Passing by ISABELA & Nueva Ecija…

Isabela is the second largest province in the Philippines, located in the Northern Luzon.


It boasts being one of the top 10 richest provinces in the country. One article from an In-flight magazine of a local airline enumerated the beauty of Isabela. This was yet another chronicle for me as it is (again) my first time to set eyes on a very interesting part of the country. I was smiling to realize I have gone from end to end of the 7,101 islands.

From Tuguegarao to General Santos City except for Batanes and Tawi – Tawi which happens to occupy their own places in my list as well. A dream I promise to my papa to fulfill. Even if he is no longer here, each travel, I felt his contentment. I picture him from the heavens smiling proudly at me. I guess he’d always knew I was wishing to be with him and my mom every time I travel just like the old days, when he used to clasped me in his arms if i’m already tired walking.

During our trip, each and every corner was picturesque, as if they’re waiting anytime to be captured. Which I lovingly did. As the saying goes: A picture is worth a thousand words.

giant tree
Giant trees sandwiching the street..
giant tree 2
Decided to pull-over and enjoy the cold wind, while resting, this tree boasted itself in front of us.
heroes hill
Hero’s hill
heroes hill 2
One of the heroes…
church interior
Continued on the road and visited a church…
7 11 nila
This is their version of 7-11 and Treats…passed by more than 3 stores of “Take 5” during our whole trip…

Our hotel in Isabela. It was said that the presidents daughter stayed here during their campaign.

hotel room
They have this huge paintings in their hallway and in every room…
hotel 3
A view from our room’s entrance. why did I ever forget to take a photo of what’s beneath?

Longganiza served for breakfast and we seem not to get tired of it.

hotel bfast
Breakfast time!
I can almost taste the sweetness of being home. One town to go.
us 3
Three’s a crowd! ahaha!
chef 1
Our chef…
chef 2
And another on the road…
 We had lunch in this homey place called Kusina Cagayana.
Kusina Cagayana..
kusina 2
Waiting for our food…
I am learning a few ilocano words for d past days. wow I’m bilingual. I learned some Cebuano words too! I hope to learn some Indian, Brazilian, Vietnamese, Turkish and Dutch words too. Who knows? Oh the dreamer in me! (–,)
Along the way, we spotted a rainbow…good omen. (–,)
Lovely! God is with us!
Pottery has been one of their source of income…
native crafts
Some native crafts…
sukang iloko
I bought some bottles of Sukang Iloko (vinegar from Ilocos)…
Hit a mall too! and brought home that lavender skirt too! ahaha!
stoned walls
Old feel…
region 2
Region 2!
Topping this off. Allan brought us to this popular cake shop down Cabanatuan, Nueva ecija.
Welcome arch of Nueva Ecija..
Allan brought us to Edna’s Cake land. It’s like an envoi after a few days of tiring though exciting trip by land. All his claims came to life. the long queue line of shoppers. diners and the colorful yummy looking pastries to choose from. We had our bagful of goodies meant to be brought home for loved ones.
flaky bb cakeland
Flaky Danish pastry…

They also have buko pies, siopao, pastas, sandwiches and specialty cakes. Since I am confident to recommend this: I am posting their FB page:


What better way to keep memories from this awesome trip, after unpacking my stuff in my bedroom, I carefully prepared another page in my scrapbook.

Home sweet home! <3<3<3

While cutting and pasting, my mind was already wandering as to where my next travel will be. and with that thought and the sweetness of being home. I fell into a deep slumber smiling. =)

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