Purple Beetle…

Reposting this blog about Purple beetle since it recently opened in our town. This is where i discovered my deep-rooted love for dream catchers. =) Gracias Lot! ❤ ❤ ❤

On Purple Wings


“Where focus goes, energy flows.”~Tony Robbins~

It all started with this photo.

dreamy Courtesy of: http://www.imgrum.org/media/1276837540570395942_1725691340

This is probably one of the most beautiful dream catchers that I’ve seen. It isn’t a painting, it isn’t a drawing, but a photo of a real dream catcher(s). Not just one but several dream catchers put together creating a very beautiful masterpiece. I’ve always thought and assumed that it is somewhere not near, maybe in a different country.

Then one day, while browsing for hotels to stay out of town, I came across this café in Lipa, Batangas. It’s called Purple beetle.


A graffiti of a native Indian struck me, with all kinds of dream catchers surrounding it. Colorful feathers here and there. As I went further, a very familiar window captured my attention. It was that window with the dream catchers I’ve seen months ago. I couldn’t believe that it is…

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Here we go again, to antonio’s! =)

ctto: https://www.facebook.com/breakfastatantonios

The secret to living well is to eat half, walk double, laugh triple, and love without measure.

Tibetan Proverb

It’s my only son’s birthday, and this time, we choose to dine at: Breakfast at Antonio’s. When it comes to picking a restaurant to bring loved-ones, my first choice is Tagaytay. Name it, they have it. It also gives comfort that they have recovered in no time after the eruption of Taal Volcano earlier this year. Not only that, the pandemic took its’ toll on most food businesses, some even had to shut down.

And when it comes to these three qualifications of mine: Good food, service and interior design. Any individual will of course look for good food when it comes to choosing restaurants. Next then is service when every concern is addressed with a smile. And not only what pleases our tummies but our eyes as well. I’d go for interiors. What I mentioned above have consistently met by Antonio’s.

The challenge here is going there and how are we going to enjoy eating out in pandemic times.

It was a surprise that it took us longer to get there, given that it is a weekend, we still expected that there”ll be less traffic. However, Tagaytay must have been loved by so many, most known food spots are on queue. To cut sharing this experience short, when sitted, we placed our orders from their menu without the traditional menu. We were directed to their menu from their website so as to limit contracting the famous virus.

For my son, he got Beef Tapa in Soya Garlic Semi-Sweet Marinated Sirloin, Kimchi Fried Rice (mild spice) and some beans which he gave to me. =p

It’s funny that we consumed first, this Apple crumble while waiting for our food. As usual, it didn’t take them more than 15 minutes to serve all of our orders.

Jen took the Housemade tortillas. With seven different dips. Green Salsa, tomato salsa, cheese sauce, guacamole, red Beans, ground beef and Jalapeños.

And just in time when we finished it, to our delight, all of our food were served. My original choice would take 20 minutes to serve so I had to make a second choice.

Apparently, I opted for pizza and it was everyone’s favorite especially my son.

Meatloaf for Gracee. =)

Jen’s roasted chicken and fries.

This soup came with waffles.

We opted for their specialty juice blends knowing they’ve been using the freshest fruits from different farms in Tagaytay. And because we were having coffee at Bag of Beans after. =)

Look how elegantly they do their packaging. ❤

Please keep in touch for my next blog: Bag of Beans =)

Believe me, there are other sumptuous dishes in their menu and it’s really just a matter of choosing your favorites. All safety measures were practiced, there are sanitizers and tissues in every corner. And time and again, I fell in love with their interiors, it’s my first time here at Breakfast at Antonio’s. And I’m so glad I did. =)

From where we park, is this. All of their locations has this signature name at the back of the restaurant giving guests a good view of the Taal volcano.

The Antonio’s Group of Restaurants is a Filipino owned restaurant. Setting forth gastronomic experience to its’ clientele.

It is located at Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Barangay, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite. You can contact them at:  (046) 413 0738.

Beautiful boho soul(s)

 “ We are all Wanderers on the earth. Our Hearts full of Wonder. And our Souls full of Dreams. ” ~ Gypsy proverb

To meet someone living the life you wanted is not only inspiring but life-altering as well. It’s like you were directed to a path where your heart beats faster.

It was so many moons ago when I first met Ms. Evelyn. It was year 2008 more or less. Her Souvenir/ home decors shop is situated in her home at Tacloban City.

It was such a pretty place, there’s a huge lush garden, and if I remember it right, the items she sells are somewhere in the back area and I was able to purchase a few as gifts. One item I also got from her shop is this.

