My life with CATS!

My life with a cat… Well, with cats

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” ~Sigmund Freud~

Thank God for the Cats…
I have always been a dog girl. I detested cats, accusing them being lazy and stubborn and arrogant, they does not respond like dogs, and are not home pets. And so I thought. Well for me, because of health issues, I’ve had this skin asthma that gives me rashes occasionally and one of my allergens are cats. I grew up not seeing a cat inside the house. My father is a dog lover, we are never without a pet dog in our entire human life. As they say, and as I witnessed it.  Dog are a man’s best friend! It is something I didn’t just encounter but believe as well.
muning and whitey
Trying to be friends..

After my father finally went home, the depression of my mother and mine as well triggered us to adopt a kitten. Muning is a male cat. We learned from Muning that the Cat kingdom is one of the sweetest creatures there could ever be.

And ironically, my old dog and Muning were able to bond with each other and didn’t fight like “Cats and dogs” literally. And taking care of them both is a job I was compelled to do. My old dog in a way acted as if he is the eldest of them. One instance when a neighbor’s cat fought with Muning and I was set aside by my dog swiftly running into the direction of that cat. His anger was beyond description. Had I not been able to grab him immediately, I bet he could have killed that poor cat.


so pretty
He grew so pretty..
I’m family right?
Muning loves his kuya Echo so much, he will cuddle him even if he’s already sleeping…
muning and echo
Muning and my son..
muning very pretty
My first cat…
And he’s usually impatient..

As a human, there were times my depression surfaces and as I sit alone in the dark, Muning will softly leap on my lap and stay there in quietness looking up at my face every now and then as if checking whether I felt better of him being there. Sharing with me the silence that is sometimes deafening me.

The problem with cats is that they are literally diggers and undisciplined unlike dogs, you have to guard whatever food is on the table as it will most likely be a prey being them as the predator.

Enjoying the company of a cat. We decided to get another. This time, a female cat which we named Ewok because at that time we weren’t sure if he is a male or a female cat. He is as sweet as Muning, we had this notion that Ewok is Muning’s baby. They have the same spots and shape of face. Ewok is just naughtier and more playful. Muning is a sleepy head.

ewok 2
I’m so happy to capture him while sight-seeing outside…=)
And loved to watch while a baby..

After a few months, some kittens with their meows we heard from our garden and we decided to keep the one that was left under the shrubs when its siblings ran off upon seeing us approaching. We named her “Tisay” which is short for Mestiza.She is almost all white with some spots of yellows and orange in her body. She has this peculiarity of lying and sleeping on our chest and she’s the biggest among the brood to think she is the youngest.

We all love her dearly. I could not imagine that we can live with others of Gods creation on the same roof. Some lovebirds, 3 cats and a dog.

Early this year, we discovered that Ewok is pregnant and we anticipated doubling the meowing at home when hunger strikes and that is most likely occurring every after an hour. I wonder what kind of appetite they have. Muning is the only pet in the house who feeds lesser than the rest although he is the most notorious when you leave food unattended. Muning is a meat lover and not much of fish.

And for us, its kinda weird. While he was a baby, he even caught som fish bone in between his teeth and we really had a hard time pulling it off altogether, my mom helped me with that external operation and everyone finds it funny that it happened to Muning.

Ewok gave birth to 4 little baby kittens come Easter eve. She was looking at me while there are fireworks like expressing to me with all her might that it’s time. I was texting my son and friends that Ewok is about to give birth until I fell asleep at half past 2am seeing 2 baby kittens under her. I woke up almost 5am and found out that she had four. Oh well. The family is getting bigger.

Though you see we accepted them and love them as they are. Ewok looked up to me with a faith and love that we are here to always take care of them. It is such an amazing feeling to know that these creatures rely on our presence all their lives. The love I felt from their eyes helped me in a special way to appreciate both of our existence. Muning looks at me Garfield like if he wants something, Ewok’s looks are naughty and Tisays’ were naughtier. Having them all, I can only be grateful. Hats off to Cats!

mommy ewok
Mommy Ewok… 4 kittens: Tigger, Unique, Chin, and Paul (Paulkadot!)!


The graceful movements of the performers when I watched Cats Broadway is truly amazing. Those feline moves I definitely witness to be as exact as how these creatures moves especially when I’m watching them from afar.

The setbacks? Like my occasional skin allergies, cleaning up of poops, are worth it to the bliss of having them around. They fill our house with a love I could not define. It’s just there. They will always be like our children. =) ❤️❤️❤️