The Snuggery Cafe 

“I was not the one who gifted you life, but life gave me the gift of you.”

Define snuggery? A cozy or comfy place, especially someone’s private room, lair or den.

I’ve got so many reasons to go out. First and foremost, I wanted to escape again from the humdrum of house chores here and there. On a weekend. When most people’s weekends were spent resting and bonding with families and friends. Mine are made of chores.

Good thing is I have this sweet daughter from another mom who will go with me wherever I wanna go when no one else can. Unlike my real son who will only go with for two things: Eating or shopping.

I brought Cha to this very small cafe just 15 minutes away from home. And look how we spent the next hour:

Our coffee!
Cha’s tomato pasta..
And my carbonara..

Our coffee arrived just in time, both of us being coffee junkies. Minus the guilt of tolerating her doing the gulp at a very young age.

And together with the pastas which are still hot and looked yummier than when we were still smelling the scent while its’ being cooked. Their kitchen by the way is just a head turn away from our table.

This combination went perfectly together, just like the two us, playing daughter and mom.

We ordered for nachos salad, however, they run out stock and I just promised Cha that we will try it soon.

As a result, we were able to bond in silence, doing our stuff and snug.

Her games.

Most of which are students.
Reminded me of good old days..
I forgot what Cha calls this.

And my magazines.

I met Dobie several times. He’s a cool persona. Very fashionable.
Articles on Design inspiring me for my next projects.
I told them bluntly the chalk art is still bland..

I remember Cha texting me, calling me on my mobile, sending me messages on facebook as to when we’re going to meet again. She’s such a sweet girl. And naughty at times.

Pretty angle.. texting who?
Sweet and pretty and chubby! lol!

Till then my darling.

Please make the nachos always available. =)

We’re going to “Picked”. Another new-born cafe within the vicinity.

CALDA Pizza for my son… Southwoods, Laguna

Calda Pizza for my son…

“Mothers hold their child’s hand for a moment and their heart for a lifetime.”

My son had his ups and downs, this I could not deny, and at some point of his life, committed mistakes and were typically swayed by friends whom he thought are real and missed to maximize opportunities given to him by me and his father with the all-out and unending support of my friends and our family from both sides.

To my surprise, he enrolled himself to this Tesda institution providing courses in the Philippines at a lower fee. We can’t help but support him upon knowing, he used up all his money just to enroll himself and I guess it is a road less traveled for him. It is a 6-month course focusing on basic practices in the kitchen which is why he began infiltrating the kitchen with me. The course title is “Cookery”.

This school made him appreciate all the things that he enjoys. As it exposed him to some people that are deprived of things that are too ordinary to him. He learned to value things that he normally fail to notice.

Last Friday (March 27), was his Graduation day.

This one distracted me during the ceremony. It is so innate. It must be done by the artisans of Paete, Laguna.
Happy graduation son! been a while to see you go up the stage! =)

It took us hours for the event to finish. Knowing my son too well. His patience is tried, ours too and it left us tired and famished and all too excited for the reward, his graduation dinner. His sister (only girl cousin), they’re three actually, one sibling per sibling, graduated too with honors.

my 2 kids
Witness them grow-up. They will always be my babies…
Our little girl…
Our unica hija!
gabes gift
Always an achiever..

Gabe ended her 7th grade as second honor. She’s the family’s pride, my son, was a bright kid too though more adventurous and didn’t look at academic achievements the same way we do, nevertheless, he is also our joy. He is a work in progress. A late bloomer if I may say.

His strongest point is his being sweet and forgiving and he is currently working out on his patience and retaliating back. He’s got this innate male ego. As his mother, regardless of his achievements, with or without, he is still my greatest blessing, he gave my life a better meaning.

He wanted to wait for the Graduation song as it is a very memorable song to him. It is what I used to sing for him when he was still a baby which became a habit. He actually memorized the song as we have been singing it for months., he would even sing it with action in front of us and we all loved that side of him.

Finally the rites concluded with that song and even if I can’t see him from where he is sitted, I knew in my heart, all the memories of our mother and son moment, he relived while the song was being played.

“If we hold on together!” from the movie: Land Before Time… Courtesy of:

The last week of March is queued with graduation rites. We run out of reservations on all pizza parlors in our area. We were 5th on this certain pizza parlor and everyone were hungry so we ended up searching for open pizza parlors (it was already almost 10pm), on this village near Southwoods, Laguna. There’s a road there where restaurants were lined up and we finally ended up in Calda Pizza.

calda front
Interiors of Calda..

