Celebrating life with Cakes…

Celebrating life with Cakes…

“A great many things can be resolved with kindness, even more with laughter, but there are some things that just require cake.” – ~Leigh Standley~

It’s a few more weeks before Christmas. And a few more days before my mama’s birthday. And what better way to celebrate occasion such as these is by loads of sweetness from TLJ!

Ever since TLJ took over its’ own niche in the Desserts industry. An assembly of unique and delicately designed cakes that are simply beautiful and pleasing to the eyes, more so in any spread at home or outside. Their concept has taken the Filipinos by storm. Created I must assumed with passion since it entails all things to consider like taste, presentation, location and price.

Each one like a pastel-colored masterpiece with its’ curator who I can imagine is smiling while finishing up a well-done concoction in a whim. Each compliments the deep dark shade of chocolates. The base of most cakes I think are chocolates. As the saying goes: “No one outgrows the pleasure of chocolates”. Or for  my personal choice, it is mocha flavor first and foremost. =)

Check out those that I’ve tried.

My first!
tlj 1
A gift for a friend on her birthday..
tlj 2
One Christmas..
tlj 3
And another…
bday ko
And then, I got one too on my birthday. Thank you Jen! ❤

Most people I’ve tried it with, loves it. Quite enamored by the dainty sweetness. It seems. So I am thinking now with excitement what variant we will get during the holidays. Unless, the other part of me would try these tempting choices:

food spots
One of these from Kitchen’s Best, I have a leaning on the purple yam cake (upper right photo) Courtesy of: http://www.foodspotting.com/places/451903-kitchen-s-best-the-fort-bonifacio-global-city-taguig/items/5458-cakes

Or this from Crimson hotel 

crimson cake

Or Mango bene from Cafe Mary Grace

mango ben
Mango bene from Cafe Mary Grace.. Courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/CafeMaryGrace/

There is also one Patisserie in Kapitolyo, “Lia’s Cakes in Season” which my soul buddy had me tried twice and I’m thinking if I can go all the way from Laguna just to get their Avocado cake for Christmas. Believe me, it tastes so heavenly.

avocado cake
Avocado cake Courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/Lias-Cakes-in-Season-280423845313979/timeline

Not to forget our all-time favorite, Mango bravo from Contis. I have to decide. I am sure they are getting orders as early as now.

mango bravo

How about you? What are you gonna get this holiday season?

Have a sweet Christmas everyone! =)