NO to Parvo virus!!!

NO to Parvo virus…

“Not every person knows how to love a dog, but every dog knows how to love a person.”

I have a dozen pets. 1 dog and eleven cats. Four of which are still kittens.

When my uncle priest offered me to adopt one of his puppies. A female half-breed Labrador (domestic mom and Lab dad).

I even took an on-line survey from my friends If I am going to accept this little frolicsome cutie.

Secretly, I was already thinking of what to name her. And then finally, with the push and encouragement of my circle, she was brought to me a few days after I told my uncle priest that I am finally accepting the offer.

I instantly love her. She is sweet, very playful, typical nature of a female puppy. More so, she was taken cared of by a priest. She is gentle and good-hearted too. I have a feeling she will never bite anyone, because Whitey, my only male dog, came from my uncle priest too. In his entire life (11 years & counting), he had never bitten anyone. Though of course, I have to train Kimmy too.

The house was a happier place when Kimmy arrived. Typically not for the clowder of cats. But with us humans. Even my mom is so fond of Kimmy.

She’s into this habit of watching me while I’m working..

But the day after that devastating night for me. It was when I lost one of my cats, and I was sobbing the whole night and the whole day after that. I noticed that Kimmy looked sad too. She’s just staring at me each time I call her name. My only consolation is when she still wags her tail.

I was still in coma if I can call it that way because losing one of my cats is definitely one of the saddest thing that could happen to me. I am seeing a depression coming out of it because apparently she was gone while I was away (and tears are flowing from my eyes now as I’m writing this)..=(

The following day. Kimmy was lethargic. She is not eating anything that we gave her. She drinks a few. But to no avail. She vomits. Just by looking at her, it was no longer a sadness because she felt I am sad too. My Kimmy is sick.

When she moved for a few more times and they looked different and smells different too. We panicked and brought her immediately to the nearest clinic.

Then after a few tests. She was found to be positive with Parvo virus.

Positive-Parvo virus…

The Veterinarian recommended that she should be confined. And I asked if I can take care of her at home provided that the medicines are religiously administered.

However, the Doctor told me transparently that since frequent vomiting is expected. It would be best that she be given dextrose intravenously so as to avoid dehydration as it would be fatal.

With a broken heart, I willfully gave in to their suggestion knowing that visits are limited and Kimmy will not see us most of the day and will be with other dogs who are sick too. I am sure it’d be very frustrating for her.

Aaawww! =(
The Siberian husky beside her is with Parvo virus too. And survived. =)

The good thing there is I can visit her after work. I was allowed to visit 6pm onwards even if the policy is only until 5pm.

For the first few days, she was not showing signs of improvement. She still has diarrhea, she still vomits and she looks sad still during my visits.

Please get well soon Kimmy!

I prayed every night, every day that she get well. I felt so responsible. I adopted her and gave assurance to my uncle priest to take care of her same way he takes care of her.

While at work, and I could not visit, I call and asked for updates from the care takers.

What’s torturing me is talking to other owners of other patients and some of my friends that theirs didn’t survive when attacked by this sinister virus. Although there are also stories that their dogs survived, but, most of them are adult canine already. I googled the virus, and only 30% is the rate of survival. I was so afraid then. All I could do is pray and pray and visit Kimmy more often. The doctor said that it helps a lot when she will see me a lot. They said it gives them hope that she will soon go home and that makes them happy. And it will help them recover sooner. When I can’t, my son takes turn to visit him, with my husband and my friend, Jen. So they give me updates too.

On the 4th day, I received a text message from them that Kimmy had her first recovery food and didn’t vomit a few hours after and that it’s a good sign. If it continues, she is into recovery soon.

Prayers move mountains. I kept thanking God for her because I could not afford another loss, I just lost my cat and over it is Kimmy getting sick.

On the 5th day of my visit. Her aura is very different. She is thumping from her cage and even if with the dextrose, she attempted to run to me and her tail is wagging non-stop. I was so happy. I almost cried.

I can feel her telling me: “Get me out of here mommy!”
It broke my heart to see her grew thin.

On the 7th day, I got a call from them that Kimmy is ready to go home with medications for another 2 weeks. I can’t wait to bring her home.

My mom was also impatient upon Kimmy’s return. She keeps on asking “Where’s Kimmy?” And when Kimmy’s finally arrived at home, she’s ecstatic, she’s so happy running all around the house. She is not allowed inside my room more so to step on my bed but at that time she jumped at me, I can’t help but just hug her and play with her.

I love her so..

She just turned 3 months so she had her first bath after a week. And she loves it. She’s agonized at first, but as I gently spray water to her body avoiding her eyes, she seem to enjoy the water.

