We had it at HEAT – Edsa Shangri-la Hotel

We had it at HEAT – Edsa Shangri-la Hotel

“It is lovely, when I forget all birthdays, including my own, to find that somebody remembers me.” ~Ellen Glasgow~

Each year, we usually celebrate our birth month in different places due to our busy schedule, Jen used to call it our month-long celebration.

This year, our last celebration was at Heat Restaurant. Heat stands for Healthy Eating and Amazing Treats.

It is located at the lobby level, Tower wing, 1 Garden way, of Edsa Shangri-la hotel fronting the huge swimming pool, so each time guests passed by our table in their swimming gears, I am no longer surprise.

We tried their buffet for a slightly late lunch (conflict of schedule it is), so we have very limited time bonding and consumed our food like were frenemies. I was telling her that “Hey, I can cook this!” but she says we need to just enjoy eating the more that we were not the ones who got tired preparing it.

This is what we’ve had:

No soft drinks for me. And i really liked that bottomless iced tea.
Should I be awkward with that rice? =)
Especially when Jen opted “no rice” instead.
But she had lots of these.
And some Japanese food too…
While I savored the greens..
And the hakaws!
And of course the sweet treats!
I especially loved this blueberry ice cream topped with unlimited walnuts…=) Of course I took advantage, walnuts is one of my favorites just like pistachio.
Jen isn’t much of a sweet tooth, though she truly enjoyed scooping from the dessert station.
This is what she actually wanted, but we can’t make it for dinner time, she had to work and I have to be home before 7pm, curfews nowadays isn’t only for teens…

So we will just have to set another date for Jen’s lobsters.

While I indulged on the sweets.

If you want to try this gastronomic treat, you can book a table thru:

Phone: (632) 633 8888
Location: Lobby Level, Tower Wing
Operating Hours: 6am – 12 midnight (Mon – Sun)
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Smoking Policy: The hotel’s designated smoking area is located at the 2nd floor, beside the tennis courts.



Luna Cafe…

Luna Cafe…

“Coffee and friends, make the perfect blend.”

On my way to work, I spotted this newly-opened coffee shop in our hometown. Luna Cafe. It looks cozy from the outside, and I saw some splashes of the color pink inside. I instantly wanted to pay visit and check their menu so I scheduled it immediately over the next weekend.

Facade… They’re on the second floor.

I have been on the look-out for a coffee shop ala “Starbucks” that’s just near my place, like a rendezvous. I think this one’s the nearest so far. I have a leaning with “Picked” but it is 2 rides away from where I lived. And Starbucks is an hour drive from home.

Luna Cafe happens to be sitting beside another coffee shop. I just wondered why the owner of the place allowed tenants in similar businesses, it should be offer a variety as they will both benefit from it, looking at it, the other coffee shop looked gloomy, there was no guests at that time. While there are 2 tables occupied at Luna cafe.

Their interiors is the typical shabby looking, modern take of whats’ eclectic since they combined industrial chairs with girly and chic pieces, there are even flowers mounted on their walls that are made of papers. It actually added charm to the place or could be, because I just love the color pink.

My instant favorite is this wall. It inspired me to mount photos of those personalities that somehow inspired me and impacted my mindset, the likes of Mother Theresa, Frida Kahlo, or maybe even a photo of Madonna along my own portrait. Ahaha

Jen got quesadillas, as always, it has become her favorite. I tried the chipotle, because It reminds me of someone very special looking for chipotle when he visited the Philippines a few months ago.


We also wanted to try the mozarella logs, which also reminded us of the mozarella logs from Spatzle. I think I want to go back.


One of Cafe Luna’s best sellers are their artisanal coffees, intricately prepared in an artistic way, good to look at but you will always wonder if you’re going to eat all those decors since they are edible. Or should I leak the dripping chocolates on the sides of the mug.

I had avocado and Jen had their best seller specialty coffee: Cadbury Nutella.

The serving time was a bit longer than usual, so I again questioned what if it’s peak time. Jen asked me to not complaint and told her I will complaint, I am just sharing my views just with her. Or maybe they should have this standard spiel of informing their guests prep time of each item that we ordered.

Anyway, I just took photos of each corner to kill time, I even went out and took this pretty windchime, a hot air balloon, which is made of glass. It’s sound is so pacifying as soft wind came in that late Saturday night.

Their line-up isn’t pricey and I think is worthy for another visit when boredom at home hits me or should I need a little change in my environment. Anyway, it’s just 15 minutes away from home.

Cafe Luna is located at: Pacita Avenue, corner 16th avenue, Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna.

Some photos courtesy of: http://www.decobake.com.ph/luna-cafe

Let’s go wild, wild West! – WILD WEST ROAD HOUSE grill!

Wild West Roadhouse Grill

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like.” ~mark twain~

I am not so sure if my readers are already taking my reviews seriously on restaurants, since I am not a Pro in the F&B industry though this is one of the best-tasting meal I’ve ever tried.

