
Gold and green!
newest tassel
My newest one is purple in silk threads. =)

I am hoping to decipher all reasons behind the rest of all the things I am fascinated with. As everything has an annotation. Some sort of significance which for the time being I could not yet fathom. I just know one thing. They all have meaning. A beautiful meaning.