The One…

The One… 

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Love for all I know lies deep within our soul.

Magnificently giving me answers to the questions as to why my heart has been beating for 45 years.

An endless search if fate might ever allow me to face my counter part in this
lifetime. For some, their search is over, it could be a person, a place, or a passion making them feel whole.

My ideals almost close to perfection might have been true in novels, in reality, I do not know. Ironically, I still believe, with an undying hope, whether I deny it or not, that those ideals once substantiated will finally give peace and contentment to my restless soul.

God and His universe, is ever kind, is listening, is caring. And for all what it is worth. It gave us a choice as to whom we shall become.

The truth is, there is a strange power that allows us to make true our dreams… And most of the time, God knows all of them, down to the littlest detail.

Regardless of time and distance. Still, with immense sanguine, love is so visceral, always beyond intellect that it remains fluid since it found me.


My scars and all.

the one
It is foggy…

I shriek for shrimps! – Bubba Gump, Greenbelt 3, Makati City

I shriek for shrimps! – Bubba Gump, Greenbelt 3, Makati City

Broadly speaking, I am not much into seafood, but when when we talk of shrimps, hhhmmn, I could have just hoard anti-histamine medicines from the drugstores.

I haven’t been visiting Makati in a while, and been planning to visit Bubba gump for a long time. I have frequented this place years ago when my work is still located in Makati.

forest chair
And there’s the famous bench where guests have their photos taken..

10 years ago, Makati was one of my two options when it comes to malling and eating -out, the other one is Alabang. Nowadays, there are options everywhere. =) The country has evolved and comes with it is the escalated taste F&B Industry has to offer. They are now capable of giving variety to most consumers. Both for its’ look and taste of their food.

For me, it is a good thing, as I am a natural foodie. =) When you check my weekly viands at home, it is very balanced, since my mom had to follow a stricter diet due to old age. I give into my cravings outside (some feast both for my tummy and eyes) a secret I kept from my mom, or else, she will torture me with her own cravings too. =)

So, I had this chance, and even if Greenbelt, or the streets of Makati offer hundreds of equally worth – it food spots, I am much into trying Bubba Gump for the nth time.

It’s just that I binged over lunch at 2pm, so we weren’t able to get as much as we want. It was only half past 500pm.

And we opted for the Shrimper’s heaven.


And for our dessert, we had Mama’s bread pudding.

mamas pudding
This is my first time to try this and I must say it is one of the best pudding I’ve tasted. =)

You wouldn’t believe, foodies as we can be, we apparently requested the attendant to pack our food as we weren’t able to consume even half of it. We almost forgot that it’s American size.



Still, I am happy to be here again. =) Thinking of this place as characterized by some of the elements I mostly love, not just shrimps, but the photos of some scenes from one of my most favorite movie of all time. =)


Oh the lieutenant!



I also have its’ book which hubby gave me. One of the most beautiful love stories I’ve ever read. He used to say It is our story.


I wondered if I’m like Jenny? (–)

NO to Parvo virus!!!

NO to Parvo virus…

“Not every person knows how to love a dog, but every dog knows how to love a person.”

I have a dozen pets. 1 dog and eleven cats. Four of which are still kittens.

When my uncle priest offered me to adopt one of his puppies. A female half-breed Labrador (domestic mom and Lab dad).

I even took an on-line survey from my friends If I am going to accept this little frolicsome cutie.

Secretly, I was already thinking of what to name her. And then finally, with the push and encouragement of my circle, she was brought to me a few days after I told my uncle priest that I am finally accepting the offer.

I instantly love her. She is sweet, very playful, typical nature of a female puppy. More so, she was taken cared of by a priest. She is gentle and good-hearted too. I have a feeling she will never bite anyone, because Whitey, my only male dog, came from my uncle priest too. In his entire life (11 years & counting), he had never bitten anyone. Though of course, I have to train Kimmy too.

The house was a happier place when Kimmy arrived. Typically not for the clowder of cats. But with us humans. Even my mom is so fond of Kimmy.

She’s into this habit of watching me while I’m working..

But the day after that devastating night for me. It was when I lost one of my cats, and I was sobbing the whole night and the whole day after that. I noticed that Kimmy looked sad too. She’s just staring at me each time I call her name. My only consolation is when she still wags her tail.

I was still in coma if I can call it that way because losing one of my cats is definitely one of the saddest thing that could happen to me. I am seeing a depression coming out of it because apparently she was gone while I was away (and tears are flowing from my eyes now as I’m writing this)..=(

The following day. Kimmy was lethargic. She is not eating anything that we gave her. She drinks a few. But to no avail. She vomits. Just by looking at her, it was no longer a sadness because she felt I am sad too. My Kimmy is sick.

When she moved for a few more times and they looked different and smells different too. We panicked and brought her immediately to the nearest clinic.

Then after a few tests. She was found to be positive with Parvo virus.

