Why of all TV Series, I got hooked to these 2?

Why of all TV Series, I hot hooked to these 2?

Lately, it dawned on me that the TV series I’ve spent my free time are those that tackled my weaknesses.

I realized that watching them somehow made me a tougher person in and out because they encouraged me and that I was able to face my fear(s).

For one, I detest hospitals, I literally don’t like the way it smells, It’s like a combination of too much chemicals and my stomach literally aches, injections by a needle agonized me though I was not able to escape from it because some are necessary like when I gave birth to my only son.

Second, the squeamish feeling I get when I see zombies or something that’s horrible and gruesome on TV. I lose my senses. I puke whenever I see one. My father and son uses it to kill me, telling gruesome stories while eating and when I stand up with my food unfinished, they will all laugh at me.

As a graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts, I used to imagine what would I be had I taken another course, I am okay with HRM (Hotel & Restaurant Management), I love travelling and I love to cook, I’ve made some dishes commended by many. I’m okay with Mass Communication, I love the English subject, I love reading and researching. I’m okay with Law, you can test my patience to learn something however hard it would be, I love books, and I’d rather be universally right because I can’t get away with being wrong.

I’m okay with Marketing, juicing out creativity to promote something. But that one thing I could not cover is being a Nurse or a Doctor. I almost failed Zoology during college because comparing the organs of a frog from the humans’ organs is disgusting to me. It is definitely, literally my weakness.

Watching these two: “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Walking Dead” made me conquer the fear. (–,)

Not only that, it was good to know that by watching  these series. I learned these lessons:

My top 10 favorite parts on TWD:

1. I know how the safety works

2. You choose a comfy bed over a friend

3. Lori’s last words to Carl before dying (made my cry)

4. Maggie’s words to Hershel are exactly the same words I told my dad

5. “Whatever” line by Daryl to Glen which Merle also said to Daryl on Glen, and Daryl to Merle: “I may be the one walking away, but you’re the one who’s leaving!”

6.  Ricks’ gut role to do it for Sophia

7. Shane beating up Carol’s husband

8. Shane teaching Andrea to focus

9. You coming? Daryl to Glen (lol!)

10. Hershel’s wisdom: At least buy me a drink to Milton and used the bible to psyche the governor and “My farm, My way!”

Season 3 casts…

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On Greys:

1. Bitter end

2. My person

3. Addison transferring to Seattle

4. Jilted

5. Denny Duquette dying (Who happens to be one of my most favorite actor-JDM)

6. McDreamy

7. Stubborn old man on Izzie

8. Meredith’s childhood

9. “Love me, choose me, marry me”

10. “I’m hard-core”

Grey's Season 1...
Season 1 Casts…

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Perhaps, we need not learn all lessons by experiencing them, I learned that watching different scenarios and how people would react to it from different points of views (“Different strokes for different folks!”), will teach me what to do upon encounter. Conquering some of my fears by watching these TV series, I’ve always believed that we are survivors because God created us to be one. Now, I can say that I’m hard-core and hard ass too…=p


Favorite Character: Michonne – TWD/ Meredith & Miranda- Grey’s