Must be that butterfly.

Getting a peak of the interiors of her home, amazed me. It was a combination of modern furniture and antique ones, a plethora of collection by an artist like her. She is a Designer too. =) She probably detected my sense of wondering and she invited me to go inside.

She showed me this massive antique wooden cabinet, which we call “platera” as a child (I just hear it from my parents and grandparents), it’s where we keep our dinner wares and flat wares and all those things you need to prepare the dining table.

However, the doors aren’t made of glass. It’s made of wood as well and with delight she gladly open them for me to see what’s inside. And to my amazement, it was a collection of blue and white ginger jars in all sizes. Each one prominent in its’ own. I didn’t dare touch them, I was just contended gazing at their beauty.

Something like this. #ctto

According to her, she accumulated them from her travels. Some are gifts and definitely most of them are categorized as antiques.

It reminded me of my cousin’s collections too.

Her house upon first glance is literally boho eclectic.

I do not know why I didn’t take pictures from her place, I only have her business card. But the vision of it stayed in my mind up to this very moment.

There were years in my life when I got addicted into scrapbooking. =)

It actually prompted me to let the energies flow inside of me and practically do what I love. And it is to proceed with my plan to create a boho chic home, or convert my parents’ house into a boho one, realizing that if I didn’t start right away, it’d really take me a while.


I have limited resources, since most boho homes achieve its’ look because the owner probably is a traveler or a collector and the decors are accumulation of souvenirs from all her travels through the years. When I no longer travel so often, though, lucky enough to have traveler friends who gifted me with souvenirs from different places. I think, it’ll take me years to complete it.

Though the process itself is gratifying. Just ticking off one from the list excites me each time, like a lifetime commitment, this is what I want to do, and to not ignore even a single chance, Be it made by me, purchased, a friend’s gift, something I recycled or upcycled. An advocacy to save Mother earth by limiting build-up of land fills. This is what I wanted. That just by looking around from where I live, It’ll make me happy. And I have no intention of really being something else. This is my focus. Because from this, I’d be able to re-open my mama’s shop.

Anyway, after the pandemic, my priority is to travel. Again. =)

Just recently, I’ve found a virtual friend who resembles Ms. Evelyn. Time and again, It is astonishing that I met different people with the same hobbies or interests, and they are all truly inspiring. Meeting them personally and discovering their pages from Instagram.

ctto: Melissa lowery

Just like Happy Nest in the Tropics.

Honestly, when I first encounter her Instagram page, I didn’t expect that it’s in my country. It is so unique. If you go further, her home is the epitome of an artist’s canvas, the works of a bohemian by nature.

It literally spells happiness! =)

We were discussing things lately, and I told her that our taste might be eyesore to some, though for us, it is what makes us happy and keep up our spirits. And then she said, well, we are increasing. Which is apparently true, I have met so many friends in my IG account, the same circle loving the same niche. Before I was in love with Ibiza boho girl, The spotted zebra (which I recently featured in my blog: My 1 dozen most favorite pages at Instagram and true enough, it surprises me that I’ve been seeing those pages I follow are also following Happy nest in the tropics.

Look at those fascinating colors!

It gave me a certain bliss, that, Hey, I found my niche. ❤

As to why following them makes me happy. Their abodes are bursting with happy colors, stunning flares, like every corner is pleasing to the eye. Our pair of eyes. Be it brand new, vintage or antique, recycled, upcycled, name it.

So uniquely designed

Another thing that is truly inspiring with Happy nest in the tropics is that she appreciates and validates handmade crafts that are made locally. Which is a good thing as she is literally helping out these businesses. Empowering them to do more, create more, inspire and be inspired more.

Empowered women empowering other women =)

This ignites the fire to bring forth the talents and passion of creating beautiful things and share it to the world.

That part is my favorite. =)

Check it out and witness the boho chic beauty of her own heaven on earth, the good and magical vibes it radiate, and be excited like I am (finally found my tribe) to be motivated by her day to day pursuit to stay happy and creative, gleefully shared to remain connected via Instagram. =)

Happy reading my boho sisters! ❤



I walk the path of the ancient ones, nature is my church

Hey, I just planted a tree. A pine tree. I was wishing that most of us will do it once or twice in their lives or maybe better if more often.


This one I planted, would be tall enough years from now. And maybe while the years are passing. I would have planted more. If not trees, plants perhaps.

