“Eat, drink and be merry.”

Satiating our cravings from Boon Tong Kee. As expected, we craved for sweets after. And since they do not have much choices for desserts. We opted to allow our feet to navigate for us to the nearest desserts shop in the vicinity.

We passed by several stores that aren’t much exciting until we finally spotted Chocolat.


Foodie buddy is a chocolate addict!

Chocolat! ❤
Lots lots of chocolates in their chiller!
chiller 2
I wish I could bring them home! ahahaa!
chiller 3

We hurried to it’s entrance like kids and immediately asked the attendant if they have blueberry cheesecake. Ironic to be heading to a Chocolate bakery and ask for blueberry cheesecake! Lol!

jen 2
menu board
Menu board..

And surely, they have! What we loved about their version is the crunchy caramelly taste of their graham crust.

Blueberry cheesecake! ❤

Usually, it’s just grahams, sugar, salt and butter. I asked the attendant and she just mentioned those four, though I suspect that there is something else. Of course its’ meant to be a trade secret. They also didn’t scrimp on their blueberry cheesecake itself. They didn’t just top them, they’re on the cheesecake itself. P140.00 per slice isn’t that bad knowing the others priced theirs at that range considering the difference in taste.

carrot cake
Carrot cake!
Vintage poster!

We had the usual drinks too. My cafe latte and mocha for Jen. Both iced. Summer is fast approaching and even if the mall is provided with centralized ACUs, it’s already humid proving that Summer is here.

It’s Summer time!
Sweeteners please!

Having luscious dessert is like a finale after a hefty meal. You looked forward to it, they dance in your mind and it spells happiness! (–,)


Death by Tablea is so intriguing.

Death by Tablea..
You can choose from their many offerings!