a greener world

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Audrey Hepburn

I spent most of my day in the garden today. Holding forth my patience, as the cats are playing, running, scratching surfaces wherever I’m around.

Collecting snails, and contemplating whether ill end them or relocate them somewhere. I must do it as they love to munch on my leaves. The cobwebs I put down went back after a day, I put them down again.

I propagated some aglaonemas, gently pulled out its baby and transferred to a new pot. I noticed that there is a better lome soil. One where the water can pass through right away.

The plant experts would always remind you to have pots with holes so that the plant will be well drained after watering. However, its not just the pot. The soil is critical too.

I removed the leaves that are wilting. According to the green thumbs, the plant will do better without the wilted ones. Like its time to go. And its an eye sore too.

From time to time, you’d notice that there are butterflies fluttering here and there. Probably pollinating from one plant to another. Lets thank them. I visualized too what my garden would look like if everyone’s present already. =) It actually made me smile. =)

This round shelf cant make me sleep! lol! till then. =)