In a few days, she is scheduled for her 5 in 1 vaccination.

She’s back to normal. She would wait for me patiently. Wherever I go, she would follow me.

God is so good, He takes care of them too! =)

kimmy ko
My happy Kimmy! (–,)

How Can Parvo virus Be Prevented?

You can protect your dog from this potential killer by making sure he’s up-to-date on his vaccinations. Parvovirus should be considered a core vaccine for all puppies and adult dogs. It is usually recommended that puppies be vaccinated with combination vaccines that take into account the risk factors for exposure to various diseases. One common vaccine, called a “5-in-1,” protects the puppy from distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus and parainfluenza.

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My cat took a part of my heart…

My cat took a part of my heart…

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~Anatole France~

I know the drill. I have come to embrace the responsibility of taking care of my cats, eleven of them. Like my own children.

My first cat is Muning. We found him crying in the street and my mom told me that taking care of this little creature won’t hurt that much. I am convinced, besides, it was such a sweet creature.

muning 3
He’s a little fatter here..
Muning as a baby..
muning 2
Hmmmnnn..the swag!

We only have a dog at that time, Whitey. He had been with us for more than 10 years and so we took all courage to chase this meowing little one.

My dog!

Muning is such a sweet one. He exudes the confidence of being a member of the family. He would even occupy one vacant seat in our 4 seater dining table. It belongs to me and my parents and then I became a mother much so than being a wife. My son occupied the 4th chair. One chair was left vacant when my father went home a year before Muning came. So he literally occupied papa’s seat.

muning fam
“I’m family right?”

Muning have been part of the family since then. It was a blessing in disguise having him. He gave my mom a kind of comfort that not all can decipher. Even I myself felt like having Muning as heaven sent.

I’d like to think Muning and Whitey are trying to be friends!

After a few months. Another came. This time its a female one which we lovingly named Ewok.

ewok 2
The queen! (–,)

We found her on the same spot where we found Muning. Ewok is sweeter than Muning. She would not leave my side and would even stand in my belly and would step on it gently. It was like a gentle massage. Careful enough so as not her nails can hurt me. Later I found out that it is their way of expressing that you are very special to them. While Muning would stay in bed at times but unlike Ewok who would sleep beside me or my mom.


We didn’t anticipate that having a female cat, she would soon get pregnant and we will be obliged to adopt her own kittens. Until she gave birth to four sweetest creatures I’ve ever seen.

She stayed in my bedroom until it was time. I played Oby-gynecologist for the first time, my friends were telling me that cats knew how to go about it but honestly I just can’t stay being a spectator. I assisted her the whole time. She was even looking straight into my eyes like saying “Can you help me?” I was there the whole time, changing sheets each time one little meow would come out of her. So instantly I have 6 cats then.

I named her babies Tiger-because she is the only one with brown and orange stripes all over her with some specks of black and gray. She was the eldest. Then came Pol. A male kitten that seems to be curious about everything. I called him Pol short for Polkadots as he’s got these spots on his body. He is milky white with those spots. The third one is Chin. I decided calling her Chin because she got this big mole in her chin. She is as sweet as the rest. And the youngest is Uniq. Due to her uniqueness among the four. She is the only one who’s like Snow white but with stripes in her tail which made me instantly think that she is unique. Uniq is my angel. My princess. The sweetest among the four and the naughtiest too.

my babies
My four babies..=)

While these four are growing. It came as a surprise that Ewok got pregnant again. She intentionally plans to give birth in my bedroom again but I made her a basket with soft clothes and talked to her that she will give birth there. I placed it in our hallway. So we had babies once again. My mommy duties expanded in less than a year. I am a mommy to a total of 11 cats after Ewok gave birth to four new little ones. And a dog. In short, I have 12 pets.


Their names? Luna, Lina, Charlie and Nana! Luna as we all know refers to anything pitch black. Then Lina has a line on her back while Charlie has a big mole in his chin and Nana is white with some black spots scattered in her body. Nana came from the Filipino word: Wala na. It means “No more”. As I can’t think of any names anymore for this baby.

Having them all has impacted my financial capabilities. Their cat food is even expensive than our rice. And they consume a kilo in less than 2 days. But like I’ve said. They were like my children and it is my responsibility to feed them. There were days I feed them with whatever we have on our tables.