Calda Pizza used to be inside San Agusin school and they decided to bring it out for the public to appreciate, the place is on its second year.

calda 2

We had buffalo chicken, fried chicken (to think we also had chicken at Max’s earlier to celebrate Gabe’s graduation).

halo halo
Mom requested for halo-halo…=)
Gabe requested for shrimps her to bacon! ❤
Their version of Bagnet..
Echo called it caldechado… (caldereta and mechado combined)…

and 2 flavors of pizza. Which got him smiling the whole time.

Echo was eyeing the biggest one. “No Echo! Let’s just get the next size in 2 flavors!” – Still the same! ahaha
An addition to my collection of chalk-written menu board..
work area
We’re hungry na kuya!
Can I have coffee please?
They have guests can enjoy really a good time.. or spend on this while waiting.. They’re kinda used up our patience quota for the day..
Echo’s favorite is pepperoni…
Quiet please!
calda tip box
Are we? We gave the attendants some slices of cake..

We bought him a cake as requested, he wanted the mocha flavor.

His request..Mocha flavor…

It was a happy feeling to bond with my In-laws. The happiness I felt came from my son’s smile all through this occasion. And from the genuine love we both conspicuously felt from the whole family.

the grads
Our pride and joy!

We were all hoping that my son will soon be ready to embrace and grasp life’s challenges that are bigger than him.

As for now, I can only be grateful for today. This is Echo’s favorite quote:

for echo
Everyday miracles….=)

A poem for my son…

A poem for Echo             

Dreaming, thinking, wishing,

Wondering’ where it’s at,

Sweet words to hear, Images to stir…

Hand to hold to still my fears,

Loving kisses through the night,

Sweet embraces that’s so tight…

Precious hope, treasured dream,

Wanting you to be near,

Greatest love from my heart,

A miracle from up above…

Such a voice, such a smile,

Born of one single love,

This heart of mine is yours alone,

With you my soul forever belong…

A love so sure, so strong and pure,

I can only whisper when you’re asleep,

Your love will always forever I keep,

And while the stars shine up above…

Again and again you will always be loved…

My son and me..<3
My son and me..<3

Don’t judge a book by its’ cover…

“Don’t judge a book by its’ cover”

As I was browsing on my son’s Facebook page, I was surprised to find out that he had been sharing a link about a recently controversial story of a local comedian whose video went viral all over the net. Said news brought hate and dismay to the majority as this guy was known (or perceived to be) a family man.

Just recently, one of his kid was diagnosed of a cancer and he even asked helped on this from the public. He is known to be happily married and said video was a shock to so many, it is his private moments with another woman.

The article that my son was sharing declares that this comedian’s affair has ended already and that he and wife were starting anew. The leak of the video as assumed by many was from the other woman’s’ wrath.

This isn’t the first time my son made me realized or exposed me into seeing the other side of every story, or every person. Or giving a person a fair chance to show his good side or perhaps a story’s good side. There was this neighbor of ours, same as his age, who got imprisoned and accused of forcing a girl and I instantly apprehended him from befriending that teenager. My son, without qualms, informed me that the girl was actually his girlfriend and the parents who sent him to jail are the girls’ parents since they are against him. Typical mentality of Filipino parents for young lovers.

I had some guilt for judging right away. Eventually, I got to know the guy and I realized he is not a bad person at all. He was very courteous, and had always been greeting us each time we bump with each other.

My son literally taught me this, or actually taught me not to judge someone instantly without digging in deeper.

My dearest son…10 years ago. He is turning 18 this year. =)

I actually remember him as a little boy, around 5-6 years old. We will often apprehend him for being stubborn during Sunday mass, we were always there to run after him, only to find out that he is playing with street children who usually asks for money from the church goers. He will often disappear and we will caught him with the same group and he looked so happy and really enjoyed playing with them. He doesn’t care at all whether they look or smell differently from him or he is not aware, or he is still as innocent as a child can be. He doesn’t mind at all.

So many years had passed, he grew up with that innate trait, he does not judge a book by its’ cover. Seeing that article? Up to this very moment, He remained to be one. I guess I had to acquire that trait in no time. I love you Son. God is so good.

A day after I finished writing this and I was about to post this after work. I was talking to my soul buddy on our way home, she literally mentioned that it’s really true not to judge a book by its’ cover and we’re coming from another topic at that time. And I told her I was about to post it here, it was so timely and what a coincidence it had been. These two special people has always been in rhyme reminding me of beautiful things. They are like God’s representatives on earth. And I am so thankful having them in my life. It had been a double reminder for me. Thank you buddy! (–,)

My soul buddy…