Positive-Parvo virus…

The Veterinarian recommended that she should be confined. And I asked if I can take care of her at home provided that the medicines are religiously administered.

However, the Doctor told me transparently that since frequent vomiting is expected. It would be best that she be given dextrose intravenously so as to avoid dehydration as it would be fatal.

With a broken heart, I willfully gave in to their suggestion knowing that visits are limited and Kimmy will not see us most of the day and will be with other dogs who are sick too. I am sure it’d be very frustrating for her.

Aaawww! =(
The Siberian husky beside her is with Parvo virus too. And survived. =)

The good thing there is I can visit her after work. I was allowed to visit 6pm onwards even if the policy is only until 5pm.

For the first few days, she was not showing signs of improvement. She still has diarrhea, she still vomits and she looks sad still during my visits.

Please get well soon Kimmy!

I prayed every night, every day that she get well. I felt so responsible. I adopted her and gave assurance to my uncle priest to take care of her same way he takes care of her.

While at work, and I could not visit, I call and asked for updates from the care takers.

What’s torturing me is talking to other owners of other patients and some of my friends that theirs didn’t survive when attacked by this sinister virus. Although there are also stories that their dogs survived, but, most of them are adult canine already. I googled the virus, and only 30% is the rate of survival. I was so afraid then. All I could do is pray and pray and visit Kimmy more often. The doctor said that it helps a lot when she will see me a lot. They said it gives them hope that she will soon go home and that makes them happy. And it will help them recover sooner. When I can’t, my son takes turn to visit him, with my husband and my friend, Jen. So they give me updates too.

On the 4th day, I received a text message from them that Kimmy had her first recovery food and didn’t vomit a few hours after and that it’s a good sign. If it continues, she is into recovery soon.

Prayers move mountains. I kept thanking God for her because I could not afford another loss, I just lost my cat and over it is Kimmy getting sick.

On the 5th day of my visit. Her aura is very different. She is thumping from her cage and even if with the dextrose, she attempted to run to me and her tail is wagging non-stop. I was so happy. I almost cried.

I can feel her telling me: “Get me out of here mommy!”
It broke my heart to see her grew thin.

On the 7th day, I got a call from them that Kimmy is ready to go home with medications for another 2 weeks. I can’t wait to bring her home.

My mom was also impatient upon Kimmy’s return. She keeps on asking “Where’s Kimmy?” And when Kimmy’s finally arrived at home, she’s ecstatic, she’s so happy running all around the house. She is not allowed inside my room more so to step on my bed but at that time she jumped at me, I can’t help but just hug her and play with her.

I love her so..

She just turned 3 months so she had her first bath after a week. And she loves it. She’s agonized at first, but as I gently spray water to her body avoiding her eyes, she seem to enjoy the water.

In a few days, she is scheduled for her 5 in 1 vaccination.

She’s back to normal. She would wait for me patiently. Wherever I go, she would follow me.

God is so good, He takes care of them too! =)

kimmy ko
My happy Kimmy! (–,)

How Can Parvo virus Be Prevented?

You can protect your dog from this potential killer by making sure he’s up-to-date on his vaccinations. Parvovirus should be considered a core vaccine for all puppies and adult dogs. It is usually recommended that puppies be vaccinated with combination vaccines that take into account the risk factors for exposure to various diseases. One common vaccine, called a “5-in-1,” protects the puppy from distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus and parainfluenza.

Courtesy of:

Crescent Moon Cafe & Gallery

Crescent Moon Cafe & Gallery 

“No matter what our differences are, we all look at the same moon.” ~anonymous~

I am so happy today. I was wearing my favorite color. I did something I wanted to do for a long time now. It is to spend time with my bff’s mom. She is somewhat special too because she was the one who brought up this soul who have been putting up with my uniqueness, my good and bad side, my whole and my emptiness. I thought I owe it to her mom too.


I have been thinking about it and planning for it, however, I’m quite tied up with a lot of things. Making time for it, is something that made me happy. With a zealous hope that it made them happy too.

Foodie buddy was the one who suggested a place just 30 minutes away from their place. She was so ecstatic when she told me of it. She even assured me that I’m going to love it.  It’s called “Crescent moon Cafe and Gallery”. Sounds interesting. Hmmn. With me, anything with moon is interesting! As I checked on it, it is so me. With all its’ thrill, we finally made it. With her mom.


Crescent moon cafe!
Lush foliage captured..

I have been talking to Ms. Majalya for the past days like getting the directions, activities during weekends, etc.

They hold seminars teaching about pottery. I saw one from Vigan and another from Quezon province, and another from the movie “Ghost”.

It looks exciting but it takes a long time to master it. The potters I’ve known have been doing it all their lives for them to come up with very pretty pottery. It amazes me though it’s not me. I’m more into quilting, painting or sewing girlish stuff. Still, I would love to see one’s different passion. It remains to be an inspiration, like a niche for a few.

We came there, greeted by a pretty lady with a name tag on her shirt, it says: Lanelle.

At that time I didn’t know she’s the Potter and the owner of this cafe until after having our lunch and I was checking their crafts and saw her photo from a magazine clipping. Her name on the displays. And another article featuring her. It is her! =)




Earlier, I’ve met with Majalya, and later found out that she’s the daughter of Ms. Lanelle and equally pretty as her mom. She warned me when I offered my hand to shake hers that it still has some clays since there is an on-going class of making pots. And I didn’t mind. I shook her hand. She went out just to check us out. It was such a sweet gesture. =)



On one of the tables, I saw a leaflet that reads:”Pot Session!”. And it sounds both funny and fun.

While the spread that was served. Utilizing all those clays that were made by their hands. They’re pretty awesome. Unique. And Organic. =)


Gastronomic delights! =)
And out of curiosity, we checked the back and it was created just recently. =)

They served us pasta in coconut milk sauce. I haven’t heard of it yet but it tasted good for me. We had chicken and pork barbecue topped with shaved green mangoes. The barbecue sauce has a special taste.

We had mussels soup. And grilled pink salmon in butter.

I must assume Jen’s mom enjoyed it as much as we do. And we had “ginataang halo-halo” for dessert. It’s a famous dessert for Filipinos.

Ginataang bilo-bilo!

And we were also served iced tea. There’s a corner for unlimited coffee too. It came with carabao’s fresh milk and brown sugar which I happen to like better.

2 cups
Coffee is unlimited! Lucky me! =)

I took some pictures of the place, all lush foliage captured. A lot from the gallery too. Listed the items to get upon return. And photos with Jen’s mom. =)

Mother and daughter!
Me too!



I saw a lot of violets, yellows and blues too..=)










hi moon

After the interiors, I went out. =) Leaving alone Jen and her mom so they can bond.








There were unique species of flowers all around..




flower 2

flower 1

My favorite color…<3

And a photo with Ms. Lanelle herself. She gave me her email address and told me to look for her in FB. “Let’s be friends” she said.


It was such a nice feeling to be meeting new people. Or trying something different from your daily routine. Or tasting something you’ve never heard of before. That’s what makes adventures special. They leave you marks and smiles in your heart. And gratefulness that you were able to do something different.

I think, that is what traveling and exploring is all about. To continue appreciating what delight life can offer.

I am thinking to visit Mia Casal’s and Petty john and Clemens Wirth one day soon.

Crescent Moon Cafe & Gallery is located at:

Sapang Buho Road Brgy. Dalig, 1870 Antipolo, Philippines

Below is map for your guide. =)

Courtesy of:
Courtesy of:

Laughter is the BEST medicine!

Laughter is the BEST medicine!

“A day without laughter is a day wasted”.  


Seeing moments like these made me smile the whole day.

And I certainly agree with Mr. Charlie Chaplin that a day without laughter is a wasted day.

It all boils down to one important thing in life. It is to focus on the positive, look on the brighter side of life and any weight will be lighter. More so, laugh till you drop over something funny but not to the expense of others of course. Be it a giggle or a belly chuckle, it definitely makes our day.

As several studies say, it makes our heart healthy, it can even help us burn calories like kissing! It produces more anti-bodies, and laughing dilates our blood vessels thus aids in lowering blood pressure. It reduces pain, relieves tensed muscles, stimulates our organs and reduces our stress hormones.

And honestly, I am more inclined to linger with people who has great humor. I get to learn loving them so easily. =) It is so light to be around them. However bad you feel, people with humor tends to instantly lighten up your mood. Especially the ones who are good at convincing you that it is best to be happy than sulk. You will laugh right away seeing their efforts to convince you. The friendship that unfolds is far more enduring when there are more happy times spent together.

Don’t you agree that there is no other pleasure than making other people happy? I can only be grateful with these people who made me laugh while crying. ahaha! I mean, during my lowest times, there are people capable enough to turn negative into positive.

A genuine laughter if you notice is even contagious. So you are not just the one who is happy but the people around you as well. So go ahead, laugh out loud! It doesn’t hurt and is even beneficial in the long run. =)

laughter 6
Oh, I could not even recall why are we laughing here..
laughter 1
This circle of mine are really happy people. All the few times we get together, there will always be genuine fun and laughter. =)
laughter 2
At another time with my highschool friends..
laughter 3
And another with the same group..
laughter 4
I really have difficulties in containing myself is something is funny..=p
laughter 5
Like here..

We cant help but laugh because the wind is so strong, the umbrella could have taken us up and away!jayne

We cant help but laugh because the wind is so strong, the umbrella could have taken us up and away!

wd pam 2
With my college best friend..
wd pam
With her again in another occasion..
Even at work! ehehe
While having snacks with my son’s best buddy..

Stay happy! If possible, daily! =)