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BALAY DAKO – A must-visit…

An afternoon at Cliffhouse…

One of my most favorite part of the country is Tagaytay. I am so blessed and lucky to have it just an hour away from our house (if without the traffic jam).


I was always aiming to take a photo of this welcome signage, then i did it this time..=)

Young as I was, we frequent the place, it was like a huge park for me, there’s the highest point, where you can enjoy the whole panoramic view of Sta.Rosa, Tagaytay and some of Batangas.

Blooms of all the colors you can think of can be spotted everywhere. Picnic Grove was very famous even when I was a child, had been a favorite of excursionists that allows you to do horse back-riding. Recently, they introduced zip-lining too.

Tagaytay established itself as a tourist spot enticing investors to build hotels here and there due to influx of local and foreign visitors.

Currently, there are more than a hundred hotels to choose from, each offering their own uniqueness, details of each making a difference which makes choosing a little harder and fun too.

The place had also been venues of seminars, trainings, retreats as started by DAP and a lot of weddings were held here too. Spas are like mushrooms sprucing in every corner, not to mention the restaurants too. There’s a zoo too, Tagaytay is like a one stop shop, upon your plight, everything you need is there. What captivates the hearts of so many, is the cold weather of Tagaytay, as a child, it is here where I saw thick fogs for the first time. My papa had to stop driving from time to time due to zero visibility especially during the “ber” months.

One early weekend morning, we hit the road heading to Tagaytay. My mom’s cousin is residing in Tagaytay and they are celebrating the annual fiesta. And so I grabbed the opportunity to enjoy Tagaytay to the fullest. (–,) I eyed to check out Cliffhouse.


Cliffhouse – at last!

Initially, I was just craving for froyo (frozen yogurt) feeling bloated after having lunch with more than 5 different viands to choose from (this is how fiestas in the Philippines are being celebrated – fiestas: festivals celebrating the patron saint of a particular town), and then later I discovered that Cliffhouse is a a whole block of the following establishments: Fire lake grill, Buon giorno, Cafe Breton, Domicillo, Burger bar, there’s a hotel too, a Souvenir shop,


Souvenir shop!

Attendant claimed it's prohibited to take photos inside the Souvenir shop, sowee, she's too busy to notice...

Attendant claimed it is prohibited to take photos inside the Souvenir shop, sowee, she’s too busy to notice…


I so love this mannequin!


Excited for my frozen yogurt!


Where to? =)

The shop where I got my yogurt!


want to have a fling?=)

There’s a space where you could get a good view of the Taal volcano,


This area allows you to have a good view of the Taal volcano..

some comfy benches, trees and flowering plants made up a place worthy of being revisited time and again.








Focal point..

Plus, the many choices nearby of whatever that you are craving for. We had some pizzas from Buon Giorno with drinks that comes in giant mugs shaped like a muscled arm. I found it really cute so I had to take a photo of it. (–,)

buon giorno menu

Buon Giorno is “Good morning”!


My yellow mango shake!

This resto by the way coveted the Best Restaurant award from the Philippine Tatler.


Tatler’s taste..


Personalized dressings..


Where are the birds?

And this is just one of the many authentic restaurants that you can find in Tagaytay. Please take a look at my top 10 list:

1. Eateries from Mahogany market

2. Mushroom Burger

(I even heard my former boss saying “What’s Tagaytay without Mushroom burger?”)

3. Antonio’s 

4. Mile-hi

5. Bag of Beans

6. Gerry’s Grill

7. Rowena’s

8. Verbena 

9. Sonya’s Garden

10. Buon Giorno

After seeing my own list, I was thinking of the other places that I think are as good as those I listed. I think I’m listing a second batch soon. Suggestions are always welcome! As I will never get tired going to Tagaytay, the more I see it, the more I love being there. The place is so peaceful to me. There’s a different air that I always feel being in Tagaytay, not just because it’s colder there, it’s really something special. (–,) And it’s best felt than told. Please come and see for yourself! (–,)


So where do I go next in Tagaytay? (–,)


Sonya’s Garden…


“Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” ~Hans Christian Andersen~

It was always great to look back at times when you spend times with your parents. Especially to a bewitching place like Sonya’s Garden. It is one of Tagaytay’s pride if I may say. And I can not contain my excitement when I got there. The place transported me to a foreign place.

first pic

This used to be the focal point of the place..


