Bread, Broth & Beyond…

Bread, Broth & Beyond

Tucked in the newly constructed building of Cherry Foodarama is Bread, Broth & Beyond.

Yes beyond, because aside from the chic restaurant that offers Mediterranean, American and of course Filipino cuisine, the place comes with delightful gourmet merchandise, they have cold-cuts too beautifully packaged and arranged neatly in their rustic shelves that will welcome you on the first floor.

Photo source:
Photo source:
When some friends of mine from abroad came home, I bought bottles of these and they loved it. =) Photo source:

I love their place instantly, I dine here when I do not have anyone to spend lunch with me at work. The attendants would gladly open the door for me like I belong there.


They have limited items from their menu, and I really don’t mind, I can have my favorites one after another.


They will gladly place a complimentary snack while you’re waiting for your orders. This one are bread sticks with a delicious dip that you can also buy separately.


They have sandwiches if I don’t feel like having rice, they have flat breads too served like pizza in varying toppings such as shrimps, grilled chicken, four cheese, ham, etc.


It comes with natural potato chips.


They have my favorite snack: Nachos.

They have pastas too and I’d recommend the one with shrimps: Seafood marinara.


My friend, Jean and I shared this delectable slice of sansrival after a heap serving of Nachos.


I should agree that their best-sellers are the wide array of breakfast menu. You just have to add P70.00 (less than a $1.00 that is) to make it complete with a brewed coffee.

It is a place where I would want to bring my loved-ones or friends or even choose it when you are endorsing and publishing your book. It is so homey. =)


Bread, Broth and Beyond is located at the ground Floor of SM Cherry Shaw, Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong City

Their place is accessible by a wheelchair, they have wifi, and accommodates takeaways. =)

Parking is free, however, alcoholic drinks is not in their menu. So the place is kid-friendly.


Try the salted egg chips. You cant’ put it down. =)


Hot star large fried chicken Rocks!

I can’t wait to blog about this new restaurant which originated from Taiwan, that recently opened on this block somewhere in Shaw, Mandaluyong City.

Hot Star “LARGE” fried chicken!

My office mates didn’t fail to explicitly warned me of the size of their chicken. And I said, I don’t mind because I love chicken! (In spite of the allergies I sometimes acquire due to eating too much of it!)

And then, I saw it! Truly a whopper!!! A double X Large chicken for me to devour!

bigger than my face
I think it is bigger than my face! ahaha!

Honestly, I was not able to consume it, and asked help from them. Ehehe! I remember my mom and my son, i must assume they can do it! At first glance, I thought it’s just thin like a normal fillet, though it’s not! And even if I’m a chicken junkie, it was too hefty for me. This size at this price is not bad. You’d be full by just spending a few hundreds.

big menu
Big menu too!
By the way, you will be alerted that your food is ready by this.

Trying it out or something new is just one of my adventures. I normally stick to my favorites! Having them alternately. =)


I forgot to ask if they have catsup. Their gravy is too creamy for me. I need a sugar rush after finishing my meal.

And if they have ready desserts? It’s a must! Believe me! (–,)

And I liked their interiors and the subjects they have chosen to mount on their walls! ❤


I’ve always loved photos framed on the walls…
hot star
With my lovely colleagues, photo taken by Michael! Our official photographer in the office. =)

Hot Star is located at:

500 Shaw Zentrum, Shaw Blvd.

They also have branches at: Bluebay walk, Katipunan and Banawe in Quezon City, Eastwood City and SM Manila.

CANTINA SICILIANITA – Bringing me near to Italy…

A Taste of Italy at Shaw Boulevard…

My work is located at Shaw Boulevard. For several times, I have dined in this little place called:

Cantina Sicilianita: Coffee Shop · Winery & Vineyard · Italian Restaurant.


And it never occurred to me or did I think of writing about it during the many times I had my lunch there. Sometimes with my boss, during meeting, most of the time, alone. When my soul buddy isn’t around come lunch time, it has always been my choice to have my lunch as it is so quiet there, my privacy is something I really treasure sometimes, the wonder of solitude and their choices of magazines is another thing I really like. Either Cantina or that pizza spot just right the other block. I normally enjoy my solitary moments. Not until I read about Chef Marky Buhain.

Marky buhain
One article about this restaurant.. There’s the Chef on the lower left. ps He is already taken! =)

This time, my foodie buddy have been itching to visit Cantina. She is Ms. Pasta remember? She drooled each time I tell her how authentic the pastas that Cantina creatively arrange on their huge ceramic plates. Not to forget that she likes the Italian flavor that doesn’t have any hint of sweetness on it. On the other hand, I am so Filipino, siding more the sweetened pasta.

Not to forget mentioning the ricotta cheese, home-made by the Chef. He shared in an article that an old lady, I forgot where exactly in Italy taught her how to make ricotta cheese. And with pride, he willingly brought the recipe back home.

Cannoli Courtesy of:

From the outside, I find the facade not that attractive to lure guests to try their offerings. Only their signage, a colorful hand-written circular script logo and yellow texts especially when lighted is just the one that I find amusing. It has been sitting there for years now.


Upon entrance, two murals of Sicily will welcome you. It gives you the feel of the venerable provinces of Italy.



With those mosaic tiles on their tables,

Very Italian..

some chalk written menu situated in a wooden easel,

chalk-written menu
New offerings…

some reading materials on a corner where a shelf is located, the tiled floors. I definitely felt being transported to somewhere else.

On a corner..
Chands by twos…
I must assume Chef Buhain have been all over here…

They’ve got lots of wine.

wine bar
I don’t drink wine…ehehe

The place is conversing.

Does it mean a Sicilian girl?

Or much to my surprise, it makes me wish to be able to also see Italy one day in the flesh, better yet, smell the air and taste their authentic pasta or pizza or gelato ala Liz Gilbert (played by Julia roberts) from the movie Eat, pray and love. The place was inspiring.

One visit I recall, the attendants are wearing flower crowns on their hair,

Courtesy of:

and I am so amazed because I’ve been wanting to wear something like it! It’s just that i do not know what would be the perfect occasion when to be donning it.

During our last visit, the one that they’re just wearing are the sweet smiles on their faces, canned each time a guest enters this very interesting restaurant.

Take your pick!

Consistently, foodie buddy ordered for pasta.

Pasta Alla Norma…

I’ve tried this before, I especially liked the fried egg plants slices, they’re creamy.

And I’ve had my usual pasta with that meat ball! It’s a must try! =)


I can’t help but ask which of the menus includes the home made ricotta cheese. For I’d really love to try it. It is the Cannoli. It looked like a “turon” (sweet banana fritters wrapped in spring roll wrappers). Or a rolled ice cream inside your favorite cone wafer, only that it isn’t ice cream inside but ricotta cheese. This kind of cheese is slightly sweet. There’s pistachios too! Yey!

menu 1
Drinks choices..
No dessert? We just had these… Caramel for her, Coke for me! ❤

To my foodie buddy:

Have you seen this? (–,)

A big dispenser of caramel and chocolate! Yum! ❤

Cantina Sicilianita is located at Unit N, Facilities Center Building, 548 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.
Telephone: 570-2905/ 369 3575
Email address: