Planning for the year I’m dreaming of!

Planning for the year I’m dreaming of! <Part 2 of: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail>

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” ~Twyla Tharp~

For more than a decade of keeping two planners for my personal use and for my job. It was easy then to accomplish it. As I have been an avid fan of the Starbucks planner. You guess, for more than 10 years. I have secured one. I even recall that years ago, I combed their branches at SLEX, so as to get the color that I wanted on that particular year. I was driving for hours, hopping from one gasoline station to another, just to get the exact color that I wanted. And luckily, I found one. Planner/ Journal junkie!


However, two years ago, I discovered that their sister company’s planner is as good as well. Besides, their company color is my favorite color (violet), which lured me to collect stamps and stickers from both.

That is on top of gifts I have been receiving from friends and relatives, so I must say that my planners are intact only those that I am about to write on them is yet to be known. Though you’d be very delighted to know, that they’re enlisted in my mind. Each event every month, laid intricately and clearly in my mind.

As for 2016, I have encountered a lot of enticing (and useful) planners, not just 2, not just 3, but more than a dozen choices to choose from. Check them out:

Starbucks Courtesy of:


BDJ Source:


Blogberry by Stradmore Source:
Bos Coffee Source:
Can I afford this? Source:
cbtl planner
CBTL Source:
day keeper
The Day keeper Source:

And then I saw this from Amazon.

Courage. It comes in several languages. Source:

I saw this from fully-booked last year. But in violet.

It was violet last year. Source:

I heard there’s a distributor of Erin Condren’s planners in the Philippines.

Erin Condren Source:

Now, isn’t this so me!?

alunsina 1
Alunsina. Proudly Philippine made. Source:

I can never ever exclude Papemelroti from my list. I have been loving them since highschool! ❤

A smaller one from Papemelroti Source:
laurel burch
Spirit of Womankind by: Laurel Burch. From Paperblanks. Source:
seattles best
SBC Source:

Honestly, right this very moment? I can’t make up my mind. Oh I did, as of November, I started collecting stamps from CBTL, I am actually close to finish line.

But then, I found out about Bos. I found it to be very vintage which is definitely very attractive to me. #blameitonmygypsysoul

And the Petite version from BDJ. And the rest I am forced to enumerate for my file so as to help me decide.

It would be obscure If I get all three, as I have been choosing now from these three.

And If I asked for my friends’ opinion. It’d indeed start us bickering. Especially, at times, I can be very petulant. They would mock me for my OC-ness (Obsessive/ Compulsive personality), setting strict rules on myself that I must get this one, or that one and declare that I really want it badly and enumerate tons of reasons to justify. And when they’re gone, I might find myself sitting on a corner sheepishly.

Okay, I’ll stick to two. Like a tradition. One for my job. And one for my 2016 scrapbook cum planner cum diary all in one.

So, “maybe”, as of this very hour, I am going to get the one from Bos only after I completed my stamps from CBTL.

Errr… the one from Alunsina is distracting me. (–,) If only I can get them all.

Until then, I am “Happy Me”. =)

How about you? What would you get for 2016?

Happy New year everyone! Cheers!

More than two dozen reasons to be thankful for 2014!

More than two dozen reasons to be thankful for 2014!

I’ve always created “Year-enders” over the years. Reminiscing amazing moments month by month, I just stopped doing it when my father went home 3 years ago. I could not include that time when we lost him. I end up always disheartened. This year, I think I am brave enough to recall the year that was, even without papa.

1. I am grateful to realize that being single is as much as wonderful as having a partner. So I did not mind. I was blessed to have some beautiful men who took care of my heart in the past.

I’ll always thank God for giving me you!
Thank you for everything Daddy!
Thank you too! Always!

2. I am grateful for having two entirely different men who wooed me to the extent of seeing myself make another life-altering decision just after months of being single. Why I am thankful? Both men didn’t last. They’re gone now like fleeting winds. I am grateful that I was not trapped with another love (or so I thought) that I am not 100% sure.

Courtesy of:

3. I am grateful for being reunited with my papa’s clan.

4. Knowing a little sweet girl named Summer.

Be good always baby! ❤

5. My son’s transparency on what he wanted in life and to discern that he is my one and only Hero, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Captain Marvel, Thor, and all the heroes there could ever be, He is that to me only when evil creeps in.