Just 2 weeks ago, one Saturday, I went all the way to the north to attend a fun event, it took us to spend a whole day there and got home past midnight with the most shocking scene I’ve ever came to see. My little princess-Uniq was lying lifeless in our garden. It was tough for my son to bring me to where she is exactly and I hated him for not telling me right away. He could have called me and I could have done something for my Uniq. It felt terribly bad because I knew in my heart that Uniq was expecting to see me during those agonizing moments when she was in pain. I kept on embracing her cold body and whispering my sincerest apologies hoping and praying she could still hear me. The pain if I can describe it might be weird to some. It was depressing and it was a pain that might not go away sooner. It pained me because I failed her. I wasn’t there for her while I claim deep in my heart that I hold such a genuine love for her. And being there for her all the time. She will always be my baby. My princess. I am torn whether I’ll be happy because I’ve had her or not because I lost her. =(

uniq 6
My kitty Santa!
uniq 1
She won’t let go of my threads when I’m quilting! And we ended playing which I’m sure was her purpose in the first place..
uniq 2
While I’m working, she won’t leave me and would even position herself on top of my pc. ..
uniq 3
Isn’t she adorable?
uniq 4
When I work late, she would fall asleep while waiting for me..
uniq 5
Missing her terribly..=(

You will be surprised that somewhere in my heart when it is my time. I hold on to that belief that she will be running to go up to me. Like the story says about the Rainbow bridge.

rainbow bridge
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That while they are playing with the others. Upon my arrival, she would recognize my scent and will instantly run to look for the scent and where it’s coming from. Deep in my heart I really look up to this and in anticipation, that I will be able to embrace her once again. And we will be together forever.

Still deeply sad for losing her. ='(

My life with CATS!

My life with a cat… Well, with cats

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” ~Sigmund Freud~

Thank God for the Cats…
I have always been a dog girl. I detested cats, accusing them being lazy and stubborn and arrogant, they does not respond like dogs, and are not home pets. And so I thought. Well for me, because of health issues, I’ve had this skin asthma that gives me rashes occasionally and one of my allergens are cats. I grew up not seeing a cat inside the house. My father is a dog lover, we are never without a pet dog in our entire human life. As they say, and as I witnessed it.  Dog are a man’s best friend! It is something I didn’t just encounter but believe as well.
muning and whitey
Trying to be friends..

After my father finally went home, the depression of my mother and mine as well triggered us to adopt a kitten. Muning is a male cat. We learned from Muning that the Cat kingdom is one of the sweetest creatures there could ever be.

And ironically, my old dog and Muning were able to bond with each other and didn’t fight like “Cats and dogs” literally. And taking care of them both is a job I was compelled to do. My old dog in a way acted as if he is the eldest of them. One instance when a neighbor’s cat fought with Muning and I was set aside by my dog swiftly running into the direction of that cat. His anger was beyond description. Had I not been able to grab him immediately, I bet he could have killed that poor cat.


so pretty
He grew so pretty..
I’m family right?
Muning loves his kuya Echo so much, he will cuddle him even if he’s already sleeping…
muning and echo
Muning and my son..
muning very pretty
My first cat…
And he’s usually impatient..

As a human, there were times my depression surfaces and as I sit alone in the dark, Muning will softly leap on my lap and stay there in quietness looking up at my face every now and then as if checking whether I felt better of him being there. Sharing with me the silence that is sometimes deafening me.

The problem with cats is that they are literally diggers and undisciplined unlike dogs, you have to guard whatever food is on the table as it will most likely be a prey being them as the predator.

Enjoying the company of a cat. We decided to get another. This time, a female cat which we named Ewok because at that time we weren’t sure if he is a male or a female cat. He is as sweet as Muning, we had this notion that Ewok is Muning’s baby. They have the same spots and shape of face. Ewok is just naughtier and more playful. Muning is a sleepy head.

ewok 2
I’m so happy to capture him while sight-seeing outside…=)
And loved to watch while a baby..

After a few months, some kittens with their meows we heard from our garden and we decided to keep the one that was left under the shrubs when its siblings ran off upon seeing us approaching. We named her “Tisay” which is short for Mestiza.She is almost all white with some spots of yellows and orange in her body. She has this peculiarity of lying and sleeping on our chest and she’s the biggest among the brood to think she is the youngest.

We all love her dearly. I could not imagine that we can live with others of Gods creation on the same roof. Some lovebirds, 3 cats and a dog.

Early this year, we discovered that Ewok is pregnant and we anticipated doubling the meowing at home when hunger strikes and that is most likely occurring every after an hour. I wonder what kind of appetite they have. Muning is the only pet in the house who feeds lesser than the rest although he is the most notorious when you leave food unattended. Muning is a meat lover and not much of fish.

And for us, its kinda weird. While he was a baby, he even caught som fish bone in between his teeth and we really had a hard time pulling it off altogether, my mom helped me with that external operation and everyone finds it funny that it happened to Muning.