I am at this age when I feel obligated to do my part. My own little way. You can too. For our children’s children. For the planet we’re living in and the other living things.

Every now and then, I try to post reminders about saving the planet where we live in. I think this is some sort of remorse because I smoke. Though it is not eco-anxiety, just to make up for this habit, I double my efforts to help in my own little ways. Who knows, quitting smoking sooner could be one of them too.

I even consider myself a Rainbow warrior.


Years ago, my friends and I celebrateEarth hour, we would meet up on that day and wait for the “Earth hour”. If we can’t gather, we remind each other not to miss it.

What if we do “Earth hour” once every month. Maybe we can gauge a bigger impact if we practice it more often than just once a year. =)

Some organizations all around the world are working so hard to reverse climate change. Like putting a price on carbon removal. Taking part not to exactly solve a problem, but lessen the repercussions of the damage the world has done to Mother nature. Even someone as young as Greta Thunberg.

If we can’t join these organizations, and we want to help, what can we do in our little way?

Here’s what I have been doing for the past years and still trying to find more ways to show my love to Mother Earth.

  • First on the list we all know is to of course, conserve energy:

– By switching off lights more often if not in use

More than ten years ago, I changed all our bulbs at home, I have been using Led bulbs for more than 10 years now, and I actually save a few hundreds for my energy bill, yes, like a personal gain, still this little move has an impact into saving energy that equates to cleaner air because of lessened carbon emissions

– My father would always asked me to unplug gadgets and appliances when not in use, I get annoyed as young as I was, and then as I grow older, I realized it made sense

  • Save water

– Don’t keep water flowing when youre taking a bath, brushing your teeth, washing the dishes or doing laundry. Like if we do the math, how many gallons have we saved in a year if we practice this daily

– This might sound too much but I use the water from cleaning our rice and re-use them to water my plants, not only it is good to my plants, I need not buy fertilizers anymore

– A friend of my mom told us that they do not use their toilet flushes that often, instead, they use their pail to flush the toilet, though this one I am not doing yet, still it is one way to save water

– During pandemic, most of us are at home, and definitely, the dirt we accumulate in a day is not as much as we do when we go out before. We can lessen a few minutes in the shower. If before you’re in the shower for 20 minutes, you can make it at 15 minutes. Doing the math again, you were able to save almost 2 hours of flowing water in a month

  • Aim for zero waste, if not, down-size them:

– Lessen buying new stuff especially those you dont need that much

– Recycle or Upcycle: It’s one of the best method in waste management

I found this one slogan that’s really great and easy to remember. =)

– Old clothes turned into rugs or quilts or a framed work of art

– Donate not so old clothes that are piling up in your closets, I read somewhere, that if you haven’t use a shirt for a year, let it go. Like what Marie Kondo says, Feel your clothes, As you’re sorting them out, keep those that still makes you happy. Try it, It is very effective to conquer the difficulty of letting go of something because we are sentimental most of the time

Well, what I do here, if I’m half-hearted, I still let it go. Though, I take a photo of it, especially if it’s a gift from my mom or my best friend. That if I can’t physically keep it, I take a photo as souvenir. What do you think? =)

– Go for refills to lessen plastic bottle productions, better yet, support shampoo bars and opt to make use of wooden items. Like this one.

I recently ditch my plastic toothbrush and opted to have a wooden one. It’s my own little way to help the environment. I could also purchase more as gifts. =)

– Be creative, I strongly believe that there is an Artist in all of us =) There are a lot we can do out of plastic bottles. I am very inspired of these creative people who are coming up with so many beautiful things from scraps. Use social media as your source of inspiration =)

There is one hotel in Cebu with a grand chandelier in their lobby, and upon looking at it closely, I was appalled to notice that they are disposable plastic utensils, arranged beautifully.

– Compost. I love to cook, as expected, we tend to accumulate more trash than usual. What I do is I compost kitchen scraps. Sometimes, I also use egg shells & fruit peels as fertilizers. It actually saved me money (to buy trash bags).

– There is a group who led this “Zero waste movement“, with an annual trash output of less than a jar. This they achieved by embracing a minimalistic approach in their lifestyle.

  • I also support the benefits of going paperless
it is also in my email details
  • Lessen usage of plastic bags, instead keep a tote in your bag

– I have been a fan of tote bags for so many years now. There’s always one inside my bag. And at times I’m buying something that I’m going to use right away, I no longer let them wrap it in paper bags

  • Bring your own water, like if I wont, I’ll probably be purchasing a minimum of 3 bottled drinks in a day
  • Plant more plants, more trees, the better. Don’t just buy, propagate
  • Walk the talk, as in literally, just walk, its good for the heart and lungs
  • Buy local

– It is fresh for sure, and it didn’t travel long to get to you thus this simple act created an impact in reducing pollution

  • Buy vintage

– Appreciating vintage, or creating art out of it are practices indirectly contributing into lessening carbon footprints

  • I am also considering acquiring solar-powered lamps and other stuff

I am sure you have other practices on top of what I’ve mentioned. Just do it. Religiously.

Not only you’re saving your own money, you are helping to lessen the landfills, the carbon emission, and with all the hopes we can get, we can heal Mother Earth in the process.

I am just thankful for a video I received, It is worth sharing here.

Video source: https://vimeo.com/evgenya

Let’s keep in mind and heart, this is not just for us, for the other living things that God created along with us and for our children’s children.

Urban jungle greenspiration

Plants (especially indoor plants) is a vital part of my job doing Interior Design. Personally, being brought up by my parents who are both plant lovers, I grew up just appreciating them and I never dived deeper into it. It is essential that I knew by heart some facts when doing recommendations to my clients. So I decided to gather information via this blog and will really appreciate if you share me those I wasn’t able to include in here.

I used to purchase plants according to what’s beautiful for me and taking care of them is as simple as watering them regularly, a little of fertilizers and sunlight. That’s it. So most of them I wasn’t able to maintain for long. For how many times I purchased Horse tails in particular and I wasn’t able to make them thrive, I just look at it to the last stem and would just buy another if chance permits. Little did I know, that they have different needs just like us humans.

I’m looking into designing pots too. =) This is my son in our humble garden.

There are those which requires high maintenance, and there are those which requires low lights, and just a little water or no water at all, . There are those which can thrive on water like the Aquatic plants.

Aquatic plants

At home, Aquatic plants exudes a more calming vibes, they say that it requires very little maintenance, what stops me is the thought of it harboring mosquitoes when I can inhibit them by growing Citronella which is a kind that repel insects though only for a limited time.




plants for allergies

There are plants that can relieve us from our typical allergies such as:

  • Areca palm which removes formaldehyde, xylene, carbon monoxide, and toluene
  • Peace lily which neutralizes benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide
  • Spider plant is known to remove formaldehyde as well
  • Dracaena plant can remove benzene from cigarette smoke and formaldehyde, xylene, trichloroethylene among other household chemical

plants causing allergies

Then, there are also plants which can cause allergies, some of which are:

  • Daisies – have a high pollen count
  • Sunflowers – if allergic to ragweed you might have reactions
  • Chrysanthemums – related to ragweed
  • Pine – Christmas trees can cause allergic symptoms. Although they won’t be flowering while they’re in your home, they may be carrying mold and dust.
  • African violets – their leaves collect dust so these are bad for dust mite allergy

Aster, Daisy, Chamomile (so ironic as this is one tea I like), and Sunflowers, Rag weeds, Bermuda, Russian thistle, Plantain, and Nettle are all known to contain pollen.

hanging plants

There are also those you can hang, the best ones I’ve chosen so far and must agree with Housefur.com:

Spider plants, Wandering Jew, String of pearls, Kangaroo fern and Joy pothos






Another concern to consider is if the plant you are growing is harmless to your pets. So if you have these furry cuties, please watch out for them.


So currently, here are some of my babies or some of them are my parents’ babies and now that they’re gone, part of what I inherit is of course to take care of them too.

  • Dracaena
9 Best Dracaena Varieties for Indoors | Types of Dracaena Houseplants
  • Rosal or White Gardenia
  • Poinsettia
Sorry if there are ashes, this is the last photo I have of them after the Ash fall.
ctto: https://www.deviantart.com/

My contractor and I are discussing about plants and I learned that part of choosing is if you can maintain the cleanliness of your surroundings upon acquiring a specific plant. As an example, I am personally having a hard time cleaning up the garden once the leaves of our Santan falls off, they are so small and they’re a lot.

So this needs considerations, because we also need to maintain not just them being alive but our place being clean too.

  • Succulents

In botany, succulent plants, also known as succulents, are plants with parts that are thickened, fleshy, and engorged, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. The word succulent comes from the Latin word sucus, meaning ‘juice’, or ‘sap’. Source: Wikipedia

In the language of flowers (and we know they are all talking behind our backs) succulents symbolize enduring and timeless love. Succulents are plants that store water in their thick leaves and stems. Clarence Schmidt. In Feng shui, succulent plants symbolize money and gold, neither of which my plants produce. Source: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/

So it is a wrong belief to blame our luck to these beautiful plants, as some says not to keep or grow them because the thorns signify hurts in our lives.