This is my third visit and I kept ordering the same roast beef that comes with a creamy & flavorful sauce, it is with a cup full of java rice and buttered veggies. Broccoli included in particular being my favorite vegetable of all.

beef n rice
“Rodeo beef!”

Something Western right? Over the years, restaurants in the Philippines has dramatically improved. There are only a few in the 80s, I was still a child then.

In Shangri-la Plaza mall alone, there are almost a hundred restaurants to choose from categorized such as American, European, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, & Chinese cuisines.

And this is where I discovered my marinated and lightly creamed beef strips (tenderness of which is just so right), the sauce comes with onion rings, which they fondly called as “Rodeo beef”.

Didn’t change over the years.

They spoiled me by providing an extra gravy since I often consumed that creamy sauce right away. It’s a different sauce, however, it matches the beef strips as well. We loved the gravy a great deal.

Another fare that we spotted is the “Sta. Fe Nachos”. It is not the usual layered nachos topped with cheese, veggie strips, chili con carne and bits of jalapenos. It is more like a medley of picadillas and pizza handsomely laid-out in a huge plate, topped with slices of jalapenos and comes with two kinds of dips: sour cream and tomato salsa.

sta fe
Sta. Fe Nachos!

To satiate our penchant, we had this “All-American apple crumble ala mode”, the scoop of ice cream on top is vanilla which they smothered with caramel sauce. They honestly tasted like “One more please!”

epol pie
American Dessert!

The set-up in Shangri-la Festival mall is spacey as well, both with indoor and outdoor spots. I liked their rest rooms too.

roadhouse 2
Once it was Halloween.
christmas na
And then Christmas!
Western style!

I was about to call the attendants’ attention as it was humid when I landed on our chosen seats, however, someone adjusted the temperature promptly.

I don’t normally give details about the drinks they offer, because apparently, I do not drink that much, I mean, I’m referring to the hard drinks. But I think, they can serve most of everyone’s favorites. They have bottled and draft beers, shakes and fruit juices, wines and shots & shooters, alcoholic beverages and they have Perrier too. =)

road house 1

It is also part of their SOP to inquire how was our food, etc, etc. I actually responded that it tastes the same and as good as the last one. =)

They never failed to thank you too and invite you to come back again. A standard spiel that didn’t sound too canned.

I am definite to visit again even if there are a lot of food spots to choose from at Shangri-la Festival mall. It is one of my favorite malls, not only because it is the one nearest from my office, it is also where we held our Interior Design exhibit before graduating from college. We manned our booths for 15 days. So this place holds a special place in my heart, however, it is now entirely different from what it looked like, should I say 20 years ago. Ahahaha!


Jen, my foodie buddy had her an extra rice… oh well! Lol!

They do accept reservations too:

Contact details: 655-3023/6542993. They are at unit 6002-6003, Level 6, East Wing, Shangri-la Festival Mall, corner Shaw boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.



Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had. And dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.”

While it is my intention to avoid as much as possible the places I’ve been to when my dad is still with us. There’d be times it is inevitable.

Originally, we eyed an Italian restaurant somewhere in Alabang to dine-out on my son’s birthday. Due to some reasons, a slight change of plans took place, we had to switched at the last minute, and ended up at Ho Chai lai.

ho  chai
courtesy of: http://posse.com/place/id/49371

It is an authentic Chinese restaurant in Muntinlupa City, a few minutes away from Susana Heights exit to and from SLEX (Southern Laguna expressway). My father used to bring us here, several times. For some of you who might want to know, my father’s father was born in Macau. The choice of foods at home is basically of Chinese cuisine.

Ho Chai Lai is one of my father’s favorite places, if he doesn’t feel like cooking for us, he will bring us here. This has been thriving here for more than 10 years I guess. I haven’t seen the place not jam-packed especially lunch and dinner time.

When we arrived around past 7 in the evening. There are a few vacant tables left. We chose the 6 seater, even if we’re just four. Me, my son, his dad and Jen, our family friend cum foodie/ travel buddy.

2 us four
Foodies altogether!
mag ama
Father and son…
Three’s a crowd! lol!

jasmine tea

chili sauce

If you’ve been with me for a while, you’d instantly know the first thing (or two) that I will order from a Chinese restaurant. Both of which my son acquired the liking. And so we ordered for a broccoli this time with scallops.

This was less exciting for me because part of me enjoying it is removing the meat from its’ shell..

And certainly, I ordered for Hakaw too. However, they do not have it at that time, but the attendant recommended an option. The steamed seafood roll.

seafood roll
In silky sotanghon..

I was a bit surprise to have found that what they used to roll the voluptuous seafood filling is steamed sotanghon. Lots of it with a mild thick sauce almost like a birds’ nest soup. It is distinct and the four of us liked it too. It was more of a surprise since I got used to sea food rolls from Binondo Dimsums which resembles fried lumpia, it’s just that instead of chopped veggies inside, it is chopped shrimps, fillets of fish, crab sticks, squid on the inside. It is deep fried and coated with panko breading I guess. To bring them together, they include mayo on it. Voila!