I’ll always love you son! ❤

6. Learning to be humble during times when I was supposed to be flying high with pride.

Humility doesn’t mean you think less of yourself.    It means you think of yourself less. Ken Elanchard

7. Espacio Diseno, Inc.

Courtesy of:

8. Friends for life-the truest kind.

Anne, Pam, Jayne, Mia, Ruby, Lany. Courtesy of:

9. My pink and purple comforter.

10. My I-phone. Or should I say the person who gave it to me. I’ve always dreamt of having a BB and I couldn’t believe I could even have something more. My BB is now with my son. Unfortunately, BB might have hit the rocks and I’d really be one of those to be sad about it.

Muchos Gracias Mejor Amiga! ❤
jungle 3
My Blackberry! ❤

11. Walt Disney movie – Frozen. Not the film. But the song: “Let it go“. I’ve been singing it the whole time like a national anthem.

Elsa and Anna from Frozen…

12. Anticipating a new refrigerator for my kitchen.

13. Artisanal donuts from Scarsdale. My comfort food.

My comfort food…

14. My 5th lighthouse with Jen (my travel foodie buddy). Capones.

Thank you for fixing everything foodie travel buddy… ❤

15. That red square bag from my boss.

Michael Kors!!! Yey!

16. My cats. My ever-faithful dog.

My Ewok! Muning, baby Tisay and Whitey’s pictures to follow…

17. Mama’s daily dose of lessons on patience.

Patience, patience, patience…

18. Facebook.

Facebook! Courtesy of:
Courtesy of:

19. OPW Blog site as my coping tool.

Courtesy of:

20. Finishing my book.

“Quilted Dreams” Courtesy of:

21. Curly wavy girly cutie hair.

Finally! I had my locks! (–,)

22. My ever-loving, ever-supportive in-laws. Magistrado clan.

My in-laws. ❤

22. Instagram.

Lovin’ livin’ everyday!<3


Chel, Anna, Thez, Jho and Essie… love you always my sissys! ❤

24. My soul daughters. Chabebe. Leah. and Yuri.

Yuri, Leah and Chabebe!<3

24. My Capiz lanterns.

25. The Walking Dead. It’s not just about loathsome zombies. It’s also about love, forgiveness, family, survival being brave. And being alert. I love the twist and turns. The different emotions it gave me.

TWD cast! Hoping for more Seasons! ❤

26. My travel foodie buddy, photographer, Cook, room mate, my books supplier, etc.

Thank you Bhe! ❤ #bhebhekamukhasyanimamamary!!!! lol!

27. The capacity to laugh!

Thank you for the laughter Pops!<3

The year that was. Tiring as it may seem. Super low blood pressure. Allergies. Typhoons. Mama’s pain. Deadlines. Missed-outs. Sunday bliss. My writing is still the best way that I get the negatives into different perspectives. The law of balance. God’s love everyday. I’ve said it before. And I’m saying it again. I get to taste life’s sweetness because I’ve tasted what isn’t sweet too. It made me know the difference. A better year ahead to all!

The heart that loves is always young. Courtesy of:

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

May it be a BEAUTiful day everyday! <3<3<3

This quote has struck me a few years ago, it was shared by a one of our most competent and (furious) VPs in my previous job, It has inspired me since then.

For this year, I intend to keep this in mind and heart and probably mount it in my room as a reminder. =)

My Daily Musts

1. Pray upon waking up
2. Pray before sleeping
3. Ask for God’s guidance
4. Thank HIM
5. Praise HIM
6. Be kind to others
7. Be kind to myself
8. Be kind to animals
9. Help those who are in need
10. Clean up the mess (right away)
11. When you drop something, pick it up (right away)
12. Let the sun touch my skin
13. Check the moon
14. Smell the flowers
15. Smile
16. Read
17. Laugh (and cry if needs be)

It has been more than a decade that I’ve managed to keep a list of my “To Dos” if not on a day to day basis, I do it weekly or monthly. Normally, I have loved collecting Stabilos and highlight those that’s been done already. You will usually find smileys and some cute symbols after each of the highlighted ones, they served as reminders if im lazy to put in the details.

Luckily, I never missed a year of getting a planner as a gift, or if chance permits, I eagerly joined contests or promotions for me to get my own planner. I am motivated by the fact, that the company’s thrust to give-away said planners is to give back as well. I then do it religiously, it felt good inside.

Here are some of the planners that I’ve acquired all these years:

Planners I’ve maintained all these years!

