Our Sweet Escape…

Our Sweet Escape…

I forgot to mention that aside from blueberry cheesecake. I’ve always loved cream puffs and eclairs. There is one bakeshop (Lindens) in our place that supplies them to me at those craving times, or if sadness creeps in and the least I could do to forget (temporarily) the gloomy feeling is to splurge in all the sweetness that I can get.

Way back college days, my best friend then introduced me to this shop in Greenbelt (Dulcinea) from which we often enjoyed our churros dipped in hot chocolate and we never leave the place without having our bags of cream puffs, eclairs and beehives on our hands, being our favorites. At that time, we are also eyeing a cute waiter from there, until later we discovered, he was a gay. And that’s another story.(–,)

A few days ago, missing a meeting. One of my closest buddy opted to bring me to Palanca street, Makati to introduce to me to this cozy shop that sells all the goodies that I have mentioned. They were her favorites too. Not to mention that earlier during lunch, we had blueberry cheesecake for dessert. Sweets overload in just one day? Cravings like this happens not too often… Sugar rush that is!

A tree shaped by those baby cream puffs!

And so, this is it. It’s called “Happy cream puff”. Knowing that I like cream puffs and eclairs, she had mentioned this to me several times and this is the only chance we’ve got to visit the place.

Smaller versions of their cream puffs…

What I liked about it is that it’s not too sweet. And the custard isn’t too overwhelming like the others that I’ve tried. Another element which impressed me is that the custard isn’t there yet. Upon ordering, it’s the only time that they will fill the puffs. So in sync with what they boasts of their items’ freshness.

Comes in different flavors too..=)

They have flavored fillings too. They also come in box which is ideal as gifts. The box I brought home was actually a gift from my buddy. And its my turn on our next visit. =)

The shop started since 2006 with just these 2 major offerings. The cream puffs and the eclairs. You must try them yourself to validate why they’ve been here for almost a decade and still growing. It definitely takes time to create a good story out of a good product(s). Happy eating!

There are other guests, I still managed to take a pix of their signage..=)


What a coincidence to write this on the day of “The Sweetest Day”! (–,) <3<3<3

Sweetest Day
Days like these are best spent with people close to your heart.=)

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Happy Sweetest Day!

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