Chillin’ at CHILI’S…

Chillin’ at Chili’s…

So Jen’s search for the best Mexican restaurant continues.

She have been almost annoying telling me several times that we dine at Chili’s. And we did one Friday afternoon on a rainy day. We opted to try the one in Greenbelt as it is the nearest.

Chili’s Greenbelt..

Broadly speaking, Jen’s excitement is almost like that of a child having her wish granted.

Immediately, being the mall rats that we are, we headed straight to the restaurant and resist the shops that used to be so appealing. She is so focused with what we are to order and upon being sitted.

I find those knobs cute..=)
And that huge chili too..
Chilis’ here and there…
Even on desserts?

It didn’t took us long to decide on what are we going to get. She had them drawn up in her mind the whole time we were walking briskly and heading to Chili’s.


I am not so familiar with its’ exact location and it surprised me that she had it close to hand prior to meeting me.

To cut it short, what we’ve had is:

Quesadillas! =)


My specific preference is something with rice, at past 5pm, I haven’t had my lunch to catch up in a meeting at 2pm. So literally, I’m so famished.

Jen’s cravings lead her into getting this humongous burger which they called Old timer burger.

It comes with potato fries..

Then, I had my grilled chicken only because of those brocollis.


The attendants are keen enough to provide us with our requests.

Extra gravy for my chicken..
And extra pickles for Jen’s burger..

So what’s the verdict? Both the offering and service are excellent. The Texmex theme is felt all over the place. And when I asked Jen: “How was it?” She said. Let’s try the others. I think I am agreeing with her. So far. Till next time. #elchupakabra #lataquiera

Happy tummies! =)

I shriek for shrimps! – Bubba Gump, Greenbelt 3, Makati City

I shriek for shrimps! – Bubba Gump, Greenbelt 3, Makati City

Broadly speaking, I am not much into seafood, but when when we talk of shrimps, hhhmmn, I could have just hoard anti-histamine medicines from the drugstores.

I haven’t been visiting Makati in a while, and been planning to visit Bubba gump for a long time. I have frequented this place years ago when my work is still located in Makati.

forest chair
And there’s the famous bench where guests have their photos taken..

10 years ago, Makati was one of my two options when it comes to malling and eating -out, the other one is Alabang. Nowadays, there are options everywhere. =) The country has evolved and comes with it is the escalated taste F&B Industry has to offer. They are now capable of giving variety to most consumers. Both for its’ look and taste of their food.

For me, it is a good thing, as I am a natural foodie. =) When you check my weekly viands at home, it is very balanced, since my mom had to follow a stricter diet due to old age. I give into my cravings outside (some feast both for my tummy and eyes) a secret I kept from my mom, or else, she will torture me with her own cravings too. =)

So, I had this chance, and even if Greenbelt, or the streets of Makati offer hundreds of equally worth – it food spots, I am much into trying Bubba Gump for the nth time.

It’s just that I binged over lunch at 2pm, so we weren’t able to get as much as we want. It was only half past 500pm.

And we opted for the Shrimper’s heaven.


And for our dessert, we had Mama’s bread pudding.

mamas pudding
This is my first time to try this and I must say it is one of the best pudding I’ve tasted. =)

You wouldn’t believe, foodies as we can be, we apparently requested the attendant to pack our food as we weren’t able to consume even half of it. We almost forgot that it’s American size.



Still, I am happy to be here again. =) Thinking of this place as characterized by some of the elements I mostly love, not just shrimps, but the photos of some scenes from one of my most favorite movie of all time. =)


Oh the lieutenant!



I also have its’ book which hubby gave me. One of the most beautiful love stories I’ve ever read. He used to say It is our story.


I wondered if I’m like Jenny? (–)

Corner Tree Cafe for sexy Vegan Anne…

Corner Tree Cafe for sexy Vegan Anne…

Anne and I have been calling each other friends or sisters from different moms way back our high school days. If you do the math, it is more than 30 years ago.

Before our 2nd year in high school, she flew to Chicago and I had to say with gratefulness that she is one of those most thoughtful friends I’ve had.

