ukiyo – living in the moment

UKIYO – Living in the moment. detached from the bothers of life.

There have been so many beautiful learnings from the Japanese culture which I’ve kept in my heart for years now. One of which is Ukiyo. It is to live in the moment. An effort to focus on the now and what is good.

I also like Kintsugi. The Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold — built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections, you can create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art. Credits:

Their punctuality. That time is gold. And it is one of the best expression of respect to other people. How hard-working are they. Their politeness. They are one of the healthiest country. Their food is also one of the most intricate in preparation and presentation plus they are healthy and equally good in taste too. Their application of cleanliness have been a practice like no other. 5S originated from them right.

We have almost 200 countries all over the world and it is nice to know that each of them has an influence to the other.

Though for now, I found myself motivated by Ukiyo.

Ive been fighting off being knocked down by the news we’re getting everywhere on top of the pandemic. This was like those I read or watched years ago, like Outbreak or Perfect sense or Doomsday. All of humanity just like a fleeting balloon.

I have been contemplating on how I will be able to do the desires of my heart, and when. Like they tag it: #lifegoals.

I sometimes feel I “might” run out of time, this is for the young. I already consumed more than half from my sands of time, and keep on praying Oh God, please let me see myself doing them. These prayers kept me silent and in deep thought. At some point, hopeful.

Good and bad times in all my breathing life, at my age, seems overwhelming, though it was said, your “in” trays will never be empty. You will be passing and there’d be more you will leave in that tray.

While those I was able to finish are realizations that God was with me all along.

It brought me to choose, what counts most and focus on it (them), to decipher how I define the remaining days of my life.

Tomorrow is always concealed. So I choose to focus on the now. And release myself from being trapped in this chaos. As Ukiyo. I chose to live in the moment. For tomorrow, is another day.