My cat took a part of my heart…

My cat took a part of my heart…

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~Anatole France~

I know the drill. I have come to embrace the responsibility of taking care of my cats, eleven of them. Like my own children.

My first cat is Muning. We found him crying in the street and my mom told me that taking care of this little creature won’t hurt that much. I am convinced, besides, it was such a sweet creature.

muning 3
He’s a little fatter here..
Muning as a baby..
muning 2
Hmmmnnn..the swag!

We only have a dog at that time, Whitey. He had been with us for more than 10 years and so we took all courage to chase this meowing little one.

My dog!

Muning is such a sweet one. He exudes the confidence of being a member of the family. He would even occupy one vacant seat in our 4 seater dining table. It belongs to me and my parents and then I became a mother much so than being a wife. My son occupied the 4th chair. One chair was left vacant when my father went home a year before Muning came. So he literally occupied papa’s seat.

muning fam
“I’m family right?”

Muning have been part of the family since then. It was a blessing in disguise having him. He gave my mom a kind of comfort that not all can decipher. Even I myself felt like having Muning as heaven sent.

I’d like to think Muning and Whitey are trying to be friends!

After a few months. Another came. This time its a female one which we lovingly named Ewok.

ewok 2
The queen! (–,)

We found her on the same spot where we found Muning. Ewok is sweeter than Muning. She would not leave my side and would even stand in my belly and would step on it gently. It was like a gentle massage. Careful enough so as not her nails can hurt me. Later I found out that it is their way of expressing that you are very special to them. While Muning would stay in bed at times but unlike Ewok who would sleep beside me or my mom.


We didn’t anticipate that having a female cat, she would soon get pregnant and we will be obliged to adopt her own kittens. Until she gave birth to four sweetest creatures I’ve ever seen.

She stayed in my bedroom until it was time. I played Oby-gynecologist for the first time, my friends were telling me that cats knew how to go about it but honestly I just can’t stay being a spectator. I assisted her the whole time. She was even looking straight into my eyes like saying “Can you help me?” I was there the whole time, changing sheets each time one little meow would come out of her. So instantly I have 6 cats then.

I named her babies Tiger-because she is the only one with brown and orange stripes all over her with some specks of black and gray. She was the eldest. Then came Pol. A male kitten that seems to be curious about everything. I called him Pol short for Polkadots as he’s got these spots on his body. He is milky white with those spots. The third one is Chin. I decided calling her Chin because she got this big mole in her chin. She is as sweet as the rest. And the youngest is Uniq. Due to her uniqueness among the four. She is the only one who’s like Snow white but with stripes in her tail which made me instantly think that she is unique. Uniq is my angel. My princess. The sweetest among the four and the naughtiest too.

my babies
My four babies..=)

While these four are growing. It came as a surprise that Ewok got pregnant again. She intentionally plans to give birth in my bedroom again but I made her a basket with soft clothes and talked to her that she will give birth there. I placed it in our hallway. So we had babies once again. My mommy duties expanded in less than a year. I am a mommy to a total of 11 cats after Ewok gave birth to four new little ones. And a dog. In short, I have 12 pets.


Their names? Luna, Lina, Charlie and Nana! Luna as we all know refers to anything pitch black. Then Lina has a line on her back while Charlie has a big mole in his chin and Nana is white with some black spots scattered in her body. Nana came from the Filipino word: Wala na. It means “No more”. As I can’t think of any names anymore for this baby.

Having them all has impacted my financial capabilities. Their cat food is even expensive than our rice. And they consume a kilo in less than 2 days. But like I’ve said. They were like my children and it is my responsibility to feed them. There were days I feed them with whatever we have on our tables.

Just 2 weeks ago, one Saturday, I went all the way to the north to attend a fun event, it took us to spend a whole day there and got home past midnight with the most shocking scene I’ve ever came to see. My little princess-Uniq was lying lifeless in our garden. It was tough for my son to bring me to where she is exactly and I hated him for not telling me right away. He could have called me and I could have done something for my Uniq. It felt terribly bad because I knew in my heart that Uniq was expecting to see me during those agonizing moments when she was in pain. I kept on embracing her cold body and whispering my sincerest apologies hoping and praying she could still hear me. The pain if I can describe it might be weird to some. It was depressing and it was a pain that might not go away sooner. It pained me because I failed her. I wasn’t there for her while I claim deep in my heart that I hold such a genuine love for her. And being there for her all the time. She will always be my baby. My princess. I am torn whether I’ll be happy because I’ve had her or not because I lost her. =(

uniq 6
My kitty Santa!
uniq 1
She won’t let go of my threads when I’m quilting! And we ended playing which I’m sure was her purpose in the first place..
uniq 2
While I’m working, she won’t leave me and would even position herself on top of my pc. ..
uniq 3
Isn’t she adorable?
uniq 4
When I work late, she would fall asleep while waiting for me..
uniq 5
Missing her terribly..=(

You will be surprised that somewhere in my heart when it is my time. I hold on to that belief that she will be running to go up to me. Like the story says about the Rainbow bridge.

rainbow bridge
Courtesy of:

That while they are playing with the others. Upon my arrival, she would recognize my scent and will instantly run to look for the scent and where it’s coming from. Deep in my heart I really look up to this and in anticipation, that I will be able to embrace her once again. And we will be together forever.

Still deeply sad for losing her. ='(