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LIGHTHOUSES – beacons of hope!


This is the 6th lighthouse that I saw in my own eyes.

Every time I see a lighthouse. I am mesmerized. There is something in them that makes me wonder and prompts me to wander and dare myself to new discoveries and experience as many towers I can.

The first time I saw one, right in front of me, is in Ilocos Sur:


With my soul buddy...<3

With my soul buddy…<3

I fell in love with it instantly. I wanted to embrace the whole concrete stone post if I physically can. Seeing it right in front of me, made me speechless in awe. My heart, soaring! It’s like a potion poured all over me, intoxicating my heart and my mind. Even my soul I guess. I am mired with questions like what’s it all about lighthouses that I am so fascinated by them? It was a relief to have found out that I am not the only one crazy about Lighthouses!

I reached this point of thinking that it has something to do with who I was in my past life. I wanted to do regression soon. I am extending my apologies to my uncle priest (just in case this blog will reach him), as past lives isn’t part of our Catholic faith’s orientation.

I have been seeing myself being in a place where a lighthouse is standing tall. Mighty and proud. Like a man waiting for me ready to engulf me in his strong arms. For several occasion, I kept seeing a very beautiful woman in my dreams with her black waist-length hair softly flowing behind her, she’s in a long burgundy gown with black gold trimmings, I see her going up in a spiral staircase with its bricked walls and bronze lamps in every turn, one of her hand holding a flame lit torch and the other holding up her long silk ruffled skirt maybe to keep herself from tripping off while climbing up.

Courtesy of: lighthouse_stairs_by_rtyson.

Courtesy of:

Ah, I aint’ dreaming of fairy tales in a deep slumber, she’s no Rapunzel, her hair as I remember isn’t gold. And upon reaching the top. She patiently waits on the windowsill as if anytime a man will wave at her and lovingly call out her name and she will run fast as she could towards his direction and welcome him with open arms. Is it me? I do not know. What I only know now is my-addiction-with seeing one at every opportunity.

The desire gets stronger after each encounter. I even noticed in my past scrapbooks, and pictures of lighthouses is a common thing

I must admit, fascinations like this is telling us (me) something. That is what I wanted to dig up. Like a universal feeling of self-discovery, It’ll somehow help me to know myself more. I have seen 5 all in all and apparently I intend to keep on counting.


Capones Lighthouse...

Capones Lighthouse…


Basco, Batanes... It's raining..

Basco, Batanes… It’s raining..


Mahatao Lighthouse, Batanes... Still raining...

Mahatao Lighthouse, Batanes… Still raining…

Huge cobbled stones...

Huge pebble stones…

Not until I felt the contentment and bravely I will say: “I’ve seen enough. I can rest now.” If such can answer my questions, I also do not know. It’s as if in one of them? I will find the answer to my questions. Or getting deeper, I will find out who was my man form another lifetime. Who I was? What was I am capable of doing? And I guess the answers will lead me inside the arms of the man I will call mine in this lifetime.

Huge possibility that it will give me peace. Writing this in my work area, with only the sound of my keyboard accompanying me, a dog whimpering from time to time under my chair, a cat in quiet slumber on the couch behind me and the sound of silence (its half past 2:00 am) I just can’t help but smile dreaming while still awake of my next encounter or where would it be… (–,)

In my dreams, I listed these:

Cape Hatteras

Cape Hatteras

I have to research on this..

I have to research on this..

Lindau lighthouse in Germany is the prettiest in my eyes...

Lindau lighthouse in Germany is the prettiest in my eyes…

And this in my own country..Capul lighthouse in Samar..

And this in my own country..Capul lighthouse in Samar..

lighthouse 3

While malling, I spotted this..

lighthouse 1

Soul sis gave me this notebook! And I so ❤ it!

lighthouse 2

During grocery, I saw this. And it was funny that I got a friend from Faro.. =)

And two more in Pangasinan, one in Cagayan as recommended by my soul sis and Guisi from Iloilo. Whew! There’s a lot! ❤


Anawangin Cove – Zambales

Anawangin is that island in Zambales where there are only 4 kinds of trees that alternates with each other.
Pines, umbrellas,  palms and one I could not identify. Pines out-numbered the rest of them. this is what Anawangin makes them unique.

Thanks to #instamag personalizing my photos =)

Thanks to #instamag personalizing my photos =)

In vivid colors..

In vivid colors..

I want to ask the boatman to stop to check this little cave..but we've got other company..

I want to ask the boatman to stop to check this little cave..but we’ve got other company..

Just like a great actor leading a movie..it sure is.

Just like a great actor leading a movie..it sure is.



It was difficult to take photos when the sailing is rough...

It was difficult to take photos when the sailing is rough…

Almost there...

Almost there…

We're about to anchor..

We’re about to anchor..

We’re not supposed to stay longer than 30mins in this island. We stop over not only because it is included in the package that my friend had taken advantage of. But because the natives are also proud to showcase one island after another.
The people are very welcoming and I noticed that each time there’s a boat approaching the island their necks are extended and were smiling and you can feel in the air that upon plight you are a guest to them.

Trees are my bestfriends! <3

Trees are my best friends! ❤

My color gives me life all the time...

My color gives me life all the time…

So beautiful...

So beautiful…

I love trees!

I love trees!

Hi sun..

Hi sun..

Love this!

Love this!



Gettin energies from the trees...

Gettin’ energies from the trees…

I saw tourists having their photos taken standing behind each tree. Usually in group. I’ve taken mine of these as I was walking. With all conviction I told my friend that you can get your energies recharged by touching them.

My favorite pose..

My favorite pose..

Hello Anawangin! =)

Hello Anawangin! =)

I showed her how I touched one’s trunk with the palm of my hand. And it’s either the tree will absorb all that is negative within me or it is me who will absorb all the positive trees from the tree. And she looked like its’ as if i can read her mind feeling strange or thinking I might be losing my mind. And I’m not.

I consumed the 30 minutes all wrapped-up despite of my friend’s constant reminder. For all I know, they’re not leaving wdo us anyway. We were running and doubled our speed when we found out that the whole group were already on the boat except for the 2 of us. Their eyes focused as if they’ve been there for the longest time, when I waved my head and pleaded and yelled “Sorry”, they all smiled in sync. =)

I also bought a souvenir from a very persistent man convincing me that his rainmaker is a “24 carat”. It is made of bamboo with puca shells inside and litlest sands perhaps which creates such a soothing sound.
I bought it for those times I need destressing. And secretly wishing that if I play with it, the rain would literally fall instantly.
The length isn’t that handy for someone who’s just about to hop on 3 more islands with bags and luggage and gadgets and I don’t mind.
I’ve been wanting to buy one ever since I saw it from my boss’ garden some years ago.
I saw one from Davao and in Intramuros and they’re so expensive. This one I got for more than a hundred pesos only that comes with a grateful smile from the vendor. I think it is more worth every centavo. He even wished us to enjoy the day and surely we did.

Anawangin Cove... (double n?)ehehe

Anawangin Cove… (double n?)ehehe

Try toe-dipping soon in Zambales. It’s going to be a memorable one. =)