It is so endearing that the Native American cultures believe that the cactus represents warmth, protection and motherly love. Because cacti plants can survive in harsh conditions, they’ve become a symbol of unconditional, maternal love. A mother’s love is strong and enduring just like a cactus. Source: https://succulentcity.com/

In general, it is all about how we look at things, and a mindset to keep that there is beauty in all around us. I have to include this here because I really love succulents so much and even if I get splinters several time, it is not the plants’ fault but mine. =p

  • Philodendron
They call this Hope Philodendron =)
  • Welcome plants
  • Calamansi
  • My mom’s orchids that I somehow overlooked
  • giant blue myrtle
  • fortune plants
  • Prickly pear cactus
  • and others I really can’t identify

We used to have San Francisco plants, it is my father’s favorite. My father used to have Oliva plants, which my mama and I decorate so we have our leaves during Palm Sunday. He is considered a “green thumb” because he was even able to grow grapes in a tropical country like ours.

My mother on the other hand, is an orchid addict. Some of her driftwoods are still here. Since orchids are high maintenance, I dont think I can take care of them like mama does. And I’m doing a separate blog specifically dedicated to flowers, especially those I can keep indoors. =)

Now, I’m not sure If I already have enough indoor plants. My main goal is purifying the air where we breath and the joy it gives seeing them around. Though I have this feeling my son sees them as too much already.

So in our humble home, I have Aloe veras, Welcome plants, Fortune plants, Peace lily, Snake plants in 3 species, I’m trying my best for my horse tail to survive, getting these info from: https://www.thespruce.com/

In general, horsetail plants do not need particularly rich or fertile soil, so fertilizing often is not necessary. If desired, you can feed it with a slow-release plant food. So I’m really wondering why I cant grow my horse tails. =(

The Spruce can help you a lot not just about Gardening, but also about Home decors, Home repairs, some relevant new and Shopping.

The squad would already be complete once I acquire my Calathea, Oxalis, one or two that’s hanging, a Swiss cheese plant (A sponsor volunteered already) Yey! And a fiddle leaf fig tree which is quite pricey in our country. Did you know that my pots are ready for them except for this super cutie planter which I am also dreaming/ planning of acquiring. Looking to get the Llama. ❤

I am also considering to grow basil and cilantro soon. Being half-hearted about it, I hope the supplier I’ve found will still talk to me. =( I opted to blog about these and collate all the information I need, since I am still in that learning curve. I honestly know a little compared to so many of you who are really inspiring me to the moon and back. =)

Like how to properly take care of them in a timeline. =)

I consider them an investment as it requires you to allot a certain budget to acquire them while in the end it is all so worth it. Aside from a cleaner environment, the happiness it brings not just to our home but to us humans as well.


I get my inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. I’ve followed Accounts like:

Doc Yow owns a farm and showcases his amazing foliage, he’s got all the kinds with complete information and how tos, even the diseases where a specific plant is susceptible

You will be amazed on how they photograph their plants. They sell them too. =)

She is a certified plantita =). She not only showcases the plants but also the interior spaces where they are best to display too.

I love this page so much, providing me information about plants. i especially love their posts when there’s a delivery. They carefully pack the plants and anybody to receive it will surely be delighted. They have a collection of some of the prettiest leaves I’ve seen.

What’s great about this page is they feature a lot of plant lovers out there, their collection at home so you’ll be getting bright ideas from here when it comes to displaying and taking care of your plants.

Crazy plant people is the one who introduced me to Indoor plants decor. This page is literally being able to find your tribe in the same vibe!

If I am not mistaken, Craig is a TV host so the approach here is a little more professional. Check it out and get general knowledge in every specie, relevant tips and ideas. The leaves here are gorgeous! This will benefit Designers like me just so to become well-versed when it comes to recommending plants to clients.

That relaxing vibe youre craving for? It’s here. Plus, they have really awesome merchandise. =)

Disclaimer: I do not have a paid partnership with above mentioned accounts. I just had to enumerate them so my readers can check them out too. And my page isn’t enough for the many pages/ accounts in Instagram that are equally informative and truly inspiring and encouraging.


I guess any plant lover can relate to this. =) Happy reading! ❤