Flower Power…

Flower Power

Flowers for me have been one of God’s most beautiful creation and gift to humankind. It’s as if He wanted to talk to us and He created flowers to convey to us His thoughts. Typically, I’ve come to admire flowers like everyone else does, flowers of all kinds ever since as a kid.

Courtesy of: http://myths-made-real.blogspot.com/2012/12/bio-art-georgia-o-keeffe.html

Incidentally, one uncle of mine used to be a Florist and he would always prepare a bouquet for me and my mom (his elder sister) at every occasion. I felt so happy then as young as I was. He was the one who did my flowers when I turned 18 and during my wedding, he was also the one who did my bouquet including those for the whole entourage. I am not so sure if it’s my mom’s influence though she’s someone I’ve known who’s fascination with flowers is ever present and unceasing. Be it in her scent, her clothes, her other stuff, in her garden you will see orchids, roses and other species that looks equally pretty which names I do not know, even a “Rosal”, which has a very strong though pleasing scent.

My papa during my teen years known to have a “green thumb” was able to grow flowers in a specific variety of cactus, it seldom happens and of course my mom was very happy about it. Unknowingly, I grew up acquiring that. My love for flowers is so palpable that whenever some suitors wooed me with flowers, even if I don’t like them at all, I showed some sort of appreciation during times I received them. I felt so happy and elated. I have received different kinds (Roses for most of the time, dozens of white roses once, Daisies, orchids, Gerberas and combinations of different kinds), they come in boxes, in baskets, in satin ribbons and in different colors too: orange, red, pink, yellow and violets! At one point in time, it came with a teddy bear, they normally come with this cute little white flowers acting like fillers called angels’ breaths.

There was one birthday of mine, I just turned 16 and got tons of flowers, seriously. Mama and I decided to put them on vases, and displayed them in the living room, mamas bedroom and in the kitchen. Though, there are still some we can no longer display, so I placed them inside the refrigerator fearing it would somehow wilt right away. And to my surprise, my papa, upon opening the refrigerator to get something and eventually he can not find it because the flowers inside are overflowing, he was somehow pissed and took them out, so I freaked out and he told me to buy my own ref. Oh well.

Once I experienced leis of Sampaguita (Our national flower) carefully placed on our necks during “Flores de Mayo” (Flowers of May), it was like a token of gratitude from the Hermana.

You wouldn’t believe, there was a time that I bought myself a bouquet of flowers pulling the idea from an article: “100 Things to do before you die”. And the more you wouldn’t believe, that I gave a bouquet of flowers to a man whom I adored at a time I have my own solitary way of defining love. This guy is the same person who gave me flowers in almost any occasion. He would surprise me by delivering flowers in my office creatively arranged in a cute pot or sometimes in a basket. I was ecstatic to see it on top of my table and I was blushing as everyone were teasing me about it. He made sure to attach a missive that melted my heart then. He was also the one who gave me flowers which I guess wass taller than me. It was neatly arranged in a transparent plastic tube. I don’t know how they were able to be taller than me. I wouldn’t want them to wilt and If I have a magic wand to sprinkle so they will stay fresh forever (like the love that we used to have), I will.

I once painted an abstract painting and my subject were flowers too.

my abstract
My abstract painting…

There’s a story behind that painting, I painted 3 different flowers (red, white and yellow) with a prayer asking God to use it as a sign that whoever will be the guy to give me yellow flowers, he is that one that I’m going to marry. My son’s father handed me a yellow rose though I forgot about the painting then, when after marrying him, I remembered about the sign that I prayed for. God can definitely speak to us, He listen to us all the time. I guess as long as our prayers came from our hearts, He will always listen.

The power of flowers not only to women but to the whole of humankind is so magical, fascinating and at times, sacred. Flowers of any kind are so attractive, it is always a part of a photographer’s portfolio, a part of an artist’s choice to create fabrics, wall designs, furniture, candles shaped like a flower, etc.

One of the most expensive paintings in the world by Van Gogh – The Sunflowers. Courtesy of: http://www.vangoghgallery.com/painting/sunflowerindex.html

A favorite subject of most painters.

Birds of paradise by O'Keefe Image courtesy of wikipaintings.org
Birds of paradise by Pacita Abad (A Filipina painter) Image courtesy of wikipaintings.org

The effect of it on one’s heart is so light, beautiful and whimsical. I have not seen a flower that isn’t beautiful, gives us an instant smile and delight whenever we see one.

violet floral dress
violet n black

Truly, its’ natural beauty can not be manipulated by time or any media perhaps, its’ beauty is eternal. How can we ever be grateful to God for allowing us to witness such beauty in our daily lives that seems to be found everywhere. Isn’t it enough for us to be happy and grateful for the world that we live in? And much as I want to include fashion in my blogs. I opted not to as it isn’t my turf. I am not aware of the latest trends. I will just wear anything that looks personally pretty to me and just as long as they are comfortable, light and feels easy. I am not much into make-up or fashion, as a Designer I just have ideas on what to wear or what not to wear depending on the occasion and most of the time depending on how I feel.

Still, I have collated some pictures depicting my love for flowers. As they manifested in my clothes too. Please take a peek,

On black..

and let us all be grateful for this gift from God that seems to be always around us. May we not overlook such gifts. It has always been there to inspire and make this world as beautiful as it can ever be. I can never imagine this world without one.

My own version of Shabby Chic…

My own version of Shabby Chic…

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” -Dale Carnegie-

A few years ago while I was without a job, I tried my best to be productive (battling my insecurity) even if I’m just at home. I look at it (having no job) positively (as an inspiring thought from a friend to turn negative into positive) and ended up creating pretty things (in my eyes) which I’ve always wanted to do but just can’t because I do not have ample time to do them. One of which is quilting.

While researching for several ideas in quilting (so grateful to Pinterest, Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell, Flower story from Facebook) I discovered myself falling in love with Shabby chic and all things that comes with it. I got so inclined with anything vintage too, reminded me of Casa San Pablo and why I was so attracted with their stuffs displayed in all corner, even the doodles on their floors.

If I may include it here, I used to paint. It was just a minor subject during college, and I eventually fell in love with painting too. It was just so costly and when I became a mother, you normally allocate your extra funds for your child, and I stopped painting then. But, really, I want to paint. Again.

Recently, because of shabby chic, I found myself having mixes of personalized color not to create a masterpiece, but to paint the terra cotta pots (lots of them) that my father acquired through the years. (–,)

I also was able to find a vintage water can (ceramic) and was happy upon acquiring it. I’m eyeing another vintage windchime for our garden too! (–,)

I also loved scrapbooking and collecting stamps. I guess the child in me remains. Being a graduate of Interior Design, I was with smiles that during my researches, Shabby chic is actually a form of Interior design! (–,) The desire to create pretty things (even if the’yre old already) remained in me.

Thanks again to the three sites I’ve mentioned a while ago for giving me endless ideas and validating some of mine can be possible too. These sites have helped me (big time!) as to how I will transform our house to be defined as Shabby chic.

Let me share with you some stuff I’ve done for the past 2 years. It is a slow process but I’m pretty sure I’ll be smiling wide in the end. Besides, designing your home even if you are not an Interior Designer is a non-stop process right? (–,) I strongly believe that each of us was gifted with a kind of unique creativity! I just hope my mom (the owner of our house!) will appreciate them as well! (–,)

A collage card for my favorite tita! ❤
The first quilted bedsheet I’ve made for myself! I sew them by hand and not by a sewing machine!
I made a little business out of my quilts and made sure to always give it a personal touch. This one I lovingly crafted for my bestfriend Ruby! (–,)
A corner in my bedroom with some vintage stuff!
The quilted cover for our bread toaster is also handmade by me!
The quilted cover for our bread toaster is also handmade by me!
According to Anne Morrow Lindbergh: "Arranging flowers in the morning ... can give a sense of quiet ... in a crowded day - like writing a poem ... or saying a prayer."
According to Anne Morrow Lindbergh: “Arranging flowers in the morning …
can give a sense of quiet … in a crowded day –
like writing a poem …
or saying a prayer.”
That was the vintage watering can I’ve mentioned! I so love it! It took me years to acquire it and told the seller to let it go because it has been in their store for years! (–,)
And while I was gardening, I found this heart shaped leaf. – “Life (GOD) is full of surprises!”
Just one of the photos I got from Pinterest that was really inspiring for me! The power of flowers! (–,)

I don’t know how I am going to convert our house so it’d would speak for itself. I guess my passion will lead me.

More photos to follow! (–,)

Captivated by Caleruega…

Captivated by Caleruega

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature, and it will never fail you.” ~Frank Lloyd Wright~

I am home by now, but my mind is still in Caleruega, all Flora and Fauna (fishes, birds and a dog!), complete with a magnificent chapel, rooms if you want to stay overnight, serves food too, and a very kind dog, yes a kind dog! And lastly, any corner can be a place to commune with the Creator. When you go to Caleruega, you will be closer to God and be reminded of all His creations that we sometimes think as already ordinary. When in truth, they are not.

I once said, to be very lucky being near Tagaytay. It is an “Everything Beautiful Zone”! There are lots of hotels to choose from, restaurants, inns, parks, resorts, all sorts, farms, monasteries where you can have ube yams (one of my favorites), markets where you can find the freshest fruits and vegetables (I once bought a purple cabbage from there – which isn’t always available in the lowlands), there’s a mini zoo, there is also an area where you can purchase unique pieces of wooden (carved by local artisans) furniture, and famous for the famous smallest volcano in the world. Did I miss something?

A trip to Tagaytay is like a stress – buster. Cold weather, friendly people and everything nice! Just a few minutes after Tagaytay is Batangas.

Caleruega is just one among the endless list of spots in that area where you can relax and just be who you wanna be for a time. As if smelling the flowers and being one with nature is something you can not exchange with anything. For a time! (–,)

No smoking! =p

Please take a look! (–,)

I’ve always loved staircases! (–,)
I especially liked this angle!
cale 3
Work of an artist’s hands…
Most flowers in Caleruega are hard to find species…
So pretty!
Captured this for my friend (Mia bunso)!
This is a flower…one of a kind!
This is the church…Attended a wedding here years ago…Chatty’s wedding! (–,)
I noticed they are equipped with useful signages. This one gives cautions to take care. “Ingat po!” is a Filipino way of saying “Take care” or “Be safe!”
Takin’ a rest from the long walks!
cale 1
One of my favorite photos of myself…
This corner is so heavenly!
How can we pass doggie?????? He is actually kind, he allowed us to pass! ahaha!
cale 2
Good boy!

You would not want to leave believe me. And because you need to, you know you are coming back.

Caleruega church is in Brgy. Kaylaway, Nasugbu, Batangas. You can contact them at: 0921 270 9890

Caleruega is just less than 3 hours from Manila.



Sonya’s Garden…


“Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” ~Hans Christian Andersen~

It was always great to look back at times when you spend times with your parents. Especially to a bewitching place like Sonya’s Garden. It is one of Tagaytay’s pride if I may say. And I can not contain my excitement when I got there. The place transported me to a foreign place.

first pic
This used to be the focal point of the place..
Cabbage rose..

I was like a child taking photos from every corner. Of which the endless floating flowers are my favorites. There are lots of them.

sg edible
They say some of the flowers at Sonya’s are edible..

The place is scented, it was a natural sweet scent emanating from everywhere dancing along the soft blow of wind. I guess it’s coming from the flowers themselves and the leaves of every tree and plants surrounding the place.

I have been seeing these tiles in most places in Tagaytay.

You would not believe, some of the petals are edible too.

sg ripples
Sounds of rippling waters are so relaxing..
Blue, indigo, violet.

It was just a day trip, but it’s worth it and I am certain this is not my last time to visit. I especially loved their food, some items from the “panaderia” which we brought home, and the soothing feeling I got from their spa. The sound of rippling water which comes from the glass panel windows during the massage session was definitely relaxing. It was also a surprise to see a bowl of flower when it was my turn to lie on my chest. Truly a breather.

I actually wanna lie down here, though it has become a favorite spot for picture taking. There is already a queue waiting for their turns.

sonya 4

sonyas 17

sg spa
Can’t wait for my turn. Swedish please. =)
Puka shells and some wooden beads created a soft lovely sound as the wind passed by them.
massage flower
Under my bed..when the attendant asked me to turn, so she can massage my back, I was surprised by the view under..

sonya 20

sonya 10

sg old banca
An old banca turned to bench..
sg capiz
Capiz for me felt so country..
sg bread
Before leaving, we bought some breads from the pastry shop..=)
Have a sit! ❤


I guess, this is goin’ to be just one of my memorable visits at Sonya’s Garden. Who knows, I might even spend a day or two here. Crossin’ my fingers..<3