Breakfast Buffet at Hotel Jen

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. ~ John Gunther

It has been a habit of mine to check if a hotel provides free breakfast as a perk. Normally, breakfast in bed. =) At Hotel Jen, what they offer is the Buffet breakfast at Latitude Restaurant located at the lobby.

The variety of choices ranges from Asian and International cuisine. I searched for dried fish, popularly known here in our country as a staple breakfast among other delis, is the “danggit”, it actually originated from the Visayan region, and is best with fried rice and tomatoes. If you are not from the Philippines, it is definitely one of our viands that you want to try. And “dilis” and “tuyo” both of which are dried fish too.

The second thing I surveyed is the Omelette station, Yay! It’s usually tomatoes and mushroom for me. This time, I tried it with bell peppers and cheese.

Jen, on the other hand, tried everything! =)This perk is a rare chance for us to enjoy our favorites just right in front of us.

Loving fresh fruits!
Cereals! =) ❤ 🙂

By the way, for those checked-in guests, they can enjoy free buffets for their kids (maximum of two kids) under the age of 6, and for those 6 years old and above, a 50% discount is given. Isn’t it a nice treat?

Check them out, as when you happen to be in Roxas boulevard, Latitude welcomes walk-in guests too.

This is the counter typically mobbed. =) The Coffee station! Took me a while to get this shot. #freshlybrewed

Fresh fruit juices.
Salad bar.

Our solid breakfast’s finale, are different types of pastries and breads. And you can warm them too. We had the sweet ones as dessert. =)

Here is how we started the day off right.

Condiments “All you can!”

It was literally a heavy breakfast for us since it’s going to be a very busy day with a lot of walking too. As included in our itinerary is to visit the museums. =)

I also noticed the vigilance of the Restaurant Manager if there are empty serving trays, they are immediately refilled. The staff are very helpful too. Great service for me. Their food offerings are both healthy and indulgent. So, it’s your call. =)

You can contact them at: 02-795-8888 for Reservation. They have lunch and dinner buffet too. Bon Appetit! =)

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And they call it “Brekkie”!

And they call it “Brekkie”!

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” ~John Gunther~

Nowadays, I hear things that I don’t practically understand, millennial terms that I need to ask my son its’ meaning even how it is pronounced. He helps me update my vocabulary especially that I blog/ write. Like “rad” (cool or edgy), “meme”, “sepanx”, “salty”, “fleek”, “bae”, “adulting”, “chill”, “squad goals”, “instagrammable”, “yolo” or “fomo”, “FC” (feeling close), to mention a few.

There’s one term that I’m really loving lately: “Brekkie!”

I see it everywhere!

So since I’m loving this word, and literally loving having it, I might as well blog about it, I only have a few photos as references, but I’ll start collecting. You may contribute and add one here if you wish so, and I’ll try it if time (and budget) permits me!

Thanks in advance! =)

My birthday breakfast! ❤ sausage, pepperoni, bacon, sauteed mustard leaves, and sunny side-up. =)
home 7
That famous “Spam” puts smile on our faces, my son used to ask what is it about Spam, it tastes so good for so many.
home 1
And another we really love is bacon! =) Dried fish or “dilis” with tomatoes is a winner for me too. =)
home 2
We aren’t much of a corned beef lover unless it’s our preferred brand: Purefoods. =)
home 3
Hotdogs have always been a favorite. Let’s face it, it’s been there since we’re still kids.
home 5
And pancakes are better when you put some cheese bits on the batter. Try it! =)
home 6
Pork tapa specially done (and marinated for a few days) by my late father is one of  our favorites too!
I loved the mushrooms from “The Gardens”…
I had this on our first day at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan.
While this happens to be a breakfast buffet at “Rustic Mornings” in Marikina.
bad bfast
Bad Late night breakfast… #chicharonbulaklak
From “Just like Home”…=)
Sulyap Gallery Cafe
Acua Verde, Batangas
And my favorite bacon & cheese omelet from Sunrise buckets…=)
brekkie 9
2 kinds: Dangit and longganiza at Casa Almarenzo, Bolinao, Pangasinan
purple tree
Purple tree. A simple breakfast composed of rolls and mushroom omelet paired with hot chocolate and coffee.. =)
Daing na bangus from Pancake house. =)
Omelet from Pancake house! =)
From the “Morning After”. #alldaybreakfast

Jen my foodie buddie promised me weeks ago that she will treat me to another breakfast place: “Eggs for Breakfast”, she has spotted it on her way home to Antipolo and we’ve been meaning to visit it soonest. And definitely I shall add it here. =) I recently found one in Alabang too, “Bean & Yolk”.  Any suggestions please? =)


Rustic Mornings by Isabelo…

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” ~La Rochefoucauld~

I’m off to my tour of duty eastbound. My foodie buddy accompanied me to accomplish a task somewhere in Rizal. It was almost 1:00pm when we we’re halfway through and felt the need to refuel. I’m referring to our stomachs. Ehehe! And we’re still in Marikina when we felt like we haven’t eaten for days to think we just had coffee and some pastries from a favorite coffee shop in Gateway Mall a few hours ago..

