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CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN – Taking Italian food seriously like Italians do


LA PIADINA at Glorietta 4, Makati

La Piadina – Another Italian inspired restaurant 

Sometimes, you just want pizza. Italian pizza. Authentic Italian pizza.

Meeting up with college friends is one sure way to do it over nibbling on pizza. My college bestie then endorsed La Piadina.

Regionale Italiana: all the items from their menu were a combination of exciting and popular dishes from the different regions of Italy:

– Puglia

– Emilia Romagna

– Piemonte

– Toscana

la piadina 3

My bestie’s loves…

I researched for La Piadina’s meaning and it means “flat bread” in Italy. It felt more exciting since during my research, I found out that the Italian owner of this restaurant strictly implements “No commissary” and “No micro-wave policy”. It reminded of my late father who insisted to return the black micro-wave that I bought as a present to him and my mother. According to him, you will see all kinds of appliances at home, but please, not a micro-wave oven. He explained why and in a way, I admired the strictness. On that same day, we returned the item.

La Piadina is inside a mall – Glorietta 4 to be specific. Though, they also have branches at:

– Robinson’s Galleria

– Robinson’s Ermita

– Greenbelt 1

– Solaris 1

Our first visit to La Piadina happened years ago, during a college friend’s usual visit to the Philippines since she migrated to the US many years ago. Her once a year visit to the Philippines meant dinner or lunch or shopping with me and our other friend.

It was good to know that beyond distance, we make it a point to see each other once a year and keep one another posted be it on e-mail or Facebook, Viber and you would’nt believe even via snail mail.

When I received a snail mail from her, I was so ecstatic and it really felt good receiving such nowadays. She was thoughtful ever since college.

What we’ve had from La Piadina are these garlic bread sticks, which they call “Grissini di pizza” for a starter.

la piadina

“Grissini di pizza…”

We took one variant of their pizza for our other friend and “Calzone” for the two of us.

la piadina 4

This is Calzone. The one behind the bread sticks from the other picture. Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Piadina-La-Piadina-Manila- Tokyo/11523658521078

See the size, I had to bring it home. And it comes with some pastas to match it. I didn’t even consume half of it not because the taste isn’t good. It does taste good. It’s just that we ordered a lot and I guess we can’t consume everything, our other friend even shared portions of her pizza too.

Doing this occasions,  it is truly some kind of human experience that we all need to be grateful and practically leaving genuine smiles on our faces.

la piadina 2

My college buddies, we had this shot while waiting for our food.

Besides, from such sanguine expectations, our cravings for pizza is as good as we had hoped.

Till then. =)

La Piadina is in:
Glorietta 4
2/F Glorietta 4,
East Drive Ayala Center, Makati City
Phone: 02-501-3788


Di’Marks Pizzeria…

Di’Marks Pizzeria

Pursuing one of my passion to write through blogging is something I do unequivocally.

Looking at my blog site from outside the box, I could not classify it in one specific direction if its a travel blog or a food blog or a fashion blog not even a lifestyle blog. I am still in the process of classifying this page of mine. Carefully taking each step with decisiveness to literally gather likes and hits and views for my page. Their like medals and trophies to hopeful bloggers like me. Not caring for the annual awards but each increase on the page views definitely gives us a different kind of bliss. Besides I created this as portal of this book I am wanting to publish for the longest time. And the fact that I was able to share my everyday experiences to people who might fond them interesting.

However, just recently, binging just like everyone especially this past Christmas Holiday, I see myself blogging more on food.

There’s this one place I do not wanna miss in my “To blog list”, if you will ask, there’s more than 50 drafts that I have yet to post if I have the luxury of time like posting 3 different blogs while on vacation which includes a Gratitude blog for the year that was.

My first blog for this year is about this restaurant that is very familiar to me back in college days. Being one of the oldest pizza parlor in the Philippines. I have spent almost 10 years working in Makati and seen and tried a lot of pizza parlors from said CBD (Commercial Business District).

menu 2

Di’Marks Pizzeria…

Though this one is especially special as it reminds me of my younger years. Literally, it brought me back my old carefree self. College days is one of the best years of my entire life. As Di’Marks has a branch in Taft, Manila during that time. The place was just a stone thrown away from our school. It saddened me to discover that the place I used to love had been not operating years ago.


More than 50 years…I wonder how many pizzas were served then?

Now that my workplace is in Shaw, Mandaluyong City. I discovered that there’s a branch just across our building. I also learned from the attendant that there’s a branch in Alabang. Yey! The Tomas Morato branch is too far from me. It was a relief to know that there’s one near me. Instantly, I dine there with friends, colleagues and at times just by myself.



Tonight, sharing the experience with my foodie buddy (I am by the way 10 years ahead her Seniors), she insisted to try Di’Marks. And I gave in to her wish.

I knew she will like their pasta because unlike me who wants it the Filipino version, lightly sweet. She prefers the Italian way which is a bit sour to me.


Look at those cheese!=)

I especially like the way D’Marks provides me with plenty of my favorite: cheese. Toppings of mozzarella, cheddar on the pasta and the Parmesan too. They do not scrimp on them besides aside from the overflowing grated cheese on top of their pasta, they also have a ready dispenser of Parmesan cheese for you to taste as much as you wish.

We had their best seller. Mad scramble pizza.




She loved the stuff they utilize as well: Personalized plates and napkins. She was surprise to find logoed tissues too. Ahaha!


pizza 4

We both agreed to come back and try the Big 22! Their pizza with 22 different toppings! ❤ And the “Tapas”!

I surely can’t wait! ❤


Caffe Puccini at the Fort Strip

Cafe Puccini..

I love places that have an incredible history.
I love the Italian way of life, I love the food,
I love the people, I love the attitudes of Italian.
~Sir Elton John~

My foodie buddy and I were thinking of where to dine-out come Sunday of this particular week. We ended up at the Fort Strip and opted to try this authentic Italian Restaurant on this corner block somewhere in Bonifacio Global city.

fr the outside

Welcoming and attractive…


From the inside…

great interiors


Cafe Puccini reflects all that is Italian, without you reading it’s name, you will know instantly that it’s an Italian restaurant. There are murals everywhere depicting some icons of Italy. Various knick-knacks are all over the place giving us a hint of Italy.



They specifically themed their interiors like it’s the 1920s.

We actually found ourselves craving for pastas and pizzas. And so we ordered those for this late Sunday lunch. I must say it is a place that will satisfy all your Italian cravings. Skipping the antipasti (the traditional first course of a formal Italian meal), zuppe (soup) and insalate (salad). They have a wide selection to choose from and are partnered with premium wines. Pastas are of different kinds: penne, spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli, gnocchi, fettuccine to name a few.

This vintage pasta maker caught my attention and I visualized how the chef was forming its’ dough and laid it there to create pastas in different shapes moreso spaghettis! =)

pasta maker

Pasta maker…

As we wait for our orders, our eyes were already filled with experience of Italy. Each item that you see in all corners and walls are reminiscent of what a typical authentic Italian restaurant is.


The bar…

mural 2

To the kitchen…


West wing…


East wing…


I am always amazed with chalk written menu boards..

The feel is truly there, even in their menus, and even if some terms are unheard of, I didn’t have a hard time recalling them as I encountered them in my recipe books and other Italian restaurants in the Philippines.


Is he Mr. Puccini? (–,)

I even saw their Sommelier assisting this couple across our table as she removes the cork from the wine bottle with a vintage cork borer. As she poured the sauvignon wine to their glasses, it clearly shows, she was trained to do that.

I have estimated that the inside of this restaurant can accommodate more than 50 guests, I especially loved their deep-buttoned scarlet upholstery on their “settee”.

red seats

Scarlet buttoned seats…

And the patio outside can sit more or less than 30 guests.


Their chands…

Having been to many different Italian restaurants including Guiseppe’s in Tacloban City, where the Italian owner mans the place himself, interacts with his guests and reminds me of those wedges and logs of cheeses in their display chiller. He would normally boasts that he bought them himself directly from Italy.

Cafe Puccini on the other hand minus the Italian owner to entertain you, created an Italian ambience like no other.

Most of the guests at that time are foreigners. It was such a good time to bond with one of my best buddies who loves to eat just like me. She had her favorite seafood: lobsters. And ordered for black raviolis filled with minced lobsters’ meat topped with tomato sauce with chunks of lobsters too.


Black Raviolis and lobsters..

We shared with each other 10 slices of pizza Italiana with ricotta cheese which aroma I can smell as the waitress was about to bring it on our table. It was topped with salami that are lightly spicy and so the menu said.


Pizza Italiana…

Since we are not wine persons, we ordered for their bottomless iced tea that comes with a slice of lemon which enhanced its’ flavor. Just like saying what’s an iced tea without the lemon slice?

iced tea

Thirst quenching…

This late lunch at Cafe Puccini was satiating and we left the place with happy tummies.


I want to try their steak too!

Not to forget mentioning the complimentary breads neatly placed on a basket with 2 kind of spreads. A pate and tomato salsa.


Pate and Salsa…

Buonissimo! (–,)


They showed us their big display chiller with their specialty cakes lining-up and introduced us to each. Since we were craving for frozen yogurt since last week. We opted to give in to our indulgence and got this salted caramel flavored yogurt. Five toppings in all. Yey! ❤ And that is guiltless bliss! (–,)