Cabbage rose..

I was like a child taking photos from every corner. Of which the endless floating flowers are my favorites. There are lots of them.

sg edible

They say some of the flowers at Sonya’s are edible..

The place is scented, it was a natural sweet scent emanating from everywhere dancing along the soft blow of wind. I guess it’s coming from the flowers themselves and the leaves of every tree and plants surrounding the place.


I have been seeing these tiles in most places in Tagaytay.

You would not believe, some of the petals are edible too.

sg ripples

Sounds of rippling waters are so relaxing..


Blue, indigo, violet.

It was just a day trip, but it’s worth it and I am certain this is not my last time to visit. I especially loved their food, some items from the “panaderia” which we brought home, and the soothing feeling I got from their spa. The sound of rippling water which comes from the glass panel windows during the massage session was definitely relaxing. It was also a surprise to see a bowl of flower when it was my turn to lie on my chest. Truly a breather.


I actually wanna lie down here, though it has become a favorite spot for picture taking. There is already a queue waiting for their turns.

sonya 4

sonyas 17

sg spa

Can’t wait for my turn. Swedish please. =)


Puka shells and some wooden beads created a soft lovely sound as the wind passed by them.

massage flower

Under my bed..when the attendant asked me to turn, so she can massage my back, I was surprised by the view under..

sonya 20

sonya 10

sg old banca

An old banca turned to bench..



sg capiz

Capiz for me felt so country..

sg bread

Before leaving, we bought some breads from the pastry shop..=)


Have a sit! ❤


I guess, this is goin’ to be just one of my memorable visits at Sonya’s Garden. Who knows, I might even spend a day or two here. Crossin’ my fingers..<3


Canyon Woods…

Canyon Woods

I keep on picturing this beautiful place in Tagaytay which is still vivid in my mind even if its been years since I’ve been there.

Then I recall, its in Canyon woods. I also recalled how traveling makes a person. Personally, it fills up my memory with sublime thoughts until I can’t hold it no more. And then after a wink, I started dreaming of another. Ready to immerse my mind into resplendent proliferation.

red car

On our way to Canyon woods! papa driving for me and mama!

Canyon woods (aside from it’s name), at first glance or literally the first time I’ve entered the gates, it was able to bring me somewhere else which felt like I was not in my own country not to mention the colder altitude at that specific time.

red 1

We’re here!

Good thing I was with a shawl (in anticipation), as the wind sends specks on your shoulders every now and then.


Indoor pool. Photo grabbed from: http://canyon.ph/canyon-woods/

cw 2

This is a place ideal for busy individuals who yearns for tranquility and requiescence. It is literally a “breath of fresh air”.

canyon woods

I have never been so relaxed when I got here…

bridge 1

I’m lovin’ bridges!<3

Each gaze directs you to rawness. It was so relaxing. I enjoyed walking a few blocks while I won’t when I am at my usual environment.   The clubhouse is specially extra-ordinary.


At the Indoor Clubhouse.

The lavish food they offer, there are pools and a spa which we noticed was similar to Sanctuario in Malate only to find out it’s one and the same as I was going through their brochure.

cw 1

On my way to the spa…

group 2

Been here twice and both were really fun…

group red

Miss the laughter! =)

I was able to visit the place twice. Honestly, I was wishing for a third one to stay for a few days.  The first one I was with my former staff, we were accompanied by my parents and the second one was with my high school friends because I was able to convince them to witness the grandeur of the place.

Both experience were unforgettable. Till Then! =)

Coming from Canyon woods, we opted for a coffee which is best for the weather Tagaytay is famous for.


Coffee and friends! Good combi! ❤

Tagaytay is such a gifted place. As a whole, Philippines is. I could not fathom God’s ingenuity to create a world with such unending beauty.


The place will allow you to take a peek at Taal volcano too!

Canyon woods..

Canyon woods..