I specially like the one with a leather jacket, it allowed me to insert some
post-its, business cards and other stuff. I also loved the one from “Go Donuts” which I’ve got as a gift from a little sister friend at work. Since I normally acquire more than one planner each year, I made use of the other as my Scrapbook or my personal journal. The other one, I utilized as my planner per se at work. It was funny at times, that I tend to mix concerns and eventually jot them down on both planners, just to ensure not to miss
any important dates or occasion.

There were years I only have one planner, So I had to buy one for my scrapbook or create a DIY scrapbook. I’ve always wanted to volunteer designing a particular planner feeling that it can still look better or more user-friendly.

There was once, I used an old huge book and cut and paste  my stuff there, covered it with my favorite patterns and voila, On another year, I opted to re-use a table calendar and found myself falling in love with my DIY scrapbook which contains life’s mundane details, bitter and sweet memories that I won’t mind recalling from time to time. Crazy, happy, silly, teary moments that makes a pretty better tougher soul out of me.

Some friends of mine doesn’t support the idea, according to them, plans or “Things to do” list must be in my mind and should not be relied on a list written on a paper. According to them If I failed to jot it down, I’ll miss it because I relied only on those that’s in the list. As stubborn as I can be, I keep  on keeping a list. I have a pen and paper anytime. Like an artist who has a ready sketchpad in his bag, and will doodle anytime upon finding something that’s interesting to him, anywhere he is. By the way, I always thought that artists can always find something beautiful anywhere, I guess that is the reason why a sketchpad came in handy to them. So in my case, I wrote it down, If I don’t have a pen and paper, I used my phone to list
things that popped in my mind (out from nowhere too), there were even times, I text myself. And I’ll just transfer them in my planner. That’s how I plan. It is good to know that some of my accomplishments, be it material things or not, be it big or not. I based them on those that I’ve planned to do and did it and that they happen to outnumber those that were left undone.

The list I noticed (I guess you do too), it has always been endless. After completing a task or something from the list, another need (or want) will come up, Like the saying goes:”Your in-tray will never be empty”. This is how I plan, there are also instances that something I desire when I was still young were still the same stuff that I desired years ago, similar things that I wanted to give to my parents, and immaterial things that I wanted to
accomplish. Not so long ago, the book I dreamt of publishing becomes clearer this year. It’s almost done. I’ve found an artist who would help me with the lay-out and a publisher as well. I am so excited. I intend to renovate my parents house too, create a space that I’ll call “Heaven on earth”. Slowly and aside from my duties at work and at home, as a daughter, as an employee, as a friend, as a mother, I prioritized per month all those that doesn’t concern either, meaning my “Me Time” or something
that sums up my happy life which fuels me to keep on looking forward to the years ahead of planning and getting them done at the right time. I’ve always believed they all happen in God’s time. My planners and its’ contents are the voices of my reason to live life to the fullest.

wordpress 1
I’ve got 3 planners for 2014! Yey!
For 2018…

It meant accomplishing things after another. Not the ones others wants for you, but those that you want for yourself. Patience is an attribute which I need to thank God for blessing us with, among His many gifts. Nowadays, they no longer call patience a virtue, nowadays, its a talent. True enough, planning requires this talent every step of the way, and tracking moments of despair and accomplishments is a “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow” thing for me. I don’t really mind. It’s a good life after all. (–,)

My Coping Tool: Scrap booking…

My Coping tool: Scrap booking

“Scrapbooks remind us that life has been good.”

Creating a new scrap book each year is like a milestone to me like a “Book of  me” published each year. It’s a sort of spontaneous series of celebration of my daily life, taking it high in hard copy. Scrap booking made me realize how rich life is and how blessed I am having special people who completes my story. Each with a special role to play. All the more that to preserve it and document each event is ever worthy.

My 2009 scrapbook =)
My fam!

Each lay-out, in varying themes depending on what my mood is, per month, per week, even on a daily basis describes exactly the uniqueness of each. It’s like putting value to each day, each person inside my inner circle, the people who gives meaning to my life, daily. Even my animals do, my cats, my dog and mom’s lovebirds too.  It allowed me to identify who and what counts most. It is primarily my intimate connection with them, even with people I seldom see, they became form part of that specific year as well. Without them? My scrapbook will not be complete.

Be happy – i always remind myself that happiness comes from within!
And that we are unique in our own ways…=)
In any angle…

Scrapbook covers timelines. The moments that took my breath away, how I met someone, how I was reunited with old acquaintances, old teachers, how are they doing at current time. Characters I’ve watched and read. Their immortal influence in my life documented.

