Sweet Love…

Sweet Love

Oftentimes, our hearts felt like exploding with so much love for someone we could not touch. There are several senses – like gifts from God that allows us to experience different feelings. We touch,we taste,we feel,we see and we smell.  It brought me to a deeper understanding of what love is all about. That we can love someone even without seeing them for a while. That distance nor boundaries aren’t a matter of necessity for someone not to love a person.

Oceans apart day after day And I slowly go insane.. I hear your voice on the line.. But it doesn't stop the pain...
Oceans apart day after day…
And I slowly go insane..
I hear your voice on the line…
But it doesn’t stop the pain…


I was writing this when my attention was caught by my pets at home…

He would always be beside me, whatever it is that I’m doing. I am watching a movie here and my baby cat just sat there and watch the movie with me. (–,)

I cried tons of tears a few months back when I lost my dog. Well almost. As he came back after 2 days. God must have heard my prayers all night and was so grateful when I found him again. He taught me what an unconditional love is all about. My dog or maybe all dogs and my cats are the most loving creatures I’ve witnessed. The way that they would listen and despite of their inability to tell me that they love me. They found other ways. The waggling tail,the licking,the jumping when u arrived home. The way they look in my eyes and why they know where to look? Not in my nose, my mouth but at my eyes. Loving stares at me with all the affection reflected in their eyes. It takes away sadness.

The longing of every soul to be happy. Like a therapy that soothes my soul. They’re a great teachers too. They will continue loving you whether you love them back or not. Of course they feel pain. They cry. They whimper. They express emotions. Some may retaliate if was hurt and I just wonder why human beings or not everyone, see them the way I do. I admire their selflessness. It is so amazing how loyal a pet could be.

My cat when still a baby..

I heard stories of dogs saving lives of their owners. I recently read a story of a baby who fell on the gorilla’s lair and the mother gorilla carefully carried the baby in her arms and brought it to the care-taker. Isn’t it love? I myself even once witness such love when my cat was attacked by another cat and my dog attacked that cat as if saying no one can hurt my cat. To think its a cat and he is a dog. It didn’t have any bearing on him.

whitey and muning
Whitey and Muning…

My dog didn’t even eat for more than a week when he noticed my papa is no longer visible. I wondered why when I was gone for a work trip for months. He didn’t starve himself when he did when we lost my father. He stayed under my father’s coffin scaring guests so we need to explain that he just want to stay there.. Is he aware of the difference? How much love a dog can hold in his heart is something I could not measure. So I realized I cud not measure mine as well or someone else’s.

Such loyalty..

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Regardless the person is near us or miles away from us. We weren’t insane to feel this love for them… It could sound funny to compare and use as leverage the loyalty I’ve witness fr my pets. It all goes down to just one thing that mattered a lot to me. Love is such a mystery that doesn’t requires resolving. You will just have to allow it and it makes life more worth living. Love is unconditional. No buts and ifs. We all are meant to this special someone, near or far.

That love does good things on us and probably affects those who are around us. It puts a glow on our faces! It makes us excel at work. It makes us more patient and understanding. Even the bible describes it in the most positive way it can. I’m running out of words to describe it. Love is definitely amazing. I couldn’t imagine a life without it. A world without it.

God is such a brilliant and a very generous God to teach us and allow us to experience what loving (and being loved) is all about in all its wonder.