So, we asked the driver if he can refer to us a good place to eat. And he instantly replied “Sa Isabelos!” So we asked him where is it located and he directed us to a tricycle to bring us there. The funny thing is it was a blessing in disguise since we are eyeing this place only that we knew it as “Rustic Mornings by Isabelo”… That chic resto in Marikina. And so it is. “Isabelo’s” and “Rustic Mornings” is but one and the same… 

st name
The name where they got it…



Upon reaching the place, we immediately headed to the counter and requested for the menu. The smiling attendant handed it to us, however, while browsing, she informed us and apologized at the same time that we can not order “Ala Carte” from the menu since Fridays are meant for their “Buffet promo”. And it was a Friday! Of all days!!!

the bar
Nice bar..

bacon bar
This signage is everywhere..=)

welcome door

no left over signage

yare ka

Jen is okay with it while I was half-hearted because I could not maximize buffets. Though since we’re famished and tired, we agreed to have our lunch there. Buffet! Oh well.

I enjoyed the ambiance more than the food. I was wary of the combinations. It looked confusing to me. But then, it might be absurd to get the buffet and not enjoy it. So I got my plate and choose what fits my palate.

I am actually trying to decide if I’ll have brunch or full lunch and thinking of the distance of our destination. I ended up choosing rice over bread. Besides, I prefer rice over bread ever since. =)

Omelet station…


bfast buffet
The spread for breakfast…

bfast buffe

Yey! Bacon!!!

It’s just confusing where will I combine the bacon, rice or bread, bread or rice.  Rice! =)

So, here’s what I’ve got:

my food
I consumed all of it, promise! Except for the Kafta balls due to its’ spiciness. We informed the attendant ahead of time to avoid being charged for not consuming everything on my plate. They are very considerate. =)

Jen, tried all these except for the pasta:

I had this too..

And a cup of this..

We missed this one..

kafta balls
Too spicy so I asked the attendant if I can leave this on my plate… I am not the “spicy girl” right!?

Kinda like this even if if chicken is an enemy…

I loved this!

We skipped this too!

buffet lunch
The whole spread for lunch..

And here’s what I enjoyed more:

tiled floor 2
The art all around..

Of reds!

twin bells
Twin bells..

rose tiles
Roses in their tiles..

red rose frames
I must conclude the owner(s) love roses!

pots collection
And another one in the dining hall..

This Pantone mug made me think why I didn’t have the Pantone 265 C! (–,)

three roses
She loves roses!

Of blues!

welcome door
Main entrance..

tiled floor
Dining area..

Dessert spoons..

I love peacock feathers. We have this displayed in our sala when I was a child in our ancestral home in Binan..

mosaic tiles
You can choose to dine here or in the cabanas outside..

fvrt jar
My favorite of all the blues..

foto bomber
This niche gave me an idea for my violet stuff at home..

blues on niches
Isn’t it so lovely?


The “Al Fresco vibes”

varying tiles
Rustic and shabby..

the one i always see in d pic
And homey..

Blue cats!

bible verse
A lot like this were framed everywhere..

antique pics
Vintage photos..

al fresco
And the vintage bottles too..

The charms!

charms 2
Loved the tiles in yellow roses..

charms 1
And these charms..

One of the cabanas..

Jen, tried everything and got bloated after. ehehe… Anyway, as it turns out, this accidental very heavy lunch, I won’t go that far to claim it’s one of the best buffets, since I am not much into buffets, still we enjoyed it. I didn’t feel bad not trying everything. Honest. Even if I am bacon junkie, though the “not that crispy” version, the sight of it filled me up right away. Everything felt good with bacon! =)


I am now enjoying a lot of country – side food spots in my homeland. And will continue to hunt! =) There are actually a lot out there. Till then!

If you happen to be in Marikina? Drop by here, it would be a one of a kind experience. =)

Blue plus red equals = violet!

purple tile

me n jen
Happy tummies! =)

Rustic Mornings is located at:

11 Isabelo Mendoza Street, San Roque, Marikina City. You can contact them thru the following numbers: 02-425-8610, 02-681-2461