Ewok gave birth to 4 little baby kittens come Easter eve. She was looking at me while there are fireworks like expressing to me with all her might that it’s time. I was texting my son and friends that Ewok is about to give birth until I fell asleep at half past 2am seeing 2 baby kittens under her. I woke up almost 5am and found out that she had four. Oh well. The family is getting bigger.

Though you see we accepted them and love them as they are. Ewok looked up to me with a faith and love that we are here to always take care of them. It is such an amazing feeling to know that these creatures rely on our presence all their lives. The love I felt from their eyes helped me in a special way to appreciate both of our existence. Muning looks at me Garfield like if he wants something, Ewok’s looks are naughty and Tisays’ were naughtier. Having them all, I can only be grateful. Hats off to Cats!

mommy ewok
Mommy Ewok… 4 kittens: Tigger, Unique, Chin, and Paul (Paulkadot!)!


The graceful movements of the performers when I watched Cats Broadway is truly amazing. Those feline moves I definitely witness to be as exact as how these creatures moves especially when I’m watching them from afar.

The setbacks? Like my occasional skin allergies, cleaning up of poops, are worth it to the bliss of having them around. They fill our house with a love I could not define. It’s just there. They will always be like our children. =) ❤️❤️❤️

Sweet Love…

Sweet Love

Oftentimes, our hearts felt like exploding with so much love for someone we could not touch. There are several senses – like gifts from God that allows us to experience different feelings. We touch,we taste,we feel,we see and we smell.  It brought me to a deeper understanding of what love is all about. That we can love someone even without seeing them for a while. That distance nor boundaries aren’t a matter of necessity for someone not to love a person.

Oceans apart day after day And I slowly go insane.. I hear your voice on the line.. But it doesn't stop the pain...
Oceans apart day after day…
And I slowly go insane..
I hear your voice on the line…
But it doesn’t stop the pain…

I was writing this when my attention was caught by my pets at home…

He would always be beside me, whatever it is that I’m doing. I am watching a movie here and my baby cat just sat there and watch the movie with me. (–,)

I cried tons of tears a few months back when I lost my dog. Well almost. As he came back after 2 days. God must have heard my prayers all night and was so grateful when I found him again. He taught me what an unconditional love is all about. My dog or maybe all dogs and my cats are the most loving creatures I’ve witnessed. The way that they would listen and despite of their inability to tell me that they love me. They found other ways. The waggling tail,the licking,the jumping when u arrived home. The way they look in my eyes and why they know where to look? Not in my nose, my mouth but at my eyes. Loving stares at me with all the affection reflected in their eyes. It takes away sadness.

The longing of every soul to be happy. Like a therapy that soothes my soul. They’re a great teachers too. They will continue loving you whether you love them back or not. Of course they feel pain. They cry. They whimper. They express emotions. Some may retaliate if was hurt and I just wonder why human beings or not everyone, see them the way I do. I admire their selflessness. It is so amazing how loyal a pet could be.

My cat when still a baby..

I heard stories of dogs saving lives of their owners. I recently read a story of a baby who fell on the gorilla’s lair and the mother gorilla carefully carried the baby in her arms and brought it to the care-taker. Isn’t it love? I myself even once witness such love when my cat was attacked by another cat and my dog attacked that cat as if saying no one can hurt my cat. To think its a cat and he is a dog. It didn’t have any bearing on him.

whitey and muning
Whitey and Muning…

My dog didn’t even eat for more than a week when he noticed my papa is no longer visible. I wondered why when I was gone for a work trip for months. He didn’t starve himself when he did when we lost my father. He stayed under my father’s coffin scaring guests so we need to explain that he just want to stay there.. Is he aware of the difference? How much love a dog can hold in his heart is something I could not measure. So I realized I cud not measure mine as well or someone else’s.

Such loyalty..

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Regardless the person is near us or miles away from us. We weren’t insane to feel this love for them… It could sound funny to compare and use as leverage the loyalty I’ve witness fr my pets. It all goes down to just one thing that mattered a lot to me. Love is such a mystery that doesn’t requires resolving. You will just have to allow it and it makes life more worth living. Love is unconditional. No buts and ifs. We all are meant to this special someone, near or far.

That love does good things on us and probably affects those who are around us. It puts a glow on our faces! It makes us excel at work. It makes us more patient and understanding. Even the bible describes it in the most positive way it can. I’m running out of words to describe it. Love is definitely amazing. I couldn’t imagine a life without it. A world without it.

God is such a brilliant and a very generous God to teach us and allow us to experience what loving (and being loved) is all about in all its wonder.