On top of the two dishes mentioned, the dad (tatty – short for tatay<filipino word for father>) ordered spare ribs in orange sauce for the birthday boy,

spare ribs
Spare ribs in orange sauce…yummy!

stir-fried canton for long life,

Pancit is a tradition for Pinoys during birthdays.. so we ordered for one..

and his personal “it’s a must” – chicken feet.

chicken feet

And of course, yang chow rice.

2 bowls for the 4 of us.. =)

At first glance, it might just seem the usual Chinese food. But since it is my son’s birthday, all the details were fun. You will realize that it is exactly the cozy kind of dinner that you expect in lauding a special person’s birthday.

Again, another plan to watch movie was aborted too, but we compensated all the aborted plans into a nicer activity. Shopping! I’m not the birthday girl, though I went home with 2 blouses, a blouse for my mom, for Jen’s mom, a gift for a niece, and some stuff for the birthday boy and his tatty.

We concluded the celebration with slices of cakes and four glasses of “don’t count the calorie pleeease” iced coffee, all of which are frap from Gloria Jeans.


mag ama ulet

Gloria jeans..

It was fun trying everyones’ choices. I had my Creme Brulee, Echo had Cookies and cream (it is his favorite cookie since a kid), Jen took Caramelatte (Ms. Caramel) and tatty had Macadamia.

bb gone in minutes
Blueberry cheesecake hone in a few minutes..
us four
Sweets for my sweets!

Of all four, tatty’s Macadamia got the nods. Echo’s choice is the least favorite. Ahaha! He kept on convincing the three of us to exchange ours with his cookies & cream and no one would like to swap. Though, I am sure, he adored his blueberry cheesecake. It was gone in a few minutes. It was an addiction he got from me. Another junkie is Jen, her cake is cheesecake in caramel sauce as well on top of slurping caramel flavored coffee drink. Oh well! Mine is an apple muffin. I’ve always loved the combination of coffee and cinnamon flavored pastry. =)

It was a simple yet fun and happy birthday for my son, my hopes are high!

SINANGAG REPUBLIC Resto-bar & grill – San Pedro, Laguna

Sinangag Republic – dine without the wine…

logo sr
Sinangag republic…

One afternoon, out of the blue, the three of us craved for Sinangag, and the nearest we can get these is where else but at Sinangag Republic.

sinangag rep

sr 2
Rendezvous for bar hoppers..
sr 1
Day time..

The place is popular with drinkers, from work, people usually flock this place especially on a Friday or weekends. We went on a weekday so we were able to get a table right away, if not, we have to wait to be sitted.

My hometown, San Pedro in Laguna is packed with hole in the walls food venues. With this specific craving, my husband can only think of one and brought us here. A less than 30 minute drive away from home. He had frequented the place for years now.

It’s easy to locate, it is in that street-long queue of restaurants before exiting Southwoods City in Carmona, Cavite.

When you’re on a diet, you might want to set it aside first. =)

Giving in to our cravings, we got these:

Ordering something that you really like and not just trying out something new can be sort of a pleasure specially if it’s one of your favorites. Readily available. No need for you to prepare the ingredients and feel the heat in front of the stove, and not to forget cleaning up the dishes. Voila!

It is not tough on the budget too.. =)

We had appetizers first, and we all agreed to have Nachos! It’s funny though since you can no longer see the nachos due to its’ tremendous amount of all the toppings that you’re expecting. Thinly sliced cabbage, ground beef, fresh tomatoes, and cheese!

Good for 4 pax..

We had cheese sticks too. Sorry, forgot to take a picture.

After which I ordered for beef tapa. In all fairness, I am often anxious to get beef in all kinds. As I experienced getting the not so tender, chewy gum like slices or chunks of beef, and from where I need not mention. While this one, is cooked enough and my gums won’t get numb munching it.

beef steak
My beef steak..=)

My son and his dad had these:

I tried it and was tender too.. It’s best with vinegar..
Calamares or squid rings for tatty.. I tried it too and it’s delish! (short for delicious!) lol!

While we’re waiting for our orders. I was able to capture all corners which honestly I enjoyed a lot.




According to tatty, his friend (one of the owners) told him that these knick knacks all came from their travels.


papas lamp

I love dream catchers, I have one dangling in my bedroom door.. A violet one.. (of course)…

My only issue is that the place is kinda dim and I had a hard time making out the menu even if I’m still on 20/20 vision.

mag ama sinangag
Isn’t a little too dark..

Father and son both laugh and told me in duet, “Nanny, this is a resto-bar owkie!!!” Okay, fine!

Anyway, behind my head, finding out that a friend owns this place, I was visualizing my own cafe to be something like this and recalling Cafe Juanita in Kapitolyo. Boho shabby chic would be my theme. Day-dreaming it is and I just came back to reality upon smelling the scent of our orders.

dad and son

It took us less than 30 minutes to have happy tummies!Burp! =)
Sinangag Republic is located at:
Rosario Avenue, Rosario Complex,
San Pedro, Laguna

Mobile number:

Their Facebook page: