And the OSCAR goes to… 2015


“And the Oscar goes to…….!!!”

Ever since I learned to appreciate watching movies, young as I was, movies like ET, Return of the Jedi, Superman, even horror films like Amityville, they were still fresh in my mind. Recalling them clearly, it was an activity that my late father and  I used to share with each other.

I so love this film. Reese’s became my instant favorite and Henry Thomas has a picture in my journal. =)

ET was produced by Steven Spielberg, it was a blockbuster! We waited in line to be able to watch this film! =) And Henry Thomas was my first crush. (–,)

He would patiently wait for me dressing up and while still in the car we would discuss what’s gonna be the best film to watch. It is normally just him and me. My mother isn’t fond of watching movies. She would give in to us a lot of times just for the three of us to be complete, however we would always end up waking her up inside the movie house. She would fell asleep time and again. =)

We do watched ballets at the CCP and mama would still sleep. Ahaha!

One weekend, we experienced the longest queue in QUAD (which is Glorietta now) in Makati just to see Gandhi. It won Best picture in 1982.

gandhi 1982

It was Ben Kingsley who played the lead role. He first earned international fame for his performance in the 1982 movie, Gandhi (1982). His performance as “Mahatma Gandhi” earned him international fame. He won many awards – including an Oscar for Best Actor. He also won Golden Globe, BAFTA and London Film Critics’ Circle Awards. After acting in Gandhi (1982), Ben was recognized as one of the finest British actors.

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We watched with mama then, and my cousins, uncles and aunts. At that time, I was wishing to watch Sophie’s Choice, which also won Meryl Streep an Oscar. It is a story of a mother caught in a no-win situation. I saw it on Betamax, and made me follow Meryl since then.

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I was only ten in the year 1982, Annie was also shown on the same year. Oscars might have a very hard time choosing the winner for Best picture.


Another Steven Spielberg film that left an imprint on us and also won an Academy is:

“The Schindler’s list”


This scene was one of our favorites. Both of our hearts break upon seeing this.


Just like Schindler’s list, Slumdog Millionaire won numerous accolades. The Academy named it Best Picture, Best Director, Best Writer to name a few. It also allowed me and papa for a lot of topics to talk about. Papa lauded the film a lot.

While all the Walt Disney films? Not even one we missed. =)

Another film that brought me and my papa closer is: “Superman”.


It is no longer Christopher Reeve, but Brandon Routh:

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Lois Lane was my instant favorite, I even wished I could be her!!!


And then, I again wished for another:


Another movie that had its’ imprint on us or me in particular is:


He needed to trust her with his secret. She had to trust him with her life.

Said movie received no award and was even reported to be a bad one, still, we enjoyed the film.

It was 1987, when “Dirty Dancing” hit the screens. It was a hit! As usual, papa and I did not missed it. I even forced him to teach me “tango”. Ahahaha! And since I am not a good dancer, he took mama and they danced together and showed me how. I told them, Okay, I’ll just sing. ahaha! The theme song “Time of my life!” was phenomenal, even up to now, the effect is like magic! Below was one of my favorite scene:

dirty dancing

Stuart Little in 1999 is a feel-good movie for families.

I was disappointed when the film A Few Good Men didn’t get an award despite of several nominations. However, after so many years, it was voted as the 5th Best court room drama by the AFI.


One film that papa was never contended watching once, twice, thrice was Brave Heart. He even bought a separate CD of its’ soundtrack to listen to it, during his “me” time.


It is a story of love and courage. It won five Academy: Best Picture, Best Make-up. Best Cinematography, Best Sound-editing and Best Director. The lead star is the director himself – Mel Gibson.

And this:

Forever Young (1992)

“Time waits for no man, but true love waits forever.”

forever young
Loved pairing Mel Gibson with Jamie.

Elijah Wood is still a baby here. =)

Gorillas in the mist 

This one literally is a common ground for both of us. We both loved the animal kingdom undeniably. Even gorillas.


Alien 1979

Papa religiously monitored the sequels.

Alien(s) 1986, Alien 3 (1992), Alien Resurrection (1997) and Alien 5. 

All of which are Sigourney Weaver starrer. Papa is a Sci-fi freak! ahaha! Seriously, I enjoyed the thrill and suspense as much as he does. And he would even laugh each time I shriek! (–,)

Terminator 1984, Judgement Day 1991, Rise of the machine 2003, Terminator Salvation 2009.

I didn’t watch Genisys 2015. Papa is no longer around. With a perfect recall, this is where I got my cuts on my arms. Linda Hamilton did a total make-over.

I envied those arms! Seriously!
I envied those arms! Seriously!

During the first Terminator, they made it look like Sarah Connor (played by Linda), developed her arms while lifting herself from the bars of her hospital bed.  I bought a 7 pounds dumbbells then and precisely targeted a few cuts if not as many as those Linda had. I read in an article that she worked out three hours a day six days a week. And that is coming from Being “Belle” in “Beauty and the Beast”.

By the way, papa is a fan of Keanu Reeves. We’ve seen together most of his Blockbusters: The Matrix, Speed (1 & 2) and Devil’s Advocate. 

He gave in to my favorite actor – Nicolas Cage. I must say, I fell in love with Nicolas. I even had a wish to marry him! Ahahaha!

Con air and Face-off were two of papa’s favorites. He watched them several times. Steve Buscemi for me is a great Character actor. I have to research for a film wherein he played the lead.

Con air
John and Nicolas were truly amazing! Joan Allen is a good actress. Gina Gershon is good too. Source:
John and Nicolas were truly amazing! Joan Allen is a good actress. Gina Gershon is good too.

Mine was City of Angels.

I hate this scene much as I love the same scene for hearing what she said. Source:

This, we watched with hubby. They’re arguing about the worm in Nastassia Kinski’s tequila. ehehe

Nastasia Kinski…

Pretty Woman was a phenomenal hit.


Barney Thompson’s (Hector Elizondo) statement was celestial:

“It must be difficult to let go of something so beautiful..” – This was when Edward Lewis returned the necklace crafted from rubies and diamonds that he asked Vivian to wear.

Field of Dreams


“If you build it, they will come.” It was also shown in our school, after papa recommended that it is worthy to watch. So I guess I saw the film for several times.

The Silence of the Lambs


The film won the Big Five Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Director(Demme), Best Actor (Hopkins), Best Actress (Foster), and Best Adapted Screenplay (Ted Tally), making it only the third film in history to accomplish that feat.

The film is considered “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant by the U.S. Library of Congress and was selected to be preserved in the National Film Registry in 2011

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I honestly want to watch this film again. =)

I am collecting movies that papa and I watched together. Which I will enumerate on the second part of this blog.

My papa went home three years ago. I lost somehow my interest on the things we used to do together like watching films, cooking, painting and visiting museums. Lately, it surfaces again my diversion in watching meaningful movies. Each time the Oscars happens. I am reminded of how papa and I will watch all films being nominated and choose what’s best versus of what film won as best picture. Papa normally buys the DVDs and we established our favorite spots in our living room.

He would sit in our bulky single seater sofa with his legs crossed and I claimed the three seater as mine and watched comfortably while lying down. I can still recall how he will snare jokingly when I bring out my pillows and comforters in our living room. And I will just tell him that I’ll bring them inside after watching. There would be times that I’ll just ask him what happened because apparently I fell asleep! Ahaha! Yes, I fell asleep despite of the maximum volume of our TV because of the humongous speakers of my dad.

Usually we will pause whatever we’re watching to prepare or cook something to eat. At times, chips will do. I prepare our coffee, his is boiling hot and black, and mine with milk and iced, he used to call it “Frappe”. =) At times we would devour on Coke with lots of ice on it.

We didn’t miss the “Twilight Saga”. Though, papa didn’t see the 2 parts of Breaking dawn anymore.

Fickle minded… Emmett? Jasper? Edward? Carlisle? Jacob? ❤

We were amazed with this:

It won an Academy. Best Effects.

Papa once bought a DVD and hurried me to see it. I will regret it if I didn’t.

Big Fish…

Tom Hanks I believe is practically my papa’s favorite. We’ve seen all his films. Name it!

Mine is Nicolas Cage. And he also watched most of his films with me. All our lives, we have supported each other’s favorites.

The last film that we watched together which was part of Oscars nomination was Inception.

I remember papa telling me that Leonardo Di Caprio normally got the roles as a thief. Lately, I realized, he was right.

Its the 87th Oscars this year and I felt a kind of sadness loving it and missing my father at the same time. I am very sure that he will love the Oscars this year. I equally do. Specifically this:

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The medley from Sound of Music – she definitely nailed it! This isn’t the usual Lady Gaga that you’ll see. And Even Julie Andrews like it! ❤


I did!

More movies to come… (–,)