Sweet treat Wednesday – Scarsdale Artisanal Delights…

Scarsdale Artisanal Delights

Scarsdale is a familiar town down the countryside part of the City that never sleeps (New York). It is explicitly a delight to see names of shops here in our country inspired by other places. It meant that the curator might have been exposed to a lot of amazing places and to bring it here signifies that Filipinos has a discriminating taste when it comes to food along with most of our “needs and wants” as well.

The first Scarsdale Artisanal Delights branch you will find along Shaw boulevard in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. It is actually inside S&R’s building and fronting other newly opened food destinations such as Project Pie, Starbucks (which recently transferred, they are originally located at the ground floor of Lee gardens, and due to lack of space, the transfer took place just late last year), B&P Just like home, and soon to open Family Mart.

chalk written
Chalk-written mural..

I learned from one of the friendly attendant that Scarsdale is a sister company of Go nuts Donuts. This move is with pride I’m sure to put up these place offering home-made doughnuts in limited yet irresistible I can’t make up my mind variants. Part of their menu is the latest doughnut craze of combining a doughnut with a croissant. Some call them doussant, some call them croughnut, whichever way you want to call it, it is equally delightful to the bite.

3 scarsdale
Made me fickle..

During their soft opening, my soul sis dragged me fervently telling me with excitement that there’s a new dainty shop that sells specialty doughnuts and it was so timely, we were very busy lately and it’s like capping the day with a good chat on top of some sweet treats.

My “in any angle” beautiful sistah!

Mine was S’mores.

My S’mores..

And her’s is green tea glazed doughnut which photo I forgot to take. (–,)(she has always been very health conscious opposite myself that I eat anything regardless of the fats and calories and cholesterol maxed out in a day).

scarsdale donuts

We were about to be sitted when one of the owners directed our bags to these small hooks under the table.

2 scarsdale
Hooks under the table..

When you are so engrossed chatting with your buddies and you forgot about your bag, those little hooks under will secure your valuables. I didn’t mean to discriminate concerns on safety, though those little things adds value to the service and whether we like it or not, it meant a lot.

5 scarsdale
So witty yet caring..

Their menu is somewhat special,


they do not mass-pro, each variant were made in little quantity, so they’re always guaranteed fresh,

They have croughnuts too..

they have sandwiches too making use of the dough for their doughnuts as sandwich buns itself

Is that a sack of flour?

and they have spreads too which bottles are adoringly packed with a country-vibe feel.

8 scaradale
So artistic..

The place is idyllic with those chalked written menu boards that specially appeals to me. There’s a second floor though according to them they are still finishing it up. I overheard that one artist is doing another mural upstairs and I can’t wait to go up once its done. I love murals! That’s the reason why I asked my buddy once to search for Chef Del Rosario’s restaurant in Makati, just because of the mural. ehehe.

11 scarsdale
Sacks of flour..

Going back to the doughnut, I liked it being chewy and doughy. Aint a food blogger so I do not know how to describe it, though its incomparable with the doughnuts that most of us is familiar with, and the real deal here is they are very affordable.

14 scarsdale
Cutie knick knack holder (utensils, ads, menu).
1 scarsdale
A transparent mural. I termed it transparent because they directly draw on the wall’s surface..
2nd floor scarsdale
View from the second floor..
10 scarsdale
Another mural on the second floor..
scarsdale apple
And I thought they are real apples..

With the ambiance that they’ve created, the manner of how they packaged their products,

Cool boxes for take-outs/ take-aways/ to-go orders whatever..

the sense of Art incorporated in every corner,

7 scaradale
Choices of Drinks..
4 scarsdale
Black, with fresh milk..
13 scaradale
Sugar, sugar, sugar..
15 scarsdale
The power of media…

the showcase of ingredients and a kitchen/ working area that’s transparent to the customers, they can wrestle with the other brands that sells equally noteworthy doughnuts in the country, this I guess is going to be one of the best doughnuts of our time. I am actually collating all of the doughnuts I’ve tried here in our country (just like what I did with my blueberry cheesecake adventure) and probably enumerate them here and claim a personal all-time favorite.

We are actually coming back, and I cant wait to try their version of croughnuts, I’d be getting the apple pie variant. Scarsdale Artisanal Delights is worth your more than one visits.