My girlfriends mattered a lot to me…
Each day is a gift…
Each month…

True enough, time is the best gift we could always give to a loved one, later in our lives, we no longer regret as to what achievement have we achieved, or material things that we acquired, or how far have we’ve been to. I realized this when I lost my father. I regretted the time I was not able to spend with him. It taught me to treat each day as if it’s my last. With my mother, with my son, with my friends and people who grew close to my heart. As a proof. I record them by scrap booking. I find myself immersed to it clock ticking unnoticed. The more time I spent with them, The more I am happy.

My stint in Tacloban brought me good and sad memories…
I was a foodie then…
T’was my second home and I promised to go back…
What you see is what you get…=)

I fashion mine with stickers, embellishments, cut-outs, mostly DIY from old magazines. I am frugal with my accessories. I seldom buy expensive stuff to rev it up. Though I sometimes give in to temptations. At times, I splurge. I once bought a 10$ gilded bookmark abroad with the intention of just placing it in my scrapbook for that particular trip with my soul sis. A few expensive stuff here and there add a special touch. It is also an indication how extra ordinary the event was for me. Even if most days are considered extra-ordinary too. I can tell the difference. Like major events that are set apart.

Casa San Pablo…
A few photos from Casa San Pablo…
My birth month…JUNE!(–,)

Normally, you will see similar images in my scrapbooks:

– flowers

– paisley

– butterflies

– stairwells

– lighthouses

– windmills

– hearts and polka dots

– damasks

– jacquards

And they’re almost in purple and pink and teal lately. =) I love smileys too!

Ruby was my cashier then…sweet and thoughtful – she survived Hayian…=)
Laid back days…
Pintados is a very colorful event…
With a colleague (office inaguaration)…
Even an ice cream wrapper that I found cute – I keep! =)

Though scrap booking isn’t all about the good times. To document something that isn’t good at all is very challenging for me. I normally end it with something like falling and standing up again and again. Or something like “Hope is eternal” quotes. As it is supposed to be inspiring and more like something that makes us smile. Though life is not at all about smiling. Inevitably, some tears will fall and this is where we are able to treasure the sweetness of joy because we already tasted what bitter is like, we can now tell they’re entirely different.

And all things violet.. =)
This one in CDO!
Back home from CDO wd BFF!

I don’t usually develop a lot of pictures, just a few from each event. The journal itself will do the storytelling. Like sharing a testimony. And love surely endures. You get to see all the pages have feelings.

Coffee time… Serenity place… Alabang
Rewarding myself with a scent I was using during college…
The others gifts too!
Cakes to sweeten some days…

The main character of most scrappers I’ve personally known is patience. A friend of mine being so engrossed on her book and didn’t notice that it’s already morning when she finished it. And it’s all worth it. She loved what she did and what important is that she is so happy about it. Been there. Done that. Nothing can compare to the fulfillment of finishing one. It brings smiles to our faces. Each time we leaf the pages, there will always be smiles. I in particular is patient enough to cut out related images, and cut another color to frame it, I cut letters of different fonts just to complete a quote or an adjective or a name.  At times I print them, using the font that I want, the color and its’ size too. I sometimes paste a post-it in my own handwriting just to give it a special touch.

Where are the movie tickets?

I can’t do without Stabilos and colored glues too, glitters, cards and bookmarks. A relative of mine even dedicated a room for her scrapbooking activities alone. All her materials are lying and scattered on the floor and even if it looks crazy, for us scrappers? It meant that we completed another book. And it meant BIG. It meant HAPPINESS. Scrapbook are reminders. It reminds us to build memories, reminds us that we are able to spend our resources wisely and time efficiently with people who makes those time so precious, they are worth documenting.

Life’s simple joys…

Literally, these are the “Ties that binds”. Scrapbooking requires and at the same time gives birth to wisdom. That thoughts than gifts counts. And keeping them on file is one tradition I will keep on doing while I can. Besides, it is one of my coping tools as well. At times, stress is at its peak, like yoga or gardening or cooking, the hours I spent cutting and pasting was so relaxing I no longer notice the tick of time and before I knew it, my mind has drifted already and it relaxes me literally.

Some months are lovely…

Nothing can give that sense of peace in me. Each moment captured and preserved in time. Who knows what the next generation might say while browsing at them. I made sure they’re intact for the next generations to see. Besides, I did them not only with pride, but with a great fond for the people coming together in a fancy book created out of love for art and life itself.