If I will collate all her snail mails and cards and photos and postcards that she meticulously put inside fab envelopes and send it to me via air mail, it is even more than those unread letters that we’ve seen from the movie: “The Notebook”.

And if you asked me, I find them sweeter than E-mails. =)

Through the years, during her regular visits to her motherland, she makes it a point to see us if time and super hectic schedule permits.

Our last one was 2009. We brought her to the then very famous Mall of Asia, I brought along my son, we were with some of Anne’s friends and it is only now that I realized it’s been 7 years.

It wasn’t difficult for her to assemble and bring together friends from different times and places like putting up a small party or a reunion. All her friends are very nice.

And a few months ago, for her 2016 visit, we were already planning, where to go, where to eat, what to do.

So today, you might be surprised that I am dining at a Vegetarian Cafe tucked in a corner somewhere in Makati City. Since Anne turned into a Vegan years ago.

corner facade
corner 3
I waited till it gets dark and took this…

corner trip advisor

corner bcard

corner menu

Corner tree cafe is one of the most popular Vegan restaurants in the country, nutrient-packed and fiber dense recipes meant for Vegans.

corner menu board
One of the attendants is still finishing up their menu board, and paused so we can take a photo..

It might be less exciting for me, (still an omnivore) minus the meat and sauces and all, well I didn’t expect that I finished them happy and satisfied.

We had these soups as starters:

Pechay and Spinach soup for Anne. It’s so green!

corner soup 1
Pechay and Spinach chowder for Anne..

Roasted carrot soup for me.

corner soup 2
My choice..

While Mabel had the Sicilian tomato soup.

Anne claimed to be starving had Tofu Teriyaki with Sauteed Asparagus & Shiitake Mushrooms.

corner tofu
Anne liked the tofu with asparagus..

It is served in a bowl over organic red rice.

corner dumplings
All veggies..

Vegetable dumplings.

corner lumpia
All veggies too.. came with a special vinegar as sauce..

Crispy veggies lumpia which comes with a special vinegar sauce.

We also had Veggie Laing… which is so creamy and you can strongly feel how the leaves absorbed the coconut milk through slow-cooking.

corner laing
No meat here..

Those are Taro leaves stewed in coconut milk served with red rice.

Corner tree Cafe offers a variety of desserts which we didn’t tackle since part of our itinerary is visiting Laduree. It is 15 minutes away from Jupiter st., Makati. And Anne also requested for “Taho”.

corner lamp
The lamps and halogen bulbs created warmth all over the place..
corner drinks
Though we had slightly sweetened drinks… Iced tea w/ lemon grass for Anne and ripe mango for me..

And when it got dark, they provided us with a candle..

corner candle
Thank you!

Mabel was vigilant enough to remember that there’s one from Power Plant Mall in Rockwell Center, Makati City. And Laduree is in Rockwell Center too. Its’ like hitting not just 2 but 3 birds in one stone.

We asked Anne if she’s happy with what we’ve had, she smiled sweetly and claimed that she is. And we again asked if she’s satiated and with her decorous giggles, she told us “Not yet!”

corner teas

corner 1

corner corner

corner image

corner knick knaks

And we reminded her of the taho and macarons, etc. Taho is a staple morning snack food in the Philippines made of fresh silken tofu, with a thick sweet syrup, and sago pearls.

You wouldn’t believe, a Hollywood actress (Game of Thrones) have been hanging out here.

corner hollywood
Pinoy Pride..

We called it a day past dinner time and looked forward in anticipation of more taho and more zip-lining in the future.

Corner tree cafe is located at: 150 Jupiter St., Bel-Air, 1209 Makati City


I requested for additional bread sticks for my soup… =)

Karen’s Kitchen

Karen’s Kitchen

Little did I know that this little cake corner in Makati, situated in a gasoline station in EDSA already branched out in Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

been there for years
I spotted Karen’s in a funny way. Due to call of nature, and since the Restroom of this specific gasoline station in Edsa is one of the tidiest, we went inside Karen’s out of curiosity.
Isn’t it so inviting=)
for 2
No more than 10 they can accommodate, while the new branch is really big.
shabby chic
Shabby chic!

If I can recall, it’s been years that we have been getting our pastries from Karen’s Kitchen as take – outs. Just out of grabbing something for loved-ones especially if you’re just gassing up. And sometimes in haste, when you’re assigned to buy cake for someones’ birthday.

wall clock
So true!

I almost got frustrated knowing I can’t find previous photos of some of my visits. Then, I found it.

apple pie
Apple pie..

I can’t wait immersing myself on my visit to the newest branch some blocks away from the office which I heard has a very country feel.

KK! No, not Krispy Kreme, but Karen’s Kitchen!=)

Some of my friends have been there already. And by the look on their faces, it is guaranteed satisfaction.

Their pilot branch is located at: EDSA, corner Pasay Road, Dasmarinas Village, Makati, 1221. Phone #: 555-0111. (They are just across Dusit Thani hotel). Right side if you’re coming from Magallanes, and left side if you’re coming from the north.

its been here
This bell have been here for years If I’m not mistaken.

Till my next blog! =)



CAFE MACARON at The Raffles Hotel

Cafe Macaron at The Raffles Hotel 

“The best things in life are sweet.”

For a recent non-work related activity that I squeezed-in over a very busy weekend, we were able to spot this new cafe and enjoyed our favorite pastries while being awed with the interiors of the hotel. How I wish to spend a night here soon. I was taking photos at every corner like a tourist and passers-by are acknowledging it as if they are also admiring its’ beauty. =)

Fresh orchids – in pink, yellow and violet! (–,)
Can’t help it!
Cherry blossoms!

There are artworks too!

An abstract..
Giant vases were a a focal point too..
And a painting depicting Filipinas..

So after the activity, off we rushed to the nearest cafe, the two of us had croissants, dessert, our liquid doze of nicotine and of course macarons at Cafe Macaron situated at the ground floor of Raffles hotel in Makati City.

We were greeted by this smiling attendant.. Those two girls are not us but guests as well..

We were still chatting about the author of Silver linings. Recalling how it went, the way he gleefully answered all questions, then our orders arrived earlier than we expected.

top view

I was still nibbling some baby marshmallows while we were arguing what book to buy written by the author that we listened to some few minutes ago. Love may fail or another one with a “peacock” on its’ title.


So as natural foodie, we refrained from our non-stop talking and started on filling our famished tummies. I had butter croissant (I even still asked for more butter) which made me slightly guilty,

extra butter
Thank you for spoiling me! =)

and my bff had ham and cheese croissant. It’s crunchy texture on the outside left several crumbs on my plate.

For our sweet tooth, I had my eclair (not with the typical batter inside, its’ fillings are chocolates which I asked Jen to consume, as she can’t say no to chocolates too!)

The chocolate on top is heavenly..

She also got a cupcake – coffee caramel flavor.

coffee caramel
Coffee caramel

And since they are applauded with their macarons, we get two of their best sellers – “quezo de bola” and salted caramel for Ms. Caramel! ahaha!

pick ur choice
Take your pick!

It is also funny that Jen liked my quezo de bola better than what she picked, and ironically, I liked better her salted caramel because I can sense a scant of cultured molds from its’ fillings although it tasted salty cheesy in a way.  I missed to ask too as to what kind of cheese was utilized and just took the name of it (quezo de bola) literally.

Signature macarons… there’s even a flavor with calamansi on it..
They will be packaged with these nice tasseled boxes..

For our beverage, I had my epic cafe latte and cappuccino for bff.

Sugar or syrup? Syruuuupp!!!

I was piqued to try Makati fog because it sounds cute and interesting to me but then apparently I found out that it is not coffee but tea. So I switched to my original choice. And instead of sugar, I had mine poured with a simple syrup.

cafe macaron
Lovin’ counters..
look up
While looking up to its’ sophisticated lighting fixtures..

Pastries definitely satiates my hunger, I was known as a rice girl, though I’d rather be known as a carbo girl, not giving a damn with the extra weight it’ll add on to my petite structure. Pastries, breads, pasta and of course – rice. Yay!

Happy tummies! =)

Raffles Hotel is at 1 Raffles drive, Makati avenue, Makati City… Just fronting Greenbelt…=)