Blogopolis 2018

Blogopolis 2018

“Millennials expect to create a better future, using the collaborative power of digital technology.” ~Mal Fletcher~

I went here to submerge myself in the company of Millennials. By heart. Fortunately, I discovered that there are also guests belonging to my age. Oh, and why am I so concern with my age? It’s just that I’m worried I’m so engrossed in my own world and is no longer aware of what’s currently going on in the outside world, and since I found in my heart a deep love for blogging, going out of my way, won’t hurt a bit. And so I guess, this visit will show me ropes somehow.

Honestly, I felt like a mom socializing with my son’s friends. I was right, this niche belongs to them. Or populated by like 80% of them. So I belong to the remaining 20%. Mystery solved.

It was a bit awkward and the feeling of being in the wrong place. But what scares me is if there’d be one (or two) who will address me as mommy! or mudra! or mamshie! Though, luck is on my side, no one did.

I just enjoyed my time there watching from afar, these young ones being in the limelight. I envy (the good envy), their enthusiasm and focus at what they want to happen in their lives, not minding bashers or those who will eventually become their follower, they just do their thing because they feel like it and that’s what makes them happy. And I guess happier because out of sharing, they were able to influence others in a very positive way. Just like it did on me. Just listening to them made me smile already the whole time. I felt I belong here, regardless of my age.

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On an equal footing, I truly enjoyed the buffet Dusti Thani served that came with this event. Obviously, I took more photos of them than the activity itself.

Felicitations on this event, to Nuffnang specifically. And Congratulations to